Can You Dye Over Ombre With Box Hair Dye? Yes, you have 2 options

cover ombre with dye at home

  • As ombre is usually done in soft colors and without much contrast, a box hair dye will cover it.
  • You have two options: darken your hair with the color you like best or lighten it scaling up to two numbers lighter on the colorimetry scale.
  • To achieve an even and uniform color when applying the box dye on your ombre hair, you should color your hair from roots to ends.


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Are you tired of ombre maintenance?


I can assure you that you’re not the only one.

Yes, I know it’s one of the least maintenance-intensive techniques because the roots are darker and the base color is preserved.

But don’t forget that since the mid-lengths and ends are always bleached, moisturizing treatments prevent the ends from opening up. Also, trimming the ends every two or three months is helpful.


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Many people don’t have consistency.

So, they decide to cut corners and cover their ombre with a box dye.

Is it possible?


Yes, but before you make that decision, think it through.

  • First, because  once you color your ombre hair with a box dye, the technique will be completely lost.  There will be nothing left of that beautiful coloring job that surely cost you time and money.


  • Second, if you want to save time on maintenance, the news is not the best. When you color your hair, you need to touch up the dye to cover the growth.


  •  Try to look at yourself in the mirror and imagine with an even and uniform color. Is that what you want?  Where is your free soul that declared its principles with its ombre to the fullest?


I don’t mean to tell you not to use box dye on your ombre. But I like to help you think about whether it’s really the option you’re looking for.

If you definitely want to use a box dye over your ombre, go for it. I’m not one to judge your motives or your decisions.

And as proof of that, I’ll help you with the correct choice and application of box dye on your ombre hair.

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How to choose the appropriate box dye for ombre hair

some hairdressers hate box dyes

When it comes to coloring, I always advise you to follow the “two number rule.” What does it mean?


It consists of respecting the color scale that goes from black 1 to very light blonde 10.

 If you’re thinking of covering your ombre with a lighter box dye than the one you have in your hair, you cannot exceed the two number difference. 


Let’s look at some examples:

  • If your ombre is auburn 4, you can apply a dark blonde 6
  • If your ombre is blonde 7, you can apply a very light blonde 9
  • If your ombre is a dark blonde 6, you can apply a light blonde 8
  • If your ombre is a light brown 5, you can apply a blonde 7


 If you respect this difference between the color you want to apply and your current one, you won’t need to bleach. 

Can you lift more than two colors?


Yes, but you’ll need to bleach your hair.

Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process which should only be done in a salon.

Now, if you want to darken your hair, you don’t need to follow any rules.


  • If your ombre is light brown 5, you can apply black 1.
  • If your ombre is light blonde 8, you can apply brown 4
  • If your ombre is very light blonde 9, you can apply dark brown 3

Can I give you an advice?


Don’t darken your hair with a much darker hair dye than your hair. If your ombre has a blonde base and you choose a black 1, chances are you won’t get used to the change.

In that case, the only solution is to bleach your hair.

Once you choose the color, it’s time for the big change.


How to apply box dye to cover your ombre

hairdresser applied a dye too dark

Most box dyes come with clear instructions. Always follow them, especially when it comes to exposure times.


You shouldn’t remove the hair dye before the time suggested by the manufacturer if you want an even, long-lasting color. However, you shouldn’t leave it on longer either.

The chemical reaction has a beginning and an end. So, the color won’t get better or darker by leaving it on longer. However, your hair will end up damaged.


Remember that box dyes contain chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Having said that, as there’re always absent-minded people, let’s move on to the step-by-step.


box hair dye to cancel orange

  • Start with your hair dry and detangled. Separate it into four sections, from forehead to nape and from ear to ear, holding each section with a hair clip.
 I recommend not washing your hair 48 hours before application  to protect your scalp from the chemicals in the hair dye.


  • In the applicator bottle with the developer, place the hair dye. You can also mix the two ingredients in a plastic container. Blend to integrate.
  • Release one of the sections of your hair. Use the bottle to apply the hair dye from roots to ends. You can also distribute it with your hands or with the dye brush if you find it easier.
  • Repeat the procedure on each section and cover your hair.
  • Leave the hair dye on for the time recommended by the manufacturer. This is usually 45 minutes.
  • Then, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water until it runs crystal clear.
  • Don’t use shampoo. Instead, use the post-color treatment included with the hair dye that will nourish and moisturize your hair. If the hair dye brand you chose doesn’t include it, apply a small amount of conditioner.


How do you feel about the change?

You will now need to touch up the color in approximately four to six weeks.



Before coloring your ombre hair with a box dye, think about whether you really want to move on to an even, uniform hair color.

Once you apply the hair dye, the ombre technique will be gone. And if you want to go back to ombre hair, you’ll have to bleach some sections of your hair again.

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