The 4 Longest Lasting Hair Dye Unnatural Colors

The most long-lasting unnatural hair colors are:

Your color will last between 20 to 30 washes with any of them.


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  You should know that this duration can be drastically reduced if you use heating tools or non-sulfate free shampoos and conditioners too often. 

Also, unnatural hair colors require much more specific care than other hair shades. That’s what I’ll talk to you about later.


Manufacturers compete every day to have products that get endless queues of loyal fans. When it comes to unnatural hair color shades, what is it that defines a good product?


Obviously, a vibrant, long-lasting shade. There’s no point in coloring your hair turquoise if it turns dull, lifeless blue within two days.

On the one hand, it has to do with the manufacturer and his fancy coloring. On the other hand, there’s you, with your hair care routine.


You can buy the best fantasy hair color, the most durable or the most vegan one, but if you treat your hair carelessly, the hair color will be useless.

 The truth is that the exact duration of the hair color will depend not only on what the manufacturer says but on how you care for your hair. 


  • Punky Colour dye will last longer if you wash your hair 3 times a week and use warm to cold water.
  • Manic Panic dye will last longer if you wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo specifically formulated for fantasy colored hair. Sulfate-free products clean without stripping strands of color or essential oils

Now, do you understand why it is very important to care for your hair, apart from what the manufacturer says about the duration of each hair dye?


Do you want to know all the secrets for making your unnatural hair color last longer? Then stay with me, because I’ll tell you all about:

  • The unnatural colored dyes that last longest
  • How to make the hair color last longer


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The unnatural hair colored dyes that last longest

At first, I mentioned four brands of unnatural hair colored dyes which are more durable ones. But, there are other brands, which are also worth it, as long as you are very strict with your hair care.

Let’s start, then, with this ranking of the most famous brands on Instagram, the most used ones in salons and the most sold ones on Amazon. Almost nothing, right?



semi permanent color

Check Punky Colour price on Amazon


This is undoubtedly the longest lasting hair dye, with a wide range of colors, lasting from 20 to 30 washes.



peroxide and ammonia free

Check Arctic Fox hair color price on Amazon


Do you like the idea of mixing different colors to create a unique and personal color?

Well, if you’re very responsible for your hair dye care, you’ll get a color that will last 12 to 18 washes.



mix with conditioner for pastel shades

Check Manic Panic color range on Amazon


If you are interested in caring for the environment, and vegan products are a must in your shopping, here you will find a palette of 60 colors, including neon.

It lasts from 12 to 18 washes.


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blue, purple and red

Check Joico Color Intensity price on Amazon


You can find more than 25 unique colors in this brand. It lasts for more than 20 washes and it´s very simple to use.



burgundy, blue, ruby and other colors

This is another best known semi-permanent vegan dyes brand, with more than 27 colors.

However, it lasts from 6 to 8 washes.



Why is this dye at the bottom of the list? Because it lasts the least.

Who is it ideal for? For people who change their hair color like they change their underwear, because it only lasts from 4 to 8 washes, allowing you to change your color quickly.


  Remember that these are the durability times indicated by the manufacturers. So, in the end, everything will depend exclusively on the care you give to your hair and, above all, on the products you use for your hair routine. 

But don’t worry, I won’t let go of your hand, because below I’ll tell you how to take care of your hair so that color lasts much longer.


How to make your hair color last longer

Once you have chosen your coloring brand, you must know what products to use to wash your colored hair, as this is a determining factor in the duration of the color.

We’re talking about extravagance, so, you can’t use just any shampoo or conditioner, because it will damage the vitality of your color and wash out the pigments much faster.

Do you want to know how to keep that fancy shade longer?


  • Don’t wash your hair every day.

This is the first commandment you must keep if you want a vibrant tone for longer.

If you wash your hair less, you will help it retain pigmentation longer.

How often should you wash your fantasy colored hair?


It would be ideal to do it between 48 to 72 hs each time. It isn´t so terrible, is it?


  • Use sulfate-free shampoo.

Engrave it on your mind, or like that tattoo, as a reminder of lost love.

 All hair products you use on your fantasy colored hair must be sulfate-free. Repeat after me: NO SULFATES. 


Sulfates are corrosive chemicals for hair. They remove grease and dirt, but they also strip out the coloring pigment. Sulfate-free shampoo will make your hair retain its color longer.

And this brings us to the next point.


  • Use shampoo with the color of your colored hair.

Almost all brands of fancy colored hair dyes have lines of shampoo and conditioner.

If you choose pink color, use a pink depositing shampoo every time you wash your hair. All you’ll have to do is replace your regular shampoo with the depositing shampoo.


  • Do not apply moisturizing masks excessively.

Nourishing and moisturizing your hair is an obvious issue, but excess is bad in all aspects of life.

Remember that cream baths or moisturizing masks also contain chemicals that cause color fading.


  • Don’t abuse heat tools.

Again, we return to the same concept: use, but do not abuse.

Curling irons and straighteners dry out the hair and also strip out the dye pigments.


If you follow these tips, do you know what you will achieve?

You’ll make your color last 2-3 weeks longer than the manufacturer says. Amazing, but real.



You can choose from six different brands of fantasy dyes, from which Punky Colour, Joico Color Intensity, Arctic Fox, and Manic Panic are the longest lasting ones.

But you can always extend the life of the color with a good shampoo, washing your hair every 72 hours and using heat tools less often. This will prevent the color from washing out and it will look electric and vibrant longer.

Have you used any of these brands? How long has the color lasted on your hair?

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