Does dying your hair darker damage it? Do I run the risk of ruining my hair?

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No, darkening your hair doesn’t produce any damage.

  • Many clients come to my salon asking me if by darkening their hair, it will be damaged.
  • Not at all, darkening your tone doesn’t produce any damage given that you don’t have to do a chemical treatment to your hair beforehand.
  • You just need to put in the new shade of dye, and you’ll have your hair looking darker just like that.


As you can see, darker shades don’t require any prior chemical treatment.

What do I mean by this?


  • I’m talking about bleaching.

Bleaching is a chemical process that takes the color out of hair to be able to put in lighter shades.

But with the darker tones, the story is completely different.


 You don’t need bleaching to apply a darker tone. 

And there are more benefits to darkening your hair.


  • By having a blonde base color in your hair, you can apply dark dye using only 20 volume developer.

The developer is an indispensable chemical for coloring.

It’s in charge of making the hair absorb the dye’s pigment.

But with darker tones, you don’t need more than 20 volumes.

 This is a minimal amount of volumes that won’t damage your hair, and your color will look perfect. 


  • Another one of the benefits of darkening your hair is that the maintenance tends to be very easy.

Being colors with a lot of pigmentation, it’s not necessary to renew the color as frequently as with other lighter or redder tones.

And you only need to touch up the roots if you have a lot of gray hairs.

The best part of touching up your roots?


  • You can use 10 volume developer!

Yes, you read right.

Only you should choose a similar tone to the natural color of your hair.

The rest of your hair can maintain the pigmentation for 6 to 8 weeks.

 That implies much less damage for your hair, given that you only need to apply developer for touching up your roots. 


Dark tones are an excellent option for women who have damaged hair and don’t want to keep adding more harm.

If you want to know all the details about these tones, keep reading.


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Does it damage my hair to dye it dark?

darken the hair without damaging it

As I was saying at the beginning, darkening the shade of your hair doesn’t produce any damage to your hair.

Dark tones don’t require any prior chemical treatment for coloring, such as bleaching, which is necessary for lighter, blonde tones.


  • When clients come to my salon wanting to change their color, but they have damaged hair, I always recommend that they got darker.

As you can see,  the darker shades are really easy to maintain unlike lighter shades, which with every renewal of the color or touch-up of the roots, you have to bleach your hair. 


  • But the most important thing is that the amount of pigmentation that they contain makes it possible to do hydrating treatments without losing your color.

Hydrating treatments for your hair contain chemicals that take out the dye. For this reason, you only apply them only once every two weeks for red or light shades.

 Darker dye colors contain more pigmentation, and it’s more difficult to wash out these colors, so you can apply hydrating treatments once per week. 


  • In sum, darkening your hair is a great idea, and even more so if you have somewhat damaged hair.

You can apply hydrating treatments to replenish your damaged hair without any fear that your color will fade quickly.


You only need to choose the ideal shade for you, and that, we’ll talk about next.


How to choose the ideal shade of dye for your hair that won’t damage it?

While it’s true that darkening the shade of your hair won’t produce damage, you can also avoid harming it when you renew your color or touch up your roots.

Can you imagine how?

It’s very simple.


  •  You should choose the same tone as your natural hair color, so that when your roots grow, there won’t be any difference between the dye and your new growth. 

In this way, you’ll only need to touch up your roots if you have a lot of gray hairs.


  • As I told you at the beginning, the benefit of darker dyes is that they have a lot of pigmentation.

This pigmentation takes a long time to fade, from 6 to 8 weeks.

So the total re-coloring of your hair can be done every 8 weeks if you want.


  • I recommend that you pick a similar tone to the natural color of your hair. In this way, you can touch up your roots and the rest of your hair when you want, given that you won’t notice a difference.

It’s for this reason that your hair won’t be damaged at all.

Given that you won’t have to put in dye every 3 to 4 weeks with developer or bleach, like with lighter tones.

You could say that darker tones are less harmful for your hair because they don’t require as strict maintenance as lighter tones.

Therefore, I recommend it for damaged hair.


How to maintain dark tones?

Just like we’ve been talking about, darker tones are less aggressive for the hair.

As I told you before, they don’t require strict upkeep.


  • The maintenance is going to depend on your hair growth and the amount of gray hairs you have.

If you have many gray hairs, you should redo your color every 5 weeks.

But I have excellent news to give you.


  • Because they are dark tones, you don’t need to use a high volume developer.

You can touch up your roots with 10 volume developer!

10 volume developer is less aggressive for your hair.


  • In this way by renewing your roots every 5 weeks, you can recover your hair health if it was damaged.

Given that you’ll only be touching up the roots.

The damaged part of your hair, which is the length and the ends, you only need to redo every 6 to 8 weeks.

Meanwhile, you can make the most of it by repairing your hair.


  • Darker dyes contain a lot of pigmentation, so you can apply hydrating treatments without problems.

You won’t lose your color, nor will your hair look listless or dull.

 By applying hydrating masks once per week, in very little time, you’ll have recovered your hair health from whatever type of damage you had. 


This doesn’t happen with lighter tones, which need bleaching to renew them and 20 or 30 volume developer for coloring.

Dark tones use 20 volume developer for the first application and maintenance, 10 volume developer.



Darker colors don’t harm your hair, so they are an excellent option for damaged hair.

And even for women who are tired of touching up their color or going to the salon.

Picking the same tone as your natural color, you can let your hair grow without any problems.


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