How to do balayage highlights on dark brown or black hair?

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Do you have dark brown or black hair and you want to get a balayage?


If you have dark brown or black hair, getting a balayage is a great idea for a few reasons:

  • It will help take away any stiffness in your face and highlight it
  • It will soften your features
  • It’s an easy technique to maintain because you don’t have to worry about your roots growing in

Want to know a little secret?


A balayage can also make you look younger.

 If you have dark hair and you get a warm-toned balayage, I promise you’ll look younger because warm colors have that effect on faces.  


It’s like a painting. If it has a black frame, you only look at what stands out in the frame.

If it’s framed with warmer colors like brown or light brown, the entire painting is softer.

It’s a visual effect and the same thing can happen with your hair and your face.


If your face is framed with dark hair, it will look harder. If your face is framed with warmer colors, it will look more harmonious.


To get that harmony between your hair and face, you need to choose your balayage color carefully.

If you don’t, you’ll spend a boatload of money on your balayage and you won’t get the effect you were looking for.

So, to avoid that, I’ll tell you which color balayage you should choose for your dark hair.


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What color balayage should you choose?

without touching the roots

If you have black hair, I recommend getting a balayage in a medium shade, like caramel, chocolate or even red.

If you have black hair, you probably know that the ends of your hair are lighter because of hair care products. If you choose a balayage in one of these medium shades, you’ll be able to intensify that faded effect.


Carmen has black hair. A few weeks ago, she came to the salon with the idea of getting a balayage, but she wasn’t sure what color balayage would go well with her skin tone and facial features.

I proposed that she get a caramel-colored balayage because it would go well with her dark complexion and her oval-shaped face.


 She agreed to what I proposed and the results were fantastic.  

Her balayage was able to soften her features and make her look younger.


So now you know.

When it’s time to consider what color you want for your balayage, you should keep in mind your skin tone, your face shape and your eye color.


Balayage on dark hair according to skin tone

warm tones

Let’s take a look at a few examples of balayages for black hair according to skin tone:

  • If you have dark skin, an ideal shade would be somewhere in the realm of mahogany or caramel
  • If your hair is in the middle, any color will go perfectly.
  • If you have light skin, you should choose a balayage in the lightest blonde that you’re able to.


If your hair is dark brown, you can choose a caramel-colored balayage or even a dark blonde one.

 The goal of a balayage is to create a gradient effect, so if you choose a caramel color, you’ll simulate the natural fading effect that I mentioned previously. 


You can choose lighter colors than the ones I mentioned, but you should keep in mind that you will have to bleach your hair at least two times.


From dark brown to balayage without touching your roots

transparent film is used

My sister has dark brown hair.

When she decided to dye her hair, we considered her options together.

The first option was to dye her entire head medium blonde, but she wasn’t convinced by the idea of needing to touch up her roots every month.

So, we came up with the idea of a balayage.


We were able to achieve a dark blonde color from her dark brown hair through the use of bleach.

With this technique we were able to get her an interesting new look and the best part is that we didn’t touch her roots, which is what my sister wanted.

The blonde balayage makes her look much more relaxed and younger, I think it takes 3-4 years off at least. Of course, that’s kind of subjective, but it’s what I think.



So, now you know.

If you have dark hair, balayage is a good option for you.

The technique also lets you lighten your hair little by little to reach the effect you’re looking for.


 Many women want to get to light blonde starting from dark hair, but it’s not a good idea to do this radical change all at ones because you may or may not like it or you may never get used to the change. 

But if you do it little by little, you can get accustomed to your new color little by little.


And now I want to know about you.

Do you have dark hair? Are you thinking about changing your look?


If you want, you can leave me a comment below.

Tell me what color your hair is right now and what color balayage you’re thinking about getting.

Maybe I can give an opinion or some advice.


That’s all for now.

Read ya soon!

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