My Yellow Roots Won’t Tone, How can I fix them?

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  • If your roots don’t tone after bleaching your hair, your hair could have traces of bleach. Alternatively, you could not be applying the toner correctly, or the pigmentation of the toner could be too weak.
  • What you should do is rinse your hair properly. After two days, reapply the toner.
  • To prevent your roots from turning yellow after toning, we will review the instructions to reapply the toner.


Did you bleach your roots, and they still look a horrible yellowish color after applying the toner?


I can imagine how you must feel.

You were proud of keeping every single one of your hairs in place after bleaching.

You should be because bleaching is a complex process that requires some experience and knowledge.


Still, you successfully passed this test. When you thought nothing could stop you on your way to perfect blonde hair… wham!

 After rinsing out the toner to remove the unwanted tones, you discover in horror that your roots didn’t tone. 

Yes, frighteningly yellow!


It’s just that toning is as complex a process as bleaching.

Somewhere during the process, you’ve made some mistake.

 Luckily for you, you still have time to fix it. You need to know what you’re dealing with so you don’t ruin your hair. 


So let’s go back to the moment you discovered your roots weren’t toned.

What good will it do you to go back to that moment?


Understand why your roots turned yellow after toning to prevent it from happening again.

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Why did your roots turn yellow after toning?

before applying to hair

Unbelievably, this happens to a very high percentage of my clients who bleach their hair on their own: their roots don’t tone.

And one of the most frequent reasons is that the hair still has traces of bleach that was used to remove the color from the hair.


 So, if you applied toner to your hair, but it still had traces of bleach, the product won’t tone. When you rinse it out, your roots will be as yellow as before you applied it. 

Unfortunately, you discovered that bleach can stick to the hair in a very strong and persistent way. And you paid a very high price for your discovery.

But don’t be discouraged!


All you’ll have to do is rinse your hair. This time, you’ll have to rub your scalp with your fingertips and work up a good lather to completely remove the bleach mixture.

You can repeat the process if your hair still feels rough and dry.


 But don’t let anxiety get the better of you. Your yellow roots will have to wait two days before you can tone them again. 

In the meantime, don’t apply any product to your hair to prevent it from saturating. Otherwise, it won’t absorb the toner to remove the yellowish color from your roots.

Have two days passed after completely removing the bleach?


Then, it’s time to reapply the toner.

But this time, make sure you do it correctly. And for that, I’ll tell you the correct process below.


How to reapply the toner on your roots so they don’t turn yellow

toner, developer, bowl and brush

Do you want some advice? Before applying the toner to your hair, read the instructions carefully. You’ll probably find them on the box or on the toner container itself.

Why is it important to read the toner instructions?


 If the first time you used toner, your roots turned yellow, that YouTube tutorial or your best friend’s advice failed somewhere. 

You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. After all, they know what they’re talking about.

And if that’s not enough, here are the recommendations of a hairdresser who has toning experience.


Step 1: hair preparation

Comb your dry hair and separate it into four sections, two at the front and two at the back, holding each section with hair clips.


Step 2: preparing the mixture

In a plastic container, mix the toner with the developer and blend until the two elements are integrated.


Once you have finished integrating both ingredients, put on your gloves.


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Step 3: Applying the mixture

Apply the mixture only on the hairline. Start with the roots of the back sections.

After covering all the roots, comb your hair to the ends to even out the color. Leave it on for twenty minutes, but check your hair every five minutes.

You have to check the exposure time of the toner on the roots every five minutes. You’ll notice the color change immediately.


Step 4: Rinse and dry

When time’s up or when you notice that your roots aren’t yellow, rinse the product and remove ALL THE TONER.

You can use your usual shampoo and conditioner.


If your roots are still yellow after reapplying the toner, you should seek professional advice

Your hair may need professional tools which are only used in salons.


 If you applied toner a second time and your roots are still yellow, it may not be strong enough to cover the yellow. 

Then, you should change the toner brand. Instead of using a home-use toner, you should opt for a professional toner.


That’s why I recommend you go to the salon. That’s the only way you can tone your roots without completely ruining your hair. Don’t keep applying toner!

Otherwise, you’ll break your hair at the roots and start losing strands of hair.

 The damage there is irreversible, unlike the damage at the ends. When the ends are damaged, a simple haircut of five centimeters at most solves it. 

But if you damage the hair bulbs, your hair will be doomed. And I can assure you it’ll be a very unpleasant fate.



Toner is a very tricky product to handle at home, especially if you don’t have any experience.

You can try applying a toner again on the roots. Pay special attention to the exposure times and check that your hair is free of bleach.

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