How long after stripping my hair can I dye it again?

after hair stripping

  • If your hair was healthy before stripping it, you could color it immediately.
  • If your hair was damaged or very dehydrated before stripping it, you should repair it with intensive moisturizing treatments for at least a week. Then, apply a new color.
  • If you had bleached your hair before applying the dye you removed, you should choose the right new hair dye to neutralize unwanted shades.


General theories don’t apply to broad issues. What do I mean?


 As a hairdresser, I can’t tell you to apply a hair color immediately after stripping your hair. First, we should evaluate the condition of your hair. 

Of course, according to the color remover manufacturers, you can always color your hair after using it. However, they aren’t in your home. They don’t know the story behind your hair. Above all, they don’t know if your hair is damaged or dry.


I wouldn’t want to get too strict. However, as a professional hairstylist, I’ll always be concerned with the health of your hair first. That’s what I stand for when a client walks into my salon. And that’s what I try to express to you.


You can use any hair product as long as your hair is healthy.

  Color removers don’t damage the hair. In fact, they don’t damage your hair because they don’t contain peroxide or ammonia,  which are two highly harmful chemicals to your hair fiber.

What color removers do is strip out the artificial pigments that deposit color in the hair fiber exposing your natural color.


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Of course, you can bleach your hair and then color it. However, after stripping out your hair, you won’t get the same color you had before you bleached it. Unwanted shades can arise and you’ll have to neutralize them with the right color.

So, you dyed your hair, you don’t like the resulting color, and you want to use a color remover?


Read on, because I’ll tell you:

  • What to consider before re-coloring your hair after stripping it out?
  • How to choose the right color after stripping your hair

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What to consider before re-coloring after stripping your hair?

ammonia and bleach free

When you apply a permanent dye, the pigment is fixed in the core of your hair fiber. These bonds are chemically reinforced by ammonia for a longer color duration.

What if you don't like the color you get?


You can use a color remover. It contains sulfur, a chemical that releases the ammonia bonds making the hair fiber expel all the artificial color.

As it works by detaching as opposite to breaking, the hair doesn’t suffer any extra damage.  I underline and highlight no extra damage.


  If your hair was damaged, dry, prone to breakage and frizz before stripping it out, it’ll continue to be damaged, dry, and prone to breakage and frizz afterward. 

If the hair dyes left your hair dry and too porous, it’ll still be that way after stripping it out. Then, you may get a darker or more intense color than you want.


So, my advice is:

  • If your hair was completely healthy before stripping it, you can apply a new hair dye that same day.
  • If your hair was very damaged, fell easily, felt very dry and brittle before removing the color, wait a week. In the meantime, deeply moisturize your hair before applying a new color.


You need to repair your hair’s previous damage before stripping it out so that the new color you apply doesn't worsen your hair.

If you don't know what color to apply or haven't decided yet, I'll help you do it. And that's what I'm talking about next.


How to choose the right color after hair stripping

light and dark

If you had bleached your hair before applying the hair dye you removed, unwanted and unpleasant shades such as orange or bright yellow may appear.


That's why it's important to know how to neutralize them:

  • Blue neutralizes orange. You can apply any ash (1) permanent dye.
  • Purple neutralizes yellow. You should choose any iridescent/pearly dye (2).


 How do you choose the right color for your hair? It’ll depend on the base color you have after stripping your hair and the result you want to achieve. 

To ease the task for you, here is a list of options according to the base color that comes up after stripping your hair.


Intermediate color after stripping your hair.

You could choose from:

  • Ash brown 4.1 or light ash brown 5.1 to neutralize any remaining orange.
  • iridescent/pearly brown 4.2 or light iridescent/pearly brown 5.2 to neutralize any yellow remains.
  • mahogany brown 4.5 for a more reddish color.
  • light reddish brown 5.6 for a striking red.


Light color after stripping your hair.

You could try several blonde shades:

  • dark blonde ash 6.1 or blond ash 7.1 if you have orange tones
  • dark blonde iridescent/pearly 6.2 or blonde iridescent/pearly 7.2 if you have yellow tones.
  • light golden blond 8.3 if you like gold highlights.
  • coppery blond 7.4 if you like red hair.


Very light color after stripping your hair.

At this point, you can choose an infinite number of hair dye colors, even fantasy dyes.

  • very light cherry blonde 9.6.
  • green, violet, purple, fuchsia
  • platinum blonde 10.1.
  • gray 11.11.


Remember to consider color neutralization before choosing your color so that your hair looks completely smooth and neat.



If you colored your hair and don't like the result, you can strip out your hair with a color remover. You could re-color your hair immediately if it was absolutely healthy before using the color remover.

If your hair was unhealthy before you removed the color, you should wait a week before reapplying the hair dye. In the meantime, your hair will be healthy again.

Remember you should also select the right color to achieve an even shade.

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