What happens if I mix conditioner with hair dye?

lighten the dye

The other day, a girl asked me a question.

“Can I mix hair dye with conditioner?”


The truth is, at first, I was surprised.

Why would someone want to mix dye with conditioner?

You, what do you think?


It would be to:

  1. Protect the hair form the dye chemicals
  2. Achieve smooth, silky hair after applying the color
  3. Lighten the color of the dye


Of the three options above, only one is correct, and it’s the third.

 If you mix dye with conditioner, you can lighten the color of the dye a bit.  

You’ll make it smoother.


But this will only work with some types of dyes.

Mixing hair dye with conditioner only makes fantasy colors end up softer.

For example, instead of a strong, electric violet, you’ll end up with lavender.

Which is one of the most sought after colors by millennials right now.


Today, I’ll tell you:

  • Why it isn’t best to add conditioner to dye
  • How to protect your hair correctly before applying the color
  • How to lighten the color of fantasy colors with conditioner


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Why it isn’t best to add conditioner to the color

Coloring your hair isn’t a magic “abracadabra.”

To manage changing your natural color, we should process the hair and this process is called dyeing.


 During this process, two elements are used: ammonia and peroxide. Both are chemicals and both are aggressive for your hair. 

To change the color of your hair, the coloring mixture has to pass through a few natural barriers.

The first is the cuticle which will pull up the scales that it’s made up of in order for the color molecules in the dye to penetrate.

The ammonia brings up the pH of the hair, which makes the cuticle relax and brings it up.

This allows step two of the hair dyeing process to happen.

Now that the cuticle is open, you can dye the hair.


 The peroxide will eliminate your natural color and will leave a space so that the new color penetrates. 

The original color proteins of the hair are oxidized and the new color pigment takes control and joins with the cortex of the hair.


Hair dye is comprised of a series of molecules that are very small at first, called monomers, and they are small enough to penetrate the stalks of the hair.

Once there, they react among themselves to create larger molecules called polymers, which once they are big, remain intact in the hair for at least twenty days.

That’s why you have to dye your hair again.

Because with washing, these molecules start to shrink until they disappear.


I explained all of htis to you so that you can understand the process that is done to modify the molecules within the natural color of the hair.

If you mix the hair dye with conditioner, the only thing you will get is that the pH of the hair can’t be modified.

This will impede the work of the ammonia and of the hydrogen peroxide.


 Therefore, if what you are looking for when mixing the dye and the conditioner is to protect your hair, then that is not a solution because the conditioner doesn’t have that function.  

Conditioner works together with shampoo when you wash your hair.

Do you want to know what can protect your hair when you apply the dye?


I’ll tell you right now.


How to protect your hair so you don’t damage it with dye

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According to my experience, one of the most effective ways to protect your hair from the damage of chemicals in the dye is coconut oil.

It should be 100% organic.


 It has a solid consistency, so you should warm it up in a double boiler so that you can evenly distribute it afterward over your whole head. 

I recommend applying it the night before.

And of course covering your whole head with a shower cap to avoid staining your pillowcase or your sheets.

The next day, without rinsing your hair, proceed to apply the color.

The coconut oil will not interfere with the work of the ammonia or the peroxide.

But it will protect your hair from the damage that the dye can cause in your hair, like dryness or breakage.


Coconut oil contains chelates which reduce the damage in your hair and also help it to better absorb the dye.

 So, if you want to protect your hair before applying the color, the best to use is coconut oil.  

You can also use argan oil to get the same results.

Now, what I promised you.


How to lighten fantasy colors with conditioner

When we mix conditioner with fantasy color dyes, we aren’t looking to protect the hair.

We are simply looking to “wash” or lighten those fantasy tones that can end up being quite shocking.

Or strong.


Fantasy colors in your hair, like violet or blue or hot pink are radical changes.

And doubts tend to come up.

Will it look good on me?

Will it be too shocking to see myself in the mirror with those electric colors?


 If you are afraid that the color of your hair will be too shocking, then I recommend that you add a bit of conditioner to the dye. 

It will make the fantasy color look softer in your hair.

So, if you are looking for a pastel tone within the fantasy colors, conditioner will work very well.


To be able to achieve the look, you must:

  • Fill 1/3 of a cup with conditioner. The conditioner should always be white.
  • Add one tablespoon of the color that you have chosen.
  • Mix it.
  • After add the mixture to the rest of the dye.
  • Apply the dye as you would normally.


Now you know when it is best and when it is not best to add conditioner to hair dye.

And you, have you tried it before?

What results did you get?

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