How long does toner last on bleached hair? Between 3 and 4 weeks

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  • The toner lasts three to four weeks on bleached hair.
  • The specific duration will depend on your hair habits, toner type, and hair health.
  • That’s why I’ll tell you how to make your toned hair color last longer.


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I can imagine the situation. You’ve just applied toner to your bleached hair, look in the mirror, and wonder how long that beautiful color will last.

Briefly,   toner lasts for four to three weeks on bleached hair.  


For some, this may be encouraging news. Because four weeks when it comes to hair coloring is a long time.

However, the duration of the toner may be four weeks or less according to many factors.

The good news is that you can control most of them.

Do you want to know why? Read on.


What factors influence whether toner lasts on bleached hair for up to four weeks?

applying toner on bleached hair
The factors that influence the duration of the oner on your bleached hair are:

  • The condition of your hair after bleaching.
  • The type of toner you applied.
  • Your hair beauty routine.


Let’s start with the main factor in toner color loss: damaged hair after bleaching.


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Toner can wash out faster if your bleached hair is too damaged

hair damaged by bleaching

When you bleached your hair, your hair suffered. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert colorist like me or your hair was in perfect condition.   After bleaching, the hair is never the same because it has endured a very aggressive chemical process.  

During bleaching, the hair cuticles were opened to expel the color. During this process, many of them were broken.

Therefore, from this moment on, your hair has a high porosity. It quickly absorbs everything you apply to it, including toner pigments.

But because the cuticles are broken, i.e. open, your hair also loses color more quickly.


Therefore, before applying the toner, you must repair your hair. Otherwise,   if you apply the toner to your bleached and damaged hair, it’ll wash out in two weeks.  

  •   If you haven’t applied toner yet, and your hair is dry and brittle,  use moisturizing masks twice a week for a fortnight. After this routine, you can apply the toner.
  •   If you have applied toner to your bleached hair and notice that the color washes out quickly,   start with an intensive hair repair process. Apply moisturizing masks twice a week for four weeks. Then, apply the toner again.


Professional toner always lasts longer than homemade toner on bleached hair

homemade toner lasts less

  If you applied a toner at the salon,   the pigments are more persistent and intense. So, it’ll last up to five weeks on your bleached hair.

Also, colorists usually mix different toners to achieve a unique and appropriate color for bleached hair.

After all, applying a toner to dark orange hair is not the same as applying it to light orange hair.
The toner for home use has softer pigments. That’s why, usually on bleached hair, it lasts up to four weeks.


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Finally, we come to the most important factor in making the toner last longer on your bleached hair. Since it’s the most important factor, it deserves to be discussed in more detail. The duration of the toner in your bleached hair will depend on it.


How to care for your bleached hair so that the toner lasts longer

To make the toner last three to four weeks, you should follow a few tips and avoid some actions that directly damage the color.


Don’t wash your hair more than three times a week

bleached and toned hair wash
First, it’s not necessary to wash it every day to maintain it clean. Also, with each wash, you subtract natural oils and the hair becomes weaker.

But,   if you wash your bleached hair too often after applying toner, you’ll also remove the color.  


Use sulfate-free hair products

Your hair is no longer the same as before. You have bleached and toned it. Therefore, you can no longer use the same shampoo or conditioner.

At this point, you should change and   use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner   because sulfates are detergents that fade the color.

To replace the conditioner, you can use GARNIER FRUCTIS leave-in conditioners.


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Don’t abuse heat tools

Because   the high temperatures of straighteners and curling irons remove moisture and color molecules from the hair.  

If you want your toner to last four weeks, and you want to use a flat iron, do it on special occasions, and never more than once a week with a heat protectant.


Moisturize your bleached hair once a week

To do this, I recommend using natural oils. Remember that coconut, argan, almond, or linseed oil don’t contain sulfates or salts that can damage the color of toned hair.



Toner lasts three to four weeks on bleached hair. If you don’t want it to wash out before four weeks, wash your hair less frequently and use sulfate-free hair products.

It’s also important to keep your hair moisturized by applying moisturizing masks or natural oils once a week.

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