How much 30 volume developer should I mix with bleach? What about if I use 40 volume developer?

correct ratio

  • The ratio of 30 volume developer to bleach is 2 to 1.
  • That means that for every two units of developer you use, you’ll need 1 unit of bleach.
  • If you are using a 40 volume developer, you will use the same proportions. If you don’t have any hair coloring experience, I wouldn’t recommend using a 40 volume developer.


The developer’s volume doesn’t influence how much you should mix with bleach; you’ll always use the same ratio: 2 to 1.

What does change between 30 and 40 volume developers is how many shades your hair will lighten.

  • 30 volume developer will lighten your hair up to 3 shades
  • 40 volume developer will lighten your hair up to 4 shades


 The chemical process associated with lightening your hair or bleaching it will damage your hair, which is why I recommend that you be very careful when it comes time to use the mix on your hair.  

You’ll need to check on the color your hair is turning because of the process every 5 minutes and not expose your hair to the bleach for longer than the indicated amount of time.


If you use a 30 or 40 volume developer, you shouldn’t leave the mix in your hair for longer than 20 minutes.

I’ll tell you all the secrets about how to make the perfect bleach and developer mix to get that blonde you’re hoping for.

Let’s get started!


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What is the correct developer to bleach ratio?

plastic bowl

Like I said before, the exact ratio of developer to bleach is:

  • 2 units of developer to 1 unit of bleach


The number of volumes of the developer doesn’t affect the ratio at all.

 Whether it’s a 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume developer, the ratio is always the same.  

Do you know why that’s the ratio?


It’s very simple: it’s so that the mix is creamy.

I’ll give you an example that doesn’t even have to do with hair care.


Imagine making a cake, and the ratio is two cups of milk to one cup of flour.

And how will you know if the cake mix is perfect?


Because of the consistency. When you mix, and the texture is smooth with no bumps and is neither too thick nor too thin, then it’s right, right?

It’s the same with the developer and bleach.

The mix needs to be creamy and fluid so you can easily apply it.


 So you have an idea, the consistency of the mix should be similar to the consistency of conditioner.  

Have you ever used a conditioner?


Then that’s basically what the bleach and developer mix should be like.


How many shades will a 30 volume developer lighten your hair when you use it with bleach?

Like I said before, you should always use a 2 to 1 ratio.

The developer’s volume only influences the number of shades you want to lighten your hair.


  • A 30 volume developer will lighten your hair up to 3 shades, and you use it in dark hair to get to a light color.


You’ll apply the mix to your hair and leave it in for up to 20 minutes.

If you leave it in your hair for longer than that, then you run the risk of causing permanent damage to your hair so bad that you might need to cut it off.


How many shades will a 40 volume developer lighten your hair?

Like always, the ratio of developer to bleach is 2 to 1.


  • A 40 volume developer will lighten your hair up to 4 shades.


You should use it on dark hair to get a very light color.

If you use this developer, you need to be very attentive to your hair turns as the chemicals work.

What do I mean by that?


 The maximum amount of time you should leave the chemicals in your hair is 20 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave it in the whole time.  

You should check on your hair color every 5 minutes.

Once you’ve gotten to the color blonde you’re looking for, you can rinse your hair, regardless of if 5 or 10 or 15 minutes have gone by.

Remember that this isn’t like dyeing your hair; you can rinse out the bleach before the maximum amount of time has gone by.


Once you’ve finished the process, you should moisturize your hair with a keratin mask to help your hair fiber recuperate from the damage the chemical reaction causes.


Tips and tricks

Bleaching your hair is a process that women all over the world have lots of questions about.

I’m going to leave you with a few tips that might be helpful when it comes time to make the mixture:

  • Use plastic utensils to measure the chemicals and to prepare the mixture
  • If your hair is blonde, you can use a white bleach powder
  • If your hair is darker, you can use a blue bleach powder
  • If your hair is medium or long, you will need double the mixture: 4 units of developer and 2 of bleach
  • If you have extra, leftover mix, you shouldn’t keep it; after 20 minutes have gone by, it stops working
  • You should always moisturize your hair after you use the mix
  • You can add 4 or 5 drops of coconut oil to the mixture to help minimize the damage to your hair
  • You should always use the same utensil to measure, a plastic measuring spoon would be ideal


If you follow this guide, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes time to prepare the bleach and developer mix.



Bleaching hair is one of the most important processes that we do in hair care.

Women worldwide have tried to bleach their hair at home at some point in their lives.

Do you still have questions? Are you unsure if you should use a 30 or 40 volume developer?

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