Toner turned my hair blue-purple! Is it serious? How can I fix it?

get rid of toner from hair

Did you turn your hair blue or purple with toner?


  • First of all, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The color left by the toner will wash out in a few days.
  • If your hair is blue or purple right now, it will become the blond you’ve been dreaming of after three or four washes.

So, what do you have to do?


Basically, nothing! Just wash your hair as normal with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Simply continue your normal routine, whether you wash your hair every day, every other day, or have another schedule.


 Your hair will gradually become less blue and more blond each time you wash it. 


But there’s one question to consider first.

Does your hair have subtle blue tones, or is it entirely blue?


If your hair has light blue tones, there’s no need to worry. Like I said before, the unwanted color will fade after a couple of shampoos.

On the other hand, if you have bright blue hair, something more than shampoo might be needed. If you ended up with an intense blue color, you most likely left the toner in much longer than recommended.


Most toners work as follows:

  • Ten minutes tone your hair.
  • Leaving it in longer than ten minutes can leave subtle blue tones in your hair.
  • Leave it in 30 minutes, and you could have hair the same color as the toner. Basically, leaving in a blue toner too long can dye your hair blue, while a purple toner can dye your hair purple.


If you’ve left toner in too long and ended up with blue or purple hair, there are two things I would recommend:

  • First, wait at least two weeks to see what the final color of your hair will be.
  • After that, your only option is to bleach your hair as many times as necessary to remove the color.


While sometimes the unwanted color can be removed with one bleaching treatment, you might need to bleach it two or more times.

 The more intense the color you need to remove, the more times you’ll have to bleach your hair to remove it. 


For example, a client names Florence came into my salon recently.

She had bleached her hair at home and then used a toner to create a cinderella blonde.

But she got distracted making dinner while using the toner and left it in fifteen minutes.

Are you curious about how her hair turned out?


If so, keep reading; we’ll discuss her case in just a minute.


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Can you remove unwanted color left by the toner?

In Florence’s case, she had only left the toner in a few minutes longer than recommended, so it wasn’t serious.

Her hair turned into the beautiful blond she wanted after four shampoos.

But is there anything you can do to make the toner disappear faster?


There are three things you can do:

  • Wash your hair with a ph-balanced shampoo every other day. The ph-balanced shampoo is very effective at removing any dye. Since toner is also a kind of dye, neutral shampoo can help it fade faster too.
  • Apply warm masks twice per week. Masks and creams also remove pigments from hair, so you'll see the color change in a few days.
  • Leave your hair loose in the sun if it's summer. The sun can lighten your hair up to three tones.

ph balanced

The ph-balanced shampoo will remove unwanted tones from your hair, check price on Amazon


 Those three steps are sure to fade an unwanted color. 

But if you want to remove the toner very quickly, or left the toner in for a very long time, your only option is to bleach your hair.


Did you leave the toner in too long and dye your hair blue or purple?

As we said, if you leave toner in far too long, it can permanently dye your hair blue or purple.

If that's the case, the color will stay after three, four, or even twenty washes.

How can you remove the unwanted hue?


 By bleaching your hair with 10 volume developer. 


If you decide to bleach your hair to remove the color, here's what you should buy from a beauty supply store or pharmacy:

  • Two containers of10 volume cream developer
  • Bleaching powder
  • Protective serum
  • Gloves


While It's relatively easy to bleach hair, you should be very careful.

Remember that bleaching and then dying your hair soon after can cause damage.

Preparing the mix

  • Empty the two bottles of 10 volume peroxide into a container.
  • Add half a package of the bleaching powder and the protective serum.
  • The serum protects your hair from damage caused by the bleach.
  • Mix until the mixture is homogenous and creamy, kind of like a hair mask.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to choose a 10 volume developer.

How to apply the bleach to remove the unwanted blue and purple tones from hair

  • Once your products are thoroughly mixed, apply the mixture from the roots to the ends while wearing gloves.
  • Then simply let it process for twenty minutes. ONLY twenty minutes.
  • Massage your hair during that time.
  • After the twenty minutes are up, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water.
  • Wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo and your regular conditioner.
  • Finally, dry your hair with a hairdryer on medium and apply an anti-frizz serum.



Bleaching will remove the blue or purple left by the toner.

Now, if you have left the toner in your hair for 30 minutes, for example, and your hair is totally blue, you might need to repeat this process three times.


 Thankfully, because this process uses a 10-volume developer, it's less aggressive on your hair. 

That being said, if you've bleached your hair before, I would recommend that you evaluate the health of your hair first.

And if you don't know how to do a strand test or an elasticity test to check if your hair is healthy enough to stand the bleaching process, your best bet is to go to a professional salon. Don't risk your hair to save a few bucks.


And now it's your turn to share. Have you ever turned your hair blue with a toner? Or purple? If so, how did you get the color out of your hair?


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