11 tips and tricks to use Color Oops that you won’t find anywhere else

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  • If you’re about to use Color Oops to remove a hair dye, you’ll need to do it the right way. Even if it seems easy, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Some tips and tricks will help you get the best results. They aren’t included in the Color Oops manufacturer’s instructions.


  • To start, apply Color Oops to your dry, unwashed hair for at least three days. Then, cover it with a plastic cap to keep the heat of the chemical reaction in. Of course, the list of tips and tricks has only just begun.
  • Read on because I’ll reveal some free hairdresser tips that don’t appear in any instruction manual about how to use Color Oops.


removes permanent and semi permanent hair color

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Today you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to use Color Oops correctly.

It’s one of the most used color removers and it’s the less damaging to the hair.

People who work with hair daily only know these tricks. We learn them after experiencing and studying the hair.


So, without wasting any more time, take notes. Today you’ll have a complete manual of how to use Color Oops with 11 tips and tricks almost nobody knows.

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Trick 1 – Apply Color Oops on your dirty hair

before applying dye

You probably think I lost my mind after so many hours in the salon, but I didn’t. Every time you wash your hair, you remove the dirt and natural oils that your scalp produces.

These oils moisturize the hair from root to tip. Therefore, if you wash your hair every day or every other day, you remove the natural moisture from your hair.


 My advice is not to wash your hair every day. Also, if you plan to use Color Oops, don’t wash your hair for at least 72 hours before applying it. 


This way, you’ll protect your hair, and you won’t have to use a lot of after-remover moisturizing treatments.

Moisturizing is essential for your hair to be healthy and not experience breakage or loss.


Tip 2 – Apply Color Oops to dry hair

You should always apply color removers to dry hair. Otherwise, when your hair is wet, it retains water molecules.


 If you apply the color remover on wet hair, you’ll only diminish the effect. The chemicals “dilute” as they mix with the water molecules. 

And then, what you want to avoid will happen. You won’t be able to remove the color, and you’ll damage your hair because it’ll absorb the water along with the chemicals as if it were a moisturizing mask.


Tip 3 – If your hair is very long, buy several Color Oops kits

remove artificial color from hair

Nothing is worse than applying a hair product and noticing you don’t have enough. Sometimes, given your hair’s length, you may not get to cover the entire surface.

Many of my clients were in this situation with their hair dyes, and it was pretty chaotic.


Things are not different in the case of removers.

 The application has to be fast. It means that if you buy a box of Color Oops and you don’t have enough, you won’t have time to run out and buy another one. 


Therefore, if your hair is long or very thick, you’ll need at least two boxes of Color Oops to cover it. It’s better to spend a few more dollars instead of running the risk of being left in the middle of the process.

Do you know what happens if you find that one box of Color Oops isn’t enough for you during the process?


You’ll have to go to the salon where you’ll only have one alternative: bleaching.

It means more money and more damage to your hair.


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Tip 4 – Choose Color Oops according to your hair tone

hair dye removers

Color Oops offers you 2 options: extra strong and strong.


  • If your hair is Black 1, dark brown 3, brown 4, and red 6.6, you should use COLOR OOPS EXTRA STRENGTH
  • If your hair is light brown 5, orange 5.4, 6.4, or dark blonde 6, you should use COLOR OOPS EXTRA CONDITIONING


Don’t even think about using Color Oops extra strong if your hair is light because the chemicals are much stronger, and can burn your hair.


Tip 5 – Cool your ideas, but never your hair during the Color Oops exposure time

cover hair to generate heat

Once you apply Color Oops to your hair, you should cover it with a plastic cap or a nylon bag. Then, you should also roll a towel over the cap or bag.


 This way, you’ll prevent the cold from stopping the chemical reaction of the Color Oops.  If it’s interrupted, it cannot be reactivated.

You shouldn’t expose your hair to a draft. If you have to, you must cover your hair to avoid the cold air.


Tip 6 – Massage your hair when applying Color Oops

This is very important. Massaging your hair after applying Color Oops will help the color remover penetrate faster. You’ll also add warmth to the process.

Don’t forget trick 5: no cold while Color Oops is working.


 Wear gloves. Massage your hair   after application and, again, ten minutes later. This will also reactivate the heat and make the hair dye pigments be released easily.


Tip 7 – After the exposure time, rinse your hair with hot water for 30 minutes

with shampoo and conditioner

Remember that Color Oops shouldn’t be in your hair for longer than 20 minutes unless you want to damage your hair.


After those 20 minutes, you face another challenge: rinsing your hair for 30 minutes to remove the product and remove the color.


Yes, I know the manufacturer recommends twenty minutes, but take it from me. Thirty minutes is much better. That’s my suggestion according to my salon experience. You don’t have to shampoo or condition at this moment.


Trick 8 – Rinse your hair thoroughly until it doesn’t smell

Yes, be prepared to find that your hair is covered in an unpleasant scent while using Color Oops. The reason is the sulfur, which has a pungent, lingering odor, even after several weeks.


So,  if you’ve finished rinsing your hair and the smell still lingers, you should go back into the shower and continue rinsing. 

The odor means that there’s still product residue in your hair, and you need to remove it.

Otherwise, your hair will start to dry out and you will experience hair loss due to breakage and frizz. Besides, no one can live with a horrible smell in his or her hair, right?


Trick 9 – Wait a few days until you apply the color you want

with gloves

I know you can’t wait to apply the new color to your hair, but patience is the queen of virtues.

Although the manufacturer claims you can apply the color immediately, my advice is to wait.



 It’s simple: to make sure that your hair has no trace of the Color Oops. Otherwise, they could interfere with the absorption of the pigments of the new hair dye. 

How to do it?


Don’t wash or apply products to your hair for three days after using Color Oops. Then, wash it with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Finally, wait two more days to apply the hair dye.

Overall, you should wait at least five days to apply the hair dye after using Color Oops.


Follow the same advice if you need to reapply Color Oops to finish removing the hair dye. That way, you’ll prevent your hair from drying out.


Tip 10 – Use semi-permanent hair dye to color your hair after Color Oops

ideal for damaged hair

Semi-permanent hair dyes are ideal for damaged hair or hair that has undergone a harsh chemical process such as color remover.

 they don’t contain ammonia and are applied without a developer. 

Therefore, they don’t damage the hair, and they last approximately 15 to 30 washes according to the brand you apply.


You shouldn’t abuse permanent hair dyes because they contain developer and ammonia. They’re strong chemicals that can further damage your hair fiber, especially after removing the color.


Tip 11 – Moisturize your hair after removing your color with Color Oops

After the Color Oops treatment, it’s time to moisturize your hair.

You can use moisturizing oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, or argan oil several times a week and apply micellar water to the ends every 2 to 3 hours.

Here’re some helpful products after using Color Oops:


Oxg Organics: Moroccan argan oil for deeply damaged hair. It’s for frequent use and has a very soft texture

  • Apply the oil all over your dry hair from roots to ends.
  • Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse with shampoo and warm water.
  • Repeat this routine 2 to 3 times a week.


Moroccanoil: argan and flax oil mask. It’s for frequent use and is one of the most well-known in the world.

  • Apply from roots to ends on damp hair.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with shampoo.
  • Repeat this routine 3 times a week.


Olaplex No.4 maintenance shampoo and No.5 maintenance conditioner. They’re for home use and will restore your hair in 3 or 4 washes.

  • Wet your hair and apply Olaplex No.4. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair, apply Olaplex No.5, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse and dry as usual
  • Repeat these steps every time you wash your hair.



Color Oops is a fantastic option if you have to remove dark or red colors from your hair. It doesn’t cause extreme damage, and after using it, you can apply your preferred hair dye.

If you want to achieve the best results, keep in mind these amazing hairdresser tips and tricks. They’ll guarantee the best results both for the application of Color Oops and for the recovery of your hair.

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