Bleach bath hair 8 pros and cons that you should know before doing it

remove dark dye from hair

If you want to know the pros and cons of the bleach bath, I’ll be clear and concise from the beginning. Then, I’ll delve into each of them in a few moments.


Pros of the bleach bath:

  • You can apply it at home
  • It’s easy to prepare
  • It works on any type of hair if you want to lighten it 1 or 2 shades
  • It’s less damaging than bleaching if you use it the right way


Cons of the bleach bath:

  • It can cause irritation if it contacts skin and eyes
  • It won’t work to remove dark hair colors
  • It can’t be applied to damaged hair
  • It’ll leave intermediate bleach levels that you’ll need to tone


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Many people are terrified of the word bleaching.

It’s actually logical because bleaching is a chemical process that changes the hair structure forever.


When I say hair structure, I mean the color and the porosity.

That’s why they try to find other healthier alternatives.


For example, they put hydrogen peroxide on their hair, expose it to the sun, and expect it to magically lighten.

What they don’t know is that it also damages the hair because hydrogen peroxide is peroxide plus the action of the sun’s rays. The result?


Dry, brittle hair with color as uneven as when you bleach a pair of jeans.

Something similar happens with the bleach bath.

 It’s less aggressive than bleaching because it uses a 20-volume peroxide, and you need a 30-volume peroxide to bleach. Still, you should know that your hair will also suffer changes. 


Therefore, before deciding on the bleach bath, you should know the pros and cons of focusing on your hair and what you want to achieve.

It may have been helpful for your friend who had blonde hair 8 because it helped her to achieve her goal of lightening it one shade.

But if your hair is dark brown and you want to lighten it to a very light blonde using a bleach bath, you’ll only ruin your hair, and it’ll look unpleasantly orange.


So, read the pros and cons of a bleach bath carefully to see if it’s really what you need.

Let’s start with the good news: the pros of the bleach bath.

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4 pros of the bleach bath

1- You can apply it at home

bleach bath to lighten hair

While we are talking about a chemical process that’ll permanently change the color of your hair, you don’t need to have years of coloring experience to use it.

  You just need patience and to be accurate during the preparation and application of the bleach bath. 


That way, you’ll apply it comfortably at home and even ask one of your friends or your mom to help you during the process.

This brings us to the second advantage.


2- The bleach bath is very easy to prepare due to its 3-2-1 formula

lighten hair slightly

We’ll get to the secrets of this formula. First, let’s see what you’ll need for the preparation, which is basically three elements: moisturizing shampoo, a 20-volume developer, and bleach powder.

The moisturizing shampoo is essential because its components will work as a defense for your hair. You can find several brands of moisturizing shampoo on the market, such as L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo.


When you have all the elements, it’s time to prepare the bleach bath. You’ll use the 3-2-1 formula and a pastry spoon.

How does this formula work?


Very simple:

  • 3 measures of moisturizing shampoo
  • 2 measures of a 20-volume developer
  • 1 measure of bleach powder


Once you prepared the bleach bath, you just need to apply it.

  • Wet your hair, remove excess water with a towel, and apply the mixture while massaging it into a lather.
  • Wrap your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse your hair with plenty of water and wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.


3- It works on any type of hair if you want to lighten one or two shades

Removing the hair’s natural pigments to achieve a drastic color change in a single day are two things that don’t go well together.

It’s not healthy to go from black to platinum blonde hair in a single day, even with bleaching.


So, it’s impossible and unhealthy to achieve it with a bleach bath. A 20-volume peroxide produces a smaller chemical reaction than a 30-volume peroxide.


So, it’ s impossible to lighten your hair more than one or two shades with a bleach bath.

  • Therefore, if your hair is dark brown and you want to go to a very light blonde, the bleach bath isn’t for you.
  • If your hair is dark blonde and you want to lighten it one or two shades, you can use the bleach bath because you’ll achieve it.

However, now you also have to face the truth.


4- The bleach bath is less damaging than bleaching if you use it correctly

with clarifying shampoo

When I say correctly, as frequently as required. You can’t apply a bleach bath twice a day, not even twice a week.


 You can only use it every three weeks. In the meantime, you must nourish and moisturize your hair with repairing products. 


By now, you probably considered the pros to know if you can apply it to your hair to achieve your goal.

To be on the safe side, you should also be aware of the cons. That’s what I’ll talk about below.


4 cons of the bleach bath

1- If the bleach bath gets into your eyes and contacts your skin, it can cause severe irritation

after bleaching

Unlike traditional bleaching, there’s an additional ingredient in the bleach bath that can get you into trouble if you’re not careful: water.

Although it’s a thick mixture, when diluted in water it can penetrate the skin of your scalp or run into your eyes.

That’s why you must be very careful during application and rinsing. If any accident occurs, you should rinse with plenty of cold water to reduce irritation. Then, go to an emergency doctor.


Therefore,   my advice is to never apply the bleach bath while showering. After wetting your hair, remove the excess water with a towel. 

Having said this important piece of advice, let’s move on to another essential point: your expectations.


2- The bleach bath doesn’t remove dark hair dyes

two days between washing and bleaching

Unlike traditional bleaching, a 20-volume developer is used in the bleach bath. Therefore, you won’t get a drastic change. Instead. You’ll only move between one and two levels, and you won’t remove dark hair colors.


  To remove black 1 or dark brown 3 hair dye pigments, you should do the bleach bath at least two or three times a year.   In that case, it would be better to ask a professional who’ll achieve the goal in only one session.

But there’s something else important you should know.


3- If you notice that your hair is dry or rough, dull, and breaks when you comb it, don’t get a bleach bath

split ends and frizz

In this case, the best thing to do is to go to a salon to assess your hair and analyze other alternatives.

There are products like Olaplex included in the bleaching process to repair the hair from the core.


Of course, if you notice that your hair is drier after applying the bleach bath, don’t even think about using it again immediately. Remember that the bleach bath is applied every three weeks.


4- The bleach bath leaves intermediate bleach levels that you’ll need to tone

redken blondage

What does this mean?


That, orange, yellowish, and reddish tones will appear after the bleach bath according to your base color. In that case, you’ll need to tone them.


 If you don’t have experience using toner, I advise you to go for a toning shampoo.  It’s a healthy option because the toner is applied with a 20- volume developer, which you have already used in the bleach bath.


The toning shampoo is easy to apply. Some brands even add moisturizing agents to the formula. Just choose the shampoo according to the color you want to neutralize or tone

  • If you want to neutralize red, opt for green shampoo.
  • If you want to eliminate orange colors, use blue shampoo.
  • If your hair has some ugly yellowish tones, choose a purple shampoo.

Here’s a tip? Use it in the wash after the bleach bath and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.



Like all chemical processes, the bleach bath has its pros and cons. The most important thing is to know their limitations, set the boundaries of your expectations, and evaluate your hair health.

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