Will demi-permanent color wash out of bleached hair?


faded demi permanent hair color

  • Demi permanent hair dye washes out from bleached hair after three to four weeks.
  • Of course, that process is gradual. The more you wash your hair, the faster the demi-permanent hair dye will wash, and your bleached hair color will start to show.
  • Once the demi-permanent hair dye is completely gone, you can apply a demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or permanent hair dye.



In truth, whether your hair is bleached or not will have little impact on how long the demi-permanent hair color will last.

This hair dye will always fade. Why?


 Demi-permanent hair dyes don’t have long staying power on hair/ 

They’re applied with a soft volume peroxide and doesn’t contain ammonia.



So, what’s the advantage of using a demi-permanent hair dye on bleached hair if it will wash out after four weeks at the most?

It’s a small but great advantage at the same time. Can you imagine what it is?


 Your hair health. 

You should not forget that your hair had been bleached. Therefore, it probably lost a lot of moisture and became weaker and more brittle.

Can you imagine what a permanent hair color that is applied with a 20-volume peroxide and ammonia can do to weak hair?



various colors

Don’t imagine it; I’m telling you: it can wreak havoc.

So,  if you color bleached hair, your best option is to apply a demi-permanent haircolor. It won’t further dry out or weaken your hair. 


You will have to pay a small price, which is a shorter color duration. However, when the health of your bleached hair is at stake, it’s definitely a small price to pay.

Still, there are a few tricks you can try to make your demi-permanent hair color last longer on your bleached hair.


Do you want to know what they are?


Read on because today you’ll learn the secrets of the effects of demi-permanent hair color on bleached hair.


Why does demi-permanent hair dye wash out of bleached hair?

soft waves


First, you should consider your base color when applying demi-permanent haircolor.

As it’s applied with a 9 or 10-volume developer, the oxidation process is not as intense as that produced by other hair dyes.


Also, as it doesn’t contain ammonia, its coverage isn’t the same as that of permanent hair color.

That impacts the duration of the hair dye.  The pigments in the demi-permanent hair color will wash out with each wash.  Now, what’s the role of bleached hair in the process?



If you bleached your hair before applying the hair dye, the blonde will start to show with each wash. So, you’ll need to touch up your color more often.

That’s why you should consider the hair products you use and how often you use them.

That’s what I’m going to talk about next


What products to use on bleached hair to make your demi-permanent hair color last longer?

The first thing you should do is read the ingredients list of the shampoo and conditioner you usually use.

Women tend to buy hair products without knowing the number of chemicals they contain. These chemicals are sulfates and parabens. They wash out the demi-permanent hair color faster.


  • The same goes for moisturizing masks. Many contain chemicals that can be corrosive to the pigments of the demi-permanent hair color.

Those products aren’t good for bleached hair either given that it’s damaged by the action of very powerful chemicals.


  •  To help your color last longer, you should avoid those products. Instead, use shampoo and conditioner that are free of those chemicals. 

If you get rid of those two chemicals in your beauty routine, your demi-permanent hair color will last longer and maintenance will be more spaced out.


You can also use shea butter or sweet almond oil as a deep moisturizing treatment.



Those products won’t alter the duration of your demi-permanent hair color and will nourish your bleached hair.

You can still do more for your bleached hair colored with a demi-permanent hair dye.


Bleached hair, demi-permanent hair color, and beauty routine: key facts

a while after cutting it

Women go through the same hair routine over and over again without thinking about what we’re doing. That’s why we use products for years without thinking about the consequences.

We’ve been advised for years to wash our hair daily or dive into the sea to get minerals into our hair.


Myths! False beliefs! Let’s talk about truths.


  • Don’t wash your hair daily.

Regardless of the chemicals-free shampoo and conditioners, tap water contains chlorine. It will wash out your demi-permanent hair dye faster, and blond strands will appear.

You should wash your hair at least every 48 hours.


  • Don’t expose your hair to the sun and sea.

If you are near the beach or plan to go on vacation, forget about spending several hours in the sun without a nice hat or scarf. The sun has a lightening effect that will wash out the hair dye from your ends in a matter of days.


Use plastic caps and rinse your hair every time you get out of the water.


  • Avoid excessive use of heat tools.

Flat irons, blow-dryers, and curling irons also wash out color on bleached hair. The hair cuticles are opened by the heat and expel the hair dye pigment.

You should use heat protectant oils to prevent it.



Demi-permanent hair dye washes out with washes. Consequently, the bleached hair color is exposed.


Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. Wheat you can do, instead, is to use sulfate-free, non-paraben products, wash your hair less frequently, and avoid heat tools overuse. That way, your demi-permanent hair color will last longer.

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