My Hair is Still Yellow After Toner, How Can I Fix it?

  • If your hair is still yellow after applying the toner, something went wrong during the application. So, you’ll need to reapply the toner.
  • To do this, you should choose a purple toner, make sure your bleached hair color is light enough for the toner to neutralize the yellow, and do a strand test before.


violet toner

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Did you apply a toner, and your hair is still yellow?


Clearly, something has gone wrong.

It could be for many reasons, from the wrong choice of toner color to the fact that you left the toner on for less time than necessary.


Many women choose to fix it by applying a hair dye. However, the problem isn’t solved that way because the unwanted yellow tone will reappear.

The best way to correct it is to neutralize it, and that’s when toner comes for help. You must choose a violet toner.


Violet pigments are the solution because they’ll tone down those yellow tones in a matter of minutes. 

This is because violet is at the opposite end of the color scale to yellow. It compensates for the yellowish tones of color-treated or bleached hair.


To get the color you want, your hair must be the right shade of yellow.

For example,  if you want a light or cool ash color, make sure your hair is a light shade of yellow it’s applied.  Otherwise, the yellow color will still be there when you remove the toner.


Don’t worry. If you follow the right steps, it’ll be impossible for your hair to still be yellow after reapplying the toner. How do I know?


First, we’ll analyze what went wrong with the first toner application that made your hair yellow.

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What went wrong with the toner application to keep your hair yellow?

yellow in front of violet

Let’s start at the beginning.


  • Before applying the toner, did you make sure there were no traces of other products on the hair?

This is elementary. Maybe you bleached your hair and after a week, you decided to color it. Meanwhile, during that week, you may have used other hair products, like masks or gels.

If they were still in your hair when you applied the toner, it couldn’t penetrate the hair fiber core to modify the yellow color.


  • What toner color did you apply?

It brings us to the famous color wheel. For toner to work on yellow hair, you must choose the right shade.


 If we look at the color wheel, you need to apply a violet toner to neutralize the yellow. 

If you applied a green or a blue toner, the yellowish tone will remain in your hair. These toners neutralize unwanted red and orange tones, respectively.


toner, developer, bowl and brush

  • What developer did you use? How much did you mix with the toner?

You should always use a 20-volume developer with toner and mix it using the exact proportions.


 If you don’t respect this mathematical equation, your hair will remain yellow. 

The same is true if you didn’t respect the manufacturer’s recommended exposure times.


Have you identified the problem that caused your hair to stay yellow after toning?

Then, it’s time to fix it for good. How? By reapplying toner.


How to tone hair yellow again after using toner

First, buy a purple toner.

Remember that we want your hair to stop being yellow. You’ll also need to have the 20-volume developer.


Do you have everything?

Then, we’ll do the strand test. What for?


For two reasons:

  • To confirm that your bleached hair color is light enough for the toner to work.
  • So you can check if your hair gets toned.


The strand test is very simple.

  • Just separate a strand of your hair, preferably from the back, prepare a small amount of the toner, and apply it to your hair.
  • After the exposure time, rinse the strand and observe your hair.  If there are no traces of yellow, you can proceed to apply the toner to the entire surface of the hair. 


Now that you know the toner will work on your yellow hair, don’t forget the following tips

neutralize unwanted tones

  • Follow the mixing instructions for the toner you buy. Each toner brand has different instructions. So, follow them.


  •  Don’t use any conditioner, cream, or mask before applying the toner.  They seal the hair cuticle and prevent the pigments from entering the hair cuticle.


  •  You should apply the toner to damp, towel-dried hair to distribute it evenly.  You’ll also have more control of the color. If you apply the toner to dry hair, you’ll need much more product, and the tone could be stronger than the color you are looking for.


from yellow to ash

  • Apply the toner starting from the back section distributing the mixture from roots to ends.


  • Respect the toner’s exposure time on your hair. If you leave it for a shorter time, it may not fix the pigment in the hair. Alternatively, if you exceed the exposure time, your hair will be purple.



If your hair is yellow after using the toner, you should reapply a purple toner making sure your hair is free of any residue from other hair products.

You should also pay attention to the exact proportions of the toner/developer mixture and respect the exposure times recommended by the manufacturer.

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