The 9 Best Unnatural Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Are you looking to change your look by coloring your hair an unnatural color?


If you have a warm skin tone, there are a few colors that will look perfect with your skin.

If you want to dye your hair an unnatural color and you have a warm skin tone, I recommend the following colors:

  • Peach
  • Pastel pink
  • Light green
  • Yellow
  • Autumn orange
  • Purple
  • Magenta
  • Sea blue
  • Forest green


  •  If your skin is warm and you’re very persistent with caring for your hair color, you can choose between the lightest unnatural hair colors, like peach, pastel pink, yellow, and pastel green. 
  •  If you’re not so attentive to caring for your color, you should go with more intense colors, like orange, purple, turquoise, magenta, or forest green.  
  • You should also keep in mind that these kinds of colors are better for wintertime because they last longer during that time of year since solar rays are not as strong and don’t affect the dye pigments.


I say the names of these colors, and they sound like they’ve jumped out of timeless poems: autumn orange, sea blue, forest green… dreamy!

But, there is even more poetry behind these colors because, for them to look great, they have to have a certain harmony with your skin.

Did you think that it only comes down to matching the dye with your make-up palette?


Of course not. There are different tones of human skin, which can be divided into warm and cool tones.

And the first step toward deciding which color of dye is best for you is to determine whether you have warm or cool skin tone.


Because burgundy might look great on your best friend, but she has a cool skin tone. And if you have a warm skin tone and dye your hair burgundy, the results might not be as good for you.

The bad news?


There are some non-natural colors that you should never choose.

The good news?


Today you’ll find out which colors will go perfectly with your warm skin tone.

You’re not sure which kind of skin tone you have?


Don’t worry because I’ll tell you:

  • How to determine if your skin is warm
  • The best unnatural tones for warm skin tone

Are you ready to make the great leap into non-traditional hair colors?


How to determine if your skin is warm

simple makeup

Before you start to look at your skin, make sure you’re using natural light since artificial light can change how your skin looks depending on the different kinds of light bulbs the artificial light uses.

Once you’ve gotten into the right kind of light, it’s time to calibrate your vision and observation skills. Let’s start with your veins.


  • Look closely at your veins.

You can look at your veins wherever it is most comfortable for you, but for most people, that’s on the inside of the lower part of their arm.

Can you pick out the veins? What color are they?

If they’re green, then you have warm-toned skin. If they’re blue, you have cool-toned skin.


  • Try gold and silver jewelry.

The great Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but besides that, we’ll also use your jewelry to find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone.

You should grab earrings, longer is better, one silver and one gold.

Put one in each of your ears and delicately shake your head.

Which one makes your skin glow?


 If the answer is the silver one, then you have a cool skin tone. If the gold one is better, then you have a warm skin tone.  

Now you know which kind of skin tone you have. And, if the answer is warm, then you’ll know which unnatural colors go best with your skin.

Are you ready to change up your look and wear poetry in your hair?


The 9 best unnatural colors for warm skin tones

Do you remember which unnatural tones went best with your warm skin?


I’ll repeat them just in case you’re not sure.

The best unnatural colors for warm-toned skin are:


warm skin tone

All of those colors are beautiful and will go perfectly with your skin tone. Now, which should you choose?

My advice? Think about how dedicated to keeping up with color maintenance you are. Because while all of the colors are beautiful, some require a little bit more maintenance than others. And you’ll need to be more careful with those.

Let’s divide the colors into two different groups: bright unnatural colors and light unnatural colors.


  • Are you one of those who don’t have much time to care for the unnatural color you’ve chosen?
 If so, then you should go for a brighter unnatural color: orange, purple, turquoise, magenta, and forest green.  

They’re ideal for people that don’t want to live their life around caring for their dye. With these colors, you should only need to touch up your color once a month.

almost orange

What will happen in the meantime? The dye will fade because the color will go away as you wash it. But, at the end of the month, you’ll have beautiful pastel colors, much softer than the original unnatural color you chose.

But, you’ll still have nice colors in your hair.


  • Are you obsessed with taking care of your color?
 If so, then lighter colors like peach, pastel pink, and yellow are ideal for your skin tone. 

Because they’ll look great on your warm-toned skin, and because of your perseverance with caring for them, you’ll always have a vibrant color.

Remember that these kinds of colors wash out quicker, so you’ll need to ditch heated styling tools and wash your hair less often.



And lastly, try to invest in a good brand of dyes specializing in these kinds of colors, like Manic Panic or Punky Color, which also offer a line of shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for caring for non-traditional colors.

Now tell me: What color will you choose to match your warm skin? Pastel or bright color?

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