The Best Shampoo for Your Blonde Highlights (Goodbye orange hair!)

purple shampoo for toning them


That’s how I saw myself every time I looked in the mirror and saw my beautiful Californian highlights that used to be so blond had turned a horrible color that made my hair look dry and weak.


I decided that it was time to rescue my hair. I should have checked which was the best shampoo for my blonde highlights that would give my hair back its tameness, shine and color that with so much care I had achieved before.

I wanted to go back to feeling like I did that first day when I walked out of the salon with my blonde highlights that lit up with my every step.


Of course, in this moment, I didn’t keep in mind that those days on the beach, constantly under the sun’s rays, enjoying the sea, playing in the waves and some great achievements on my surfboard would end up destroying my hair with blonde highlights.

The beach days passed and I have to admit that they were days of excitement and fun, and with them the splendor of hair with blonde brilliance was left behind.

But thanks to the great development of products for the reconstruction of blonde hair, I found the answer to all my problems.


  • The first step was to get back the real color of my blonde highlights. That’s tos ay, I had to tone my hair with a purple shampoo.
  • The second step was to avoid letting my light streaks go back to being that yellow and half-orange color again.


Do you want to know how I did that?

I invite you to keep reading, because I have some recommendations you won’t want to miss to prevent your blonde highlights from turning orange and rusted.

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How to prevent your blonde highlights from turning orange with purple shampoo

highlights and balayage

I have to say it.

I’m a fanatic for blonde highlights.


It’s a technique that gives your hair a supernatural touch, as if you’ve never even passed by a salon before.

The secret of my Californian highlights consists of not bleaching your hair from the roots, but just at the ends, making it two or three tones lighter in my case.


It’s a trend that has been used for a few years, and that definitely came to stay. It’s used as much my people with light hair as dark, and may famous people have adopted the technique to make their hair pop, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Penelope Cruz.


One of the great advantages of this type of highlights for your hair is that you don’t need to go to the salon every month and they look just as good in up-dos as they do with your hair down.

We’re doing well up until here.


Now, let’s go back to my orange Californian highights.

Looking on the internet, I admit that after researching for many hours, I found that what I needed to use to tone my highlights, now almost orange, was a purple shampoo.


I have to admit that it was the first time that I listened to talk about purple shampoo, so I kept researching.

So that you can understand it easier, violet shampoo has to do with a pallet of colors in a circular form, in which each color opposes another. In this case, yellow.

That’s why purple shampoos tone blonde highlights that turn yellow.


I already understood what type of hair product to use to revive the beauty of my highlights.

Now I had to choose between a wide variety of purple shampoo brands.


If you are a fan of hair beauty products like me, you know that the only true science is trial and error or in the best case, counting on a hair stylist you trust in that they truly worry about our hair more than selling us a product.

After reading an infinite amount of product descriptions, I opted to choose a purple shampoo by Clairol called Shimmer Lights.

for toning yellow hairs highlights

I returned home very happy with a unbreaking hope in my heart. My now orange highlights would finally go back to a more natural tone!

I washed my hair with my normal shampoo to get out all the dirt and grease.

Then I applied the Shimmer Lights purple shampoo in the parts of my hair that were most orange.

Like the instructions said, I let it work for five to seven minutes.

I rinsed, dried my hair, and waited for the results.


 IMPORTANT:  to evaluate the shampoo’s results  it is important to wait until the hair is completely dry. Remeber that wet hair tends to look darker. 


When my hair was dry, I noticed that my orange highlights had lost a bit of that horrible color and looked like a more natural blonde.

From then on, I started using it once a week.


Don’t be afraid of the purple color. I promise that you will not become a part of the Smurf’s Nation.

To moisturize my hair, I also bought the Shimmer Lights purple conditioner.

I can assure you that weekly usage of the purple shampoo will eliminate that ugly yellow in your highlights and it will leave your hair shiny.

leave shampoo for five minutes

Now that I had figured out how to get the true blonde color back in my highlights, it was time to find out which shampoo was best to use on dyed hair.

Did you just get highlights in your hair and you want to know which shampoo is best suited to maintain the color and shine you had to start with, the way you left the salon?

That is what I’m going to tell you now.


Sulfate free shampoo for higlighted hair

Sulfates, an almost scientific name, are not more nor less than the detergents that are incorporated in shampoos and conditioners to create foam, because it makes you feel like your hair looks cleaner when you have more foam when you wash it.

On the labels where they write the ingredients of the products, you can see lauryl sulfate of sodium or laureth sulfate of sodium or the letters “SLS” or “ALS.”

how to keep them bright with shampoo

If you use shampoos that contain sulfates, slowly the natural oils that are produced in the scalp to protect your hair will start to disappear.

In dyed hair, like ours, oil production is already compromised due to the use of chemicals in the bleach and dyes.

At the same time, shampoos with sulfate produce dryness on the scalp which can cause oversensitivity, redness, and itchiness.

So, if you have dyed hair, the next time you buy shampoo, look at the ingredients. If the word sulfate appears, or SLS or ALS, leave it on the shelf.


Ever since I started using purple shampoo or sulfate-free shampoo, my hair has looked a lot better.

I can even say that it feels better.

It shines again.

It feels smoother to the touch.

It seemed like it would even have more movement, like it had been liberated from I don’t know what.


In addition, some annoying pimples on my scalp that itched a lot had disappeared, surely due to the effects of sulfate-free shampoo.

I reconciled with the image of my hair that I saw in the mirror.

I learned that wen we want to change our natural selves, in my case the color of my hair, we have to pay attention to our personal care so that our hair maintains healthiness.


We can dye our hair,

Add highlights

Add low lights,

Imitate Hollywood goddesses,

But it will always be necessary to hydrate, moisturize and choose the best products for the care of our hair, that fits within our budget.


In my case, I use Shimmer lights purple shampoo once a week, maximum every 10 days and the rest of the days, sulfate-free shampoo.

The results were almost miraculous, keeping in mind that I was desperate.

I was able to extend the life of my blonde highlights by toning them and improving the health of my hair.

leave hair shiny and residue free


And now I would like to know more about you and your hair

Do your blonde highlights turn yellow like mine?

What shampoo did you use to tone them?

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