If you dye your hair, will it go back to normal? It depends on the type of dye you use

dye two weeks after keratin

  • If you dye your hair permanently, it won’t go back to normal because that hair dye will definitely change your hair color.
  • Of course, it’ll only dye the hair you color. Your natural hair will continue growing out its usual color.
  • If you aren’t completely sure about dyeing your hair, you can try a semi-permanent hair dye. It only changes your hair color temporarily.


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Are you feeling disappointed?

Don’t be. There are other alternatives.


You should be aware of the consequences of dyeing your hair.

If you were thinking about coloring your hair permanently, here’s the reality you have to face.

Do you want me to jump ahead and let you know what the future holds after dyeing your hair?


box hair dye to cancel orange

When you color your hair permanent, you get that beautiful color you wanted.

Then, thirty days later, you start to notice a strange color in your roots.

That’s normal, you’re not an alien.   That color you see in your roots is your natural color.  


The hair dye you applied only modified the structure and color of your grown hair. In other words, the one you already have on your head.

  But your new hair will continue growing with its natural pigmentation.  

Of course, thirty days after coloring, those roots will be barely noticeable. However, as months go by, the difference between the colored hair and the grown-out hair will become more and more noticeable.


You have a decision to make: whether to keep dyeing your roots to even out the color or not.

But what if you don’t want to dye your hair anymore?


You’ve chosen a hard path.

  Your option seems to be to keep your roots and trim the ends every thirty days to gradually get rid of the colored hair.  


Of course, you can always resort to some tricks to disguise the growth, such as root touch-up spray. But I’m not going to fool you; it’s only a temporary solution.

Every time you wash your hair, the spray disappears.


  So, be prepared to spend a fortune to disguise your hair growth until your entire mane goes back to normal.  

But don’t panic. There’s an easier alternative, and I’ll tell you more about it later.

But what matters to me right now is that you become aware of what is involved in coloring your hair with a permanent hair color.


If you dye your hair permanent, it’ll only go back to normal when it grows

with brush

I suggest a very simple exercise. Measure your hair from root to tip.

How long is it? 40 centimeters?


That’s good.

In most cases, hair grows at a rate of 1.5 centimeters per month.

Therefore,   you’d need approximately 26 months (over two years) for your hair to go back to normal. 


This leads to the following questions:

  • Are you sure you want to dye your hair?
  • Have you been looking for pictures of people with the color you want?
  • Have you ever thought that the bigger the difference with your natural color, the harder it’ll be to maintain, and the more noticeable your roots will be?


I’m not asking you these questions to convince you not to color your hair.

But as a professional with many years of experience, I have seen many people regret coloring their hair.

I don’t want you to join the list of regrets.


  So, according to my intuition, if you’re looking for an answer for your color to go back to normal, you’re having second thoughts about coloring your hair.   I want to help you make the best decision.


So, right now I promise you two things:

  • First, I’ll explain in detail how permanent hair dye works to change your hair color.
  • Second, I’ll give you an alternative to try a new color and get it back to normal quickly.

Did I make you smile?

Then, go ahead!


Permanently colored hair will never go back to normal!

applying toner

As my grandmother used to say: “don’t dye your hair because it’ll never be the same.”

I think grandmothers were a bit exaggerated. However, they didn’t have as many products as we have nowadays.

Hair dyes were much more aggressive, and there weren’t so many hair repairers.

Today, everything has changed!


  Permanent hair dyes are no longer as aggressive as they were back then, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still permanently modify the hair.  

Why do I say permanently?


Because they have two chemicals that alter the hair color:

  • The developer: it’s a chemical known as hydrogen peroxide. It opens the cuticles of your hair for the hair dye to penetrate. It also lightens your hair color by up to one level.
  • Ammonia: it’s a chemical that fixes the dye pigments to extend the duration of the color.

This chemical is milder than the developer but can lighten up to ¼ of a level.


So, when the color you have applied fades, your hair will be lighter and drier.

The chemicals dehydrate the hair and turn the texture of your hair be rough and porous.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to touch up the color, which will continue changing your hair color.


  The only way to get your hair back to normal is to let it grow out. Then, trim 1 or 2 centimeters off the ends every month until the colored parts are completely gone.  

But do you remember my promise?


I told you there was another alternative to change your hair color.


An alternative solution to dye your hair without permanent consequences

let the dye work for 20 minutes

Have you heard of semi-permanent hair dyes?


This type of hair dye isn’t applied with a developer or ammonia.

That’s why it doesn’t penetrate the hair core to change your natural color.


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It’s only deposited on the outer layer of the hair generating a color film.

Most of these hair dyes last between 10 and 25 washes according to the brand, the type of dye you choose, your frequency of washing, etc.

Yes, I said washes!


As semi-permanent hair dyes don’t penetrate the hair fiber, the color gradually fades with every wash. In time, your hair will be back to normal without any permanent consequences. This means you’ll sport your natural color again.


blue, green, yellow, pink, purple

There are many semi-permanent hair dye brands to choose according to your desired effect.

For example:

  • If you’re looking for fantasy colors, Manic Panic, Punky Color, and Arctic Fox are some of the most popular brands at the moment.
  • If you’re looking for traditional colors, you can opt for Adore and Clairol.


So, if you want to change your look but don’t want to modify your hair for a long time, semi-permanent hair dyes are for you.



Permanent hair dye modifies the color of your hair permanently.

If you want your hair to go back to normal after permanently coloring it, you have to let it grow out and trim the ends every month.

However, now you know that there’s an option to avoid changing your natural hair color. It’s called semi-permanent hair dye.

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