Why do salons wash your hair after coloring? There are 6 main reasons

remove hair dye

There are 5 main reasons why salons wash hair after coloring:

  • Hairdressers wash the hair after coloring to start the relaxation ritual.
  • Of course, they also wash the hair to remove the hair dye. In a second wash, a nourishing shampoo is applied to help set the color.
  • Another reason to wash the hair after applying the hair dye is to seal the cuticles (such as a finish to the coloring process)
  • Washing your hair after coloring prepares it for the next job (such as a cut or a keratin treatment).
  • Your stylist may also wash your hair after coloring because he or she plans to introduce you to the hair care items used so you can purchase them.
  • There’s another surprising reason, and I’ll tell you about it.


Hairdressers have certain habits and ceremonies that we like to perform in our salons.

One of the most important takes place in the head washing area, or “sink area” as we call it.


Always, after the coloring of your hair is over, the stylist will invite you to go to the wash area, where one of the most pleasant moments for you begins.

In fact, many clients consider the washing moment more than a service. It’s a caress they give to themselves.

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1) Washing hair after coloring is part of the relaxation ritual

wash hair after dyeing

A head washing area is a place where, like water itself, everything must flow harmoniously.

You must lie down on a comfortable chair, water must be at the right temperature, neither hot nor cold so that its temperature helps to reduce tensions.


Also, the lighting in this area should be properly directed: it shouldn’t be aimed at your face but at your hair. That way, the stylist can see how the coloring process is progressing.

 Soft music will be the perfect accompaniment to make this salon spa time a moment of pleasure. 


All you have to worry about is achieving absolute relaxation: this will be beneficial for everyone. You’ll be relaxed, and your stylist will wash your hair after coloring in total tranquility.


2) The salon will wash your hair to remove the hair dye

remove hair dye

Removing the hair dye is the main purpose of washing your hair after applying the dye.


The exposure time of a professional hair dye is approximately forty minutes.

After that, hair dyes lose their strength. So, if left longer, they won’t cause serious problems. They may darken a little the desired color, but nothing more.

On the other hand, the longer the exposure time, the more it will continue to act.


  • To remove the hair dye, you must perform a complete removal with water.
  • For this, the water should not be too hot, as the scalp has just been chemically treated and is sensitive.
  • Therefore, it should be treated with special care, not rubbing it or using the nails, as this could cause injury.


When the hair dye has been removed, a treatment shampoo should be applied to deeply clean the scalp and hair fiber.

Washing after coloring should be done with massages that include each of the parts of the skull. They’re soft massages that allow you to maintain the relaxation you have achieved.

Then, a second shampoo will be applied. This time it’ll be moisturizing, which will be very beneficial to help fix the color.


3) In the salón, we wash your hair after coloring so that we can seal the cuticles

Sealing the cuticles is essential to finish the color job.

At this time, together with your stylist, you choose which product to apply to give your hair enough nourishment to seal the hair fiber and help the color last longer.


 There’s a huge variety of products on the market for sealing the cuticles after coloring. 

They range from ampoules of different kinds (the most widespread nowadays are argan or flax, but there are many more), nourishing masks, creams of different densities, protein mixes, hair lifts, and intense hair regeneration and repair treatments.


All the products you can use after coloring your hair will be necessary for your hair to regain its freshness, vitality, and shine.


4) In the salón, we wash your hair after coloring to condition it for the next job

blow drying

If you've come to the salon just to color your hair, the hairdresser will seal the cuticles and dry your hair.


However, if you also have in mind a haircut, styling, blow-drying and flat ironing, hair botox, or a keratin treatment, a different step must be taken after sealing the cuticles.


 So, after applying the hair color, your hair is washed to leave your hair completely prepared for the next job. 

This way, whatever that treatment is, it can be done in the right way.


If, for example, you intend to cut your hair after coloring it and you have a conditioner applied, this will cause the scissors to slide in the wrong way. This can lead to uneven lengths.

This is why washing your hair after coloring is key to make your salon visit a success.


5) The stylist washes your hair after coloring so they can sell hair care products to you

shampoo after coloring

Have you ever wondered what products stylists use when they wash your hair?

At home, your hair doesn't look the same as it does when it's washed at the salon, right?


 Maybe you just love the smell of the shampoo they used at the salon to wash your hair after coloring it. 

This is the moment when you ask what product they are applying. The stylist explains which product(s) will be most beneficial to your hair after coloring.


From this pleasant chat, you may often discover products that you didn't know about and that you need to make your hair look amazing. The washing area always generates this moment of discovery.


6) Surprise reason why the salon washes your hair after applying the hair dye

The surprise factor is when your stylist gives you a gift after washing your hair: it can be samples of styling, toiletry products, or the towels they use personalized with the salon logo, for example.


 It’s a moment of surprise that, as a marketing strategy, many salons take advantage of to introduce new products.  The best moment to do it is after washing your hair, or when you finish the treatment.

Some salons work with this surprise moment, and others don’t. It depends on the economic possibilities of each stylist.


Washing the hair after coloring: a necessary moment of relaxation

As I told you in this article, washing the hair after coloring is not only a real need to remove the hair dye or prepare the hair for the next job such as a cut or some other treatment.

It's also the moment when the alchemy of the wash manifests itself: it's just the right mix of relaxing and leaving your hair looking as good as new.

Enjoy the moment and go for it!

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