Does Color Oops work on blue or purple hair? NO! I’ll tell you what you can do here

woman wants to remove purple color from her hair

  • Color Oops doesn’t work on blue or purple hair. The manufacturer is very specific about this issue. It clearly states that it doesn’t remove “blue, purple, or green colors”.
  • It’s not designed to remove directly-applied dyes, such as semi-permanent dyes, or bold colors like blue or purple.
  • So if you used a blue or purple permanent dye to color your hair, you could remove it by applying bleach, a bleach bath, or a color sweep. I’ll tell you the differences between these below.
  • If you use a semi-permanent blue or purple dye, you can remove it using a clarifying shampoo or a warm coconut oil mask.


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Does Color Oops work with semi-permanent hair dyes like Arctic Fox?


Good thing you’re here! Now you know that  Color Oops won’t work on blue or purple hair. 


And it won’t work no matter whether you used permanent or semi-permanent dye to dye your hair blue or purple.



Because  the manufacturer of Color Oops clearly states on the packaging, “COLOR OOPS DOES NOT REMOVE BLUE, PURPLE, OR GREEN COLORS OR SEMI-PERMANENT DYE.” 


Color Oops doesn’t work on hair dyed with blue or purple permanent dye because these colors are made with extremely small molecule pigments. These settle in the hair fiber, forming strong, resistant molecular bonds.

These pigments are difficult to remove. So  if you apply Color Oops on your blue or purple hair, the only thing you will achieve will be to lighten the color a little . But you won’t manage to remove it altogether.

color oops does not remove purple or blue color

On the other hand,  if you dyed your hair with a blue or purple semi-permanent hair dye, Color Oops won’t work either. Why not? The pigments in this type of dye stick to the outside hair layer.  Color Oops works on the innermost layer of the hair.


So you see, if you apply Color Oops to your purple or blue hair, you could ruin it and its color.


Now, because Color Oops doesn’t work on purple or blue hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t remove those colors. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


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How to remove blue or purple permanent hair dye without using Color Oops

hairdresser prepares bleaching to remove blue or purple color

You have three options:

My advice before making a decision is to go to a salon. That way a professional can assess the condition of your hair.


Because if your ends are dry or brittle or your hair is frizzy, rough, or stiff, any of these three options could damage your hair irreversibly if you don’t have any experience in coloring.

 If your hair is badly damaged , a professional may offer you two options instead of bleaching:

  •  Do a color sweep , which consists of removing just the color without lightening the hair TOO MUCH.
  •  Do a bleach bath , which will remove the color in stages. However, the intermediate result is unpredictable in these cases.
  •  They may even offer to give you a lightening bath , which will remove just a little color, leaving the blue or purple lighter.


 If you don’t want to bleach your hair, you can neutralize the blue or purple shades by applying a toner. 


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Toner is a product you use after bleaching, dyeing, highlighting, or any other coloring technique. You use it to remove unwanted or harsh colors.

  •  To neutralize purple hair , you’ll need yellow toner.
  •  To neutralize blue hair , you’ll need orange toner.


Toner is applied with 20-volume developer. You must carefully control the process to avoid turning your hair yellow or orange.

And if you don’t have much coloring experience, I recommend using a yellow or orange shampoo to neutralize blue or purple hair gradually.


To remove a semi-permanent blue or purple dye from your hair, use a clarifying shampoo

remove semi-permanent blue hair dye

Since this type of shampoo contains more sulfates than regular shampoos, it will quickly remove the color from your hair.  You must shampoo your hair several times per wash. 


Use lukewarm water after applying clarifying shampoo. Let the water run through your hair for about 20 minutes to remove even more color.

Another option to remove semi-permanent blue or purple hair dye is to apply a warm coconut oil mask to your hair. Heat the oil, then leave it on your hair for 40 minutes. Rinse it out with warm water and clarifying shampoo.



If you’re looking for a solution to remove blue or purple dye from your hair, Color Oops isn’t your best option. But now you know the alternatives to remove these colors from your hair.

If in doubt, go to a salon. A colorist will be able to give you the solution in minutes.

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