Why is my hair getting darker? Possible reasons and solutions

  • If your blonde hair is getting darker, it could be due to hormonal factors and melanocytes, along with genetics and your heredity.
  • If you notice that your natural hair is darkening, there could be several reasons. For example, climatic, hormonal factors, and aging hair.


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Your hair is getting darker and you don’t know why?


Don’t worry.

I’ll help you find out why your hair is darkening. However, that’s not the best thing.


The best will come later. I’ll tell you several options to lighten your hair naturally and chemically. Yes, you read right.

 There are several ways to naturally lighten your hair and I’ll tell you about them. 


I can assure you that you’ll want to run out and lighten your hair with one of these methods in a few minutes. Ready to get started?

Let’s start with a little boring but important information.

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Do you know how melanin works in your hair?

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You may see your photos from when you were younger feel a certain nostalgia when you look at your hair. You can see your hair color is not the same as before.

The shade you have now is darker than it was. You may wonder why you haven’t been able to keep that hair color over time.


The answer is simple: the culprit in this process is MELANIN. Do you know what melanin is?


It’s the pigment that gives color to skin and hair. At the same time, melanin is divided into two specific types:

  • Pheomelanin
  • and eumelanin


Pheomelanin is responsible for light hair such as blondes and redheads. Eumelanin, in turn, is present in the darkest hair colors.


 If you wonder why your hair color has changed, I would say that it’s a genetic disposition. The production of eumelanin increases over the years.  The increase in these pigments that provide the darker colors is one of the causes of your hair darkening.

Do you want to know if there’s a solution?


Of course, there is!

There are many home-made methods and chemicals to reverse that situation.


Natural home-made methods to reverse hair darkening

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There are many ways to naturally lighten hair without resorting to a permanent hair dye with ammonia.

For example, you can use a natural spray or a home-made mask to lighten your hair.


Here’s a list of possible ingredients to lighten your hair.

  • Lemon juice
  • apple vinegar
  • honey
  • chamomile threads or chamomile tea


 All those products are natural. You have to prepare them and mix them with water, except honey. 


  • To prepare the hair spray, put one part of the ingredient of your choice plus two parts of water.
  • Pour them into a container with a vaporizer and spray your hair.
  • Then, a little bit of sun or heat will be enough to see how, little by little, your hair starts lightening.


You can make a mask with honey in your hair. Then, wrap it with a cap and sleep all night.

Honey will not only moisturize and make your hair shine, but it’ll also help to enhance those caramel tones you had lost over time.


Chemical methods to reverse hair darkening

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If you’re more anxious and want to lighten it immediately, you can resort to other ultra-fast but not so natural methods.


You can buy a tone-on-tone dye or get a light color to lighten your hair. Just choose a lighter shade than your natural hair and that’s it.


Other good options are shampoos and lightening sprays such as Sun In or Sun Bum. They aren’t completely chemical products, although some contain hydrogen peroxide. They’re special preparations to lighten your hair.

Ammonia dyes and bleaching are the fastest and extreme way to permanently lighten your hair.


No matter what solution you choose to lighten your hair, remember that melanin produces those pigment changes in your hair color.

Also other factors could be contributing to the darkening of your hair. I’m talking about external factors.


What external factors could darken hair?

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  • It is common for your light hair to darken in the autumn and winter months, as the sun is not as intense as in the hotter months.

That natural oxidation process that lightens your hair and occurs in the summer months stops in the colder months. It could be another possible cause of your hair color change.


  • Remember that your genetics and heredity will also decide and determine whether or not to darken your hair.

Over time, your hair also begins to age, and the production of eumelanin increases. It’s not known when the pigment change will occur.



It’s completely normal and natural for your hair to darken over the years.

You learned that, over time, hair ages with us changing and increasing the production of certain types of melanin.

Now that you’ve learned the causes of this completely natural process, you know that there isn’t a way around it. What you do have are possible ways to change it.

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