3 solutions to fix bad grown out roots in blonde hair

woman shows roots on blonde hair

  • If your dark roots grew too quickly on your blonde hair, apply a babylights technique to mix the two colors. I’ll tell you more about this technique below.
  • If your roots have grown out badly because they’re too gray, your best option is a semi-permanent hair dye. You can also get gray highlights in a salon.
  • If your roots grew out badly in your blonde hair because they’re a different shade of blonde, dye them the same color as the rest of your hair with a permanent dye.


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How to blend dark roots with blonde hair at home (in 4 easy steps)


 Before deciding what to do about bad-grown roots on blonde hair, I advise you to look in the mirror and examine them for a moment. 



Maybe without even realizing it, your hair is currently trending. What do I mean by this?


I mean that for the last few years, the latest trend in hair coloring is to avoid an even hair color.  And the “must” of this trend is to have dark roots on blonde hair. 


Don’t you believe me? Many of my clients who have naturally blonde hair have asked me to apply a faux balayage. This means darkening their roots, leaving the rest of the hair blonde.

So before you decide, take another look in the mirror. Because if you like the look, you may not need to do anything to your dark roots. Even if they’ve poorly grown into your blonde hair at first glance.

Now if you don’t like the look, I’ll tell you how to fix it. And I’ll also tell you how to fix bad roots that have grown out because of being too gray or lighter than the rest of your blonde hair.


If your dark roots have grown out on blonde hair, apply babylights

root babylights that grew poorly and dark

 As your dyed blonde hair grows out, your roots will start to emerge with their natural color. This, of course, will be darker than the color you usually apply. 


And at that point, you’ll have to renew the color. However, the problem is that you shouldn’t bleach your roots every month. You’ll ruin your hair right from the roots.


As a colorist,  I advise you to go to the salon and get babylights to avoid bleaching all your roots.  At least, this is what I offer to my clients when they come to the salon with dark roots that grew out too quickly.


Babylights are small highlights. You bleach them from the roots and then blend them with the rest of the blonde hair. This helps to hide some of the darker roots in the blonde hair.

What’s the difference between babylights and highlights?


You apply babylights without a cap or foils. They’re also much smaller and therefore lighten the hair very subtly.

Follow my advice and get babylights on your dark grown-out roots. That way, you’ll get perfect blonde hair without damaging your roots. You can renew the technique every six to seven weeks.


Fixing gray roots on blonde hair with semi-permanent hair dye

gray roots on blonde hair

Although blonde hair dye disguises gray hair, often gray hair cannot retain color for long.

And the situation can become desperate. I understand. You dye your hair blonde, but in less than two weeks, you see how your roots have gone gray.

You can’t apply permanent dye every week. You would damage your roots irreversibly, as permanent dye contains ammonia and developer.


However,  you can use a semi-permanent blonde dye. This doesn’t contain ammonia or developer.  This dye will form a film of color on the outermost layer of your hair, covering your gray hair completely.

Remember that semi-permanent hair dye fades with washing if you go for this option. Therefore, wash your hair three times a week at most and use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.


  Another option is to take advantage of your gray roots and get gray highlights. That way, you’ll start the transition to gray hair. You’ll soon be able to forget about dyes, renewals, and disguising gray hair. 


Since your hair is already dyed blonde, you won’t need many sessions at the hairdresser’s to achieve this.


Fixing grown-out roots that are more orange or yellow on dyed blonde hair

Believe it or not, many women dye their naturally blonde hair. It may be because their hair is naturally orangish or yellow, and they want a lighter blonde.

Is this true in your case? For example,  did your roots grow out badly because they’re more orange or yellow than the rest of your hair? The only solution is to apply a permanent dye in the same color as the rest of your hair. 

You don’t need to go to a salon to do this. You can do it at home using a dye kit without any trouble. But remember that you should apply a dye in the same color as the rest of your hair.

If you’re unsure what color you have in your hair, go to the salon, or you might risk ruining your hair’s color.



Now you know what to do with grown-out roots on blonde hair. But if in doubt, see a professional at a salon. Because when it comes to coloring, there’s no better option than putting your hair in the hands of a colorist.

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