Does Sun Bum hair lightener work on dark hair? Yes, it works, but remember the following

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  • If you’re looking to lighten your hair four or five shades, then Sun Bum won’t work on dark hair.
  • Because in reality, Sun Bum hair lightener is designed to lighten dark hair up to a maximum of one shade, creating a highlighting effect. In other words, Sun Bum will leave dark hair with a washed-out color, as if you exposed your hair to the sun for hours.
  • And the results will also depend on how often you use it and how long you expose your hair to the sun.


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I would like to be very clear.  If you expect Sun Bum to work on dark hair, leaving it platinum blonde, then you should look for other choices. 


Because Sun Bum will never transform dark hair into platinum blonde hair. It won’t even lighten it enough to make it a very light blonde.

Because to go from dark hair to very light blonde hair, the only option you have is to bleach your hair. And besides, you will need several sessions to do that.

So how does Sun Bum work on dark hair?


The truth is, it mimics nature.

Or rather,  Sun Bum mimics the effects of the sun on dark hair, after many hours and days of exposure. 

How does it do it? That’s what I’ll tell you about next.


How Sun Bum works on dark hair

sun bum dark hair lightening

The first thing I’ll tell you as a pro tip  is to use Sun Bum on your dark hair to get some highlights or lighter strands. 


That will give a different luminosity to your hair, without the need to go to a salon and invest in a balayage.

In other words, for less money, you can show off lighter highlights in your dark hair. Because Sun Bum is a product designed for use on the beach when you expose your hair to many hours of sun.

Sun Bum contains peroxide, which fades hair color. But it has a limit.  Sun Bum will not lighten your whole hair more than one shade. Why not? It will only accentuate the natural lightening you achieve when you expose your hair to the sun for a long time. 

light highlights on dark hair

Also, most likely, as Sun Bum lightens your dark hair, harsh colors such as orange or reddish tones will appear. Because as you fade light brown hair, orange emerges. And when you fade dark brown hair, reddish colors appear.

So  Sun Bum won’t bleach the hair, it will just fade the color . I.e. it will remove some layers of color from your hair, leaving some copper or auburn highlights.


How to remove harsh colors after using Sun Bum on dark hair

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Ideally, before you start applying Sun Bum, you should lighten your hair a little by applying a dark blonde 6 or blonde 7.


If you don’t want to dye your hair, what’s another option to eliminate harsh colors that appear after using Sun Bum on dark hair? Include a toning shampoo in your beauty routine, which will neutralize those colors.

If your dark hair has orange highlights, use blue shampoo. And if it has reddish highlights, use green shampoo.


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Toning shampoos are very sensitive to any other product you apply to your hair. After neutralizing orange, what happens if you reapply Sun Bum? The orange tones will come back because you will lose the effects of the shampoo.

I recommend you start using a toning shampoo once you reach the shade you want using Sun Bum.



If you’re looking to lighten your hair by several shades, then Sun Bum won’t work on dark hair. If you’re content to lighten your hair or some sections of your hair subtly, Sun Bum will work leaving dark hair with some copper or auburn highlights.

But remember, Sun Bum contains peroxide, which can dry out your hair. Therefore, I recommend you moisturize your hair with keratin masks after using Sun Bum.

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