Does blow drying colored hair make it brighter?

blow drying makes hair shinier

  • Blow-drying freshly colored hair won’t make it brighter.
  • Instead, the heat of the blow dryer will remove moisture and nutrients from the hair. Therefore, you’ll lose color and shine.
  • If you want to make your colored hair shinier, you can use some hair products. I’ll tell you more about that below.


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Do you think that blow-drying your colored hair will make it shinier?

The answer is no.  Your hair won’t be shinier if you blow-dry it after coloring it. 


Instead, if you blow-dry your freshly colored hair, it’ll probably be straighter and probably even neater.

However, there’s no way it’ll be shinier. So, if you want shinier hair, you’ll have to look for other methods. I’ll tell you more about them later.


And the reason is very simple:  the heat from hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons is the worst enemy of colored hair. 

Do you know why?

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The heat from blow-drying fades the color and takes away the shine of your color-treated hair

blow drying fades hair dye

Your hair contains protein, amino acids, and water. Yes, water.

Unbelievably, almost 70% of your hair is made up of water. Water gives your hair shine, softness, and movement.


If you’ve ever blow-dried your hair, you may have noticed that, at times, there’s steam.

When you blow-dry your hair, the heat evaporates a significant amount of water.


Now,  if your hair is colored, in addition to losing moisture, it’ll also lose color molecules that were deposited in your hair during the coloring session. 

And if you lose pigments, your hair will lose color and shine.


Now, let’s say that you still need to blow-dry your freshly colored hair.


Is there a way to protect the color and shine of your hair while blow-drying?

heat protectant before blow drying hair

Yes, you can apply specific products to protect it from the heat of the dryer. Therefore, your hair won’t lose color or shine.

 If you want to protect the color and shine of your color-treated hair during blow-drying, apply heat protectants. 

Why will those products protect the color and shine of your color-treated hair?


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Because heat protectants have silicones. They retain water and nutrients in your hair.

You should always check the product label to know how much heat protectant to use.

Also,  heat protectants add shine to the hair. 

Which ones can you use?


  •  If you also want to reduce frizz,  you can choose HSI PROFESSIONAL because it contains vitamins A, B, C, and D. Therefore, your hair will be silky and extra shiny.
  •  If your hair is fine, and you want to add shine and volume,  you can choose MOROCCANOIL PERFECT DEFENSE. It contains argan oil to moisturize your hair and add shine.


They’ll protect your hair while blow-drying to prevent color fading and maintain shine.

You can also use other products on your color-treated hair, even if you don’t blow-dry, to add shine and moisture.

  • L’OREAL PARIS HAIR CARE NUTRIGLOSS. It’s a mist that moisturizes your hair and gives it shine. You can use it several times a day.
  • KERATIN SMOOTHING OIL SPRAY to bring softness and shine to your hair. You can use it up to twice a day.
  • KENRA PROFESSIONALS is ideal for platinum hair. It has silk ingredients and can be applied several times a day.
  • AMIKA FLASH is an instant shine mask that lasts for hours on your hair.



Blow-drying won’t make your colored hair shinier because the heat from the blow-dryer dehydrates the hair and fades the dye pigments.

Before blow-drying your newly colored hair, I recommend using heat protectants.

Finally, if you want to add extra shine to your mane, you can choose any hair gloss like the ones mentioned above.

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