Can I tone my hair after using color remover? Or is it better to wait 48 hours?

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  • If you’ve used a color remover, waiting 48 hours to tone your hair is best.
  • Because if you apply the toner straight after using the remover, you’ll damage your hair, and the color will turn out uneven.
  • Also, before applying the toner, it’s a good idea to apply a deep repairing treatment to your hair, as the color remover removes moisture and nutrients.


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 Sorry to give you bad news if you got this far, thinking that a hairdresser would tell you that you could tone your hair straight after using color remover. 


Actually, and honestly, if you want to ignore this colorist who has spent a lot of time working in salons, you can. You could tone your hair after using color remover.

But then I don’t want any complaints, no regrets. Or anything like, “but you should have been blunter.” No, nothing like that.


If you want to tone your hair after using color remover, even if this colorist recommends waiting 48 hours, go for it. But you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

What consequences am I talking about? Read on and then make your decision.


Why you should wait 48 hours to tone your hair after using color remover

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If you’ve just used or plan to use a color remover, it’s because you intend to remove a dye from your hair. And that’s fine.

Because in this case, you don’t need to apply bleach, a more aggressive chemical process than the color remover. You only want to remove the artificial color from your hair.


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Now, applying a remover on hair you’ve been coloring every month for ages and using it on hair you dyed a few months ago that’s fading on its own isn’t the same thing.

Removing a black dye with the remover is also not the same as it is removing a dark blonde dye. Black dyes are the most difficult to remove, as they have very resistant pigments. Therefore, for certain colors, you will have to apply the remover several times.


On the other hand,  although the color remover doesn’t contain ammonia and you don’t apply it with developer, it contains less potent chemicals. But it can still open the hair cuticles so your hair can expel the dye. 


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And while those chemicals won’t damage your hair like developer and ammonia would, they will naturally deplete it of moisture and nutrients. Therefore, your hair will be drier.

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Now, try to imagine what toner would do to that dry hair. It would dry it out even more. Because don’t forget, you do apply toner with developer and it also contains ammonia.

But the color of your hair won’t turn out even either. There will be sections where your hair will absorb more toner and other sections will absorb less.

And so you’ll have wasted time and money, but worse, you will have ruined your hair.

Now tell me, is it worth waiting 48 hours to tone your hair after using color remover?


I knew you’d change your mind! And now take my second tip.

Apply a deep moisturizing mask. You can use natural oils, like coconut or argan oil, and leave the mask on overnight.

The next morning, wash your hair with shampoo.  You don’t need to use conditioner.  This way, when you apply the toner, there won’t be any oily residue that could ruin the coloring.


Finally, I’ll give you a third tip, a three-for-two deal.


What if you don’t have much experience in coloring? And what if you see your hair is super dry or has an uneven, harsh tone after using the color remover? The best thing to do is to see a professional to tone it.

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Colorimetry is not a simple science, and you should be very attentive to the exposure time of the toner. Why? You apply the toner with 20-volume developer. You also leave it on your hair for between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the intensity of the color you want to neutralize.

In addition, the toner acts on the hair immediately. A moment’s distraction can leave your hair completely purple, blue, or green, depending on the color of toner you apply.



If you’ve just used a color remover and want to tone your hair, wait 48 hours. That way, you ensure your hair has expelled all traces of the dye first.

It’s also important you repair your hair before applying the toner. Toning can leave it even drier and weak.

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