Can You Use Box Dye Over Salon Dye? Yes, but choose the right box dye

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  • Of course, you can use box dye over salon dye because both types are manufactured using the same color scale and formulas.
  • Also, the application method is the same. If the salon uses a permanent hair dye, i.e. they dyed your hair using ammonia and developer, the box dye should be applied in the same way.
  • However, what you should keep in mind is that not all box dyes are of good quality.
  • Therefore, you should choose Revlon Color Silk, L`Oreal Excellence, and Garnier Nutrisse brands.


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What differentiates box dyes from salon dyes is the quality of the pigments and the packaging.

In the salon, I don’t have dozens of coloring kits of every tone waiting for clients to arrive. As a hairdresser, I don’t buy hair dyes in kits.


What I do is buy large bottles of hair dye for each color and developers of different volumes.

This way, I get more out of the products and I make sure that each container works for different applications.

  You can be sure of one thing: all hair dyes are formulated in the same way.  


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  • Perms contain ammonia and are applied with a 20-volume developer.
  • Demi-permanent hair dyes don’t contain ammonia and are applied with a 3 to a 5-volume developer.
  • Semi-permanent hair dyes don’t contain ammonia and aren’t applied with a developer.


Having said that, let me ask you why you want to use a box dye

  • Maybe you didn’t like the color you got at the salon, and want to change it.
  • Alternatively, maybe it’s time to touch up your hair color, and you don’t have the money to pay for the service at the salon.


If you didn’t like the color you got at the salon, I recommend waiting 15 days for the pigments to settle in your hair before box dye.

That’s how long it takes for the hair dye to settle.


  Then, you can judge if you really like the color or if you should apply a box dye to change it.  


If your economy doesn’t allow you to go to the salon for the color touch-up, then you have the alternative of using a box dye.

Of course, it can’t be just any coloring kit, and that’s what I’ll talk about next.

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Which brand of box dye to apply over salon dye

some hairdressers hate box dyes

The brands used by professionals in the salon have launched home coloring kits on the market.

So, if you want to use a box dye over the salon dye, you should choose one of these brands.

Do you know why?


Because of their quality, durability, versatility, and color palette.

  • A quality hair dye is differentiated by pigment intensity.
  • Also, a good quality box dye will offer you pre and post-coloring products to take care of your hair’s health.
  • The duration of these hair dyes is longer. Of course, it’ll always depend on your hair beauty routine.
  • These box dyes are versatile because they can be applied to all hair types.
  • Finally, they offer you a wide and varied palette of colors.

What are the brands of box dyes that offer you all these features?


I’ll name three that are compatible with the hair dye lines we use in the salon. However, I’ll also tell you which one you should choose according to your hair’s needs.


If you feel your hair rough and dry, I advise you to use L’Oreal Excellence

box dye after bleaching

Its exclusive formula with collagen, ceramides, and keratin protects your hair during hair dye application.

Also, it offers a wide range of traditional colors and a post-color treatment for use in post-application washes.

Its pigments are strong and long-lasting, and provide long-lasting color for more than five weeks with 100% gray coverage.


If you had an Inoa hair dye applied at the salon, go for Revlon ColorSilk

permanent hair color

If you’re also looking for a permanent hair dye without ammonia, this is your best option. You have a wide range of colors, from blue-black 1.1 to ultra-light blonde 12.0.

Make sure you choose the same color that your colorist applied in the salon. It also contains a post-color treatment that’s formulated with silk proteins to deeply moisturize and repair your hair after application.

Revlon offers long-lasting pigments for up to 5 weeks with 100% gray coverage.


If you don’t have much coloring experience, choose Garnier Nutrisse

Its creamy texture makes it easy to apply. You’ll notice that the hair dye doesn’t slip and stain your face.

Also, its formula with avocado oil protects your hair throughout the process. It has exclusive lines in reds and extra light blondes.

Garnier Nutrisse offers long-lasting color for up to six weeks without the need for touch-ups, 100% gray coverage, and a post-color treatment to moisturize your hair.


Do you want a tip?

  Always choose the color that the hairdresser applied in the salon to avoid staining the hair or the appearance of unwanted color.  

Now that you know what brands of box dyes you can choose from, the decisive moment has arrived.


How to apply box hair dye correctly

dyeing hair caramel after bleaching

In hair coloring, it’s important to choose the hair dye brand and have experience in the application.

I have studied for several years to color my clients’ hair and achieve a uniform color without damaging it.

Do you want salon results after coloring your hair?


Here are all my professional secrets.


  • Prepare your hair with dedication.

You shouldn’t wash your hair for 48 hours before applying the hair dye. After those 48 hours, just take your time.

Untangle your hair with patience and separate it into sections. In the salon, I divide my clients’ hair into four sections, two at the front and two at the back.

The separations are important to spread the hair dye.


  • Prepare the mixture.

plastic bowl

Generally, the coloring kits allow you to mix the hair dye in the applicator bottle. If this way is convenient for you, you only need to put the developer in the bottle and shake it vigorously.

You could also mix the 20-volume developer with the hair dye in a plastic container. Then, mix with the help of a hair dye brush until you achieve a creamy and homogeneous consistency.


  • Apply the mixture.

With gloves on, start applying the hair dye through the back sections from roots to ends. If you want to touch up the growth, apply it to the roots only.

Cover the surface of your head. You should feel your hair wet before you finish applying the hair dye. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the hair dye on for 40 minutes.


  • Rinse the hair dye.

drying keratin treated hair

Rinse your hair with warm water and apply shampoo to remove the excess mixture and leave your hair shiny.

Then, apply the conditioner and let it sit for 10 minutes to moisturize your hair.


If your hair is prone to frizz, blow it dry on medium heat and comb it through with a round brush. You can also apply a few drops of serum or coconut oil to add some shine.



Now, you know that you can apply a box dye on top of the salon hair dye.

Also, you should choose a brand that offers a coloring kit with the same quality of pigmentation as the hair dyes applied in the salon. This is the only way to achieve an even and long-lasting color.

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