Can I wash my hair 24 hours after balayage? I don’t recommend it because of these 2 reasons…

woman shows a watch while thinking how many hours after doing the balayage she should wash her hair

  • I don’t recommend washing your hair 24 hours after getting balayage.
  • Because if you wash your hair 24 hours after getting balayage, you will fade the color and you’ll start to see some harsh colors.
  • You should wait at least 72 hours to wash your hair after balayage. And later I’ll tell you some secrets on washing your hair properly without ruining your balayage.


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 If you want the perfect color, you must not wash your hair 24 hours after balayage. 


Each coloring process involves precise times, both at the time of application and during the days afterward.

If you don’t respect these times, you will ruin your balayage. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


Why you shouldn’t wash your hair 24 hours after getting balayage

woman brushing her hair with balayage after waiting 72 hours to wash it out

My professional opinion, and that of most colorists, is that you  should wait 72 hours to wash your hair after balayage. 


You should always wait 72 hours to wash your hair after any coloring process. This is true whether you’re getting balayage, a dye, or a toner.



This way, your hair will finish absorbing the color you have applied during the next 72 hours.

And after getting a balayage, your hair is full of color. But if you wash it 24 hours afterward, your hair will start to absorb water.

And that means it won’t have room to hold the color. It will start to expel the color when you wash it. And your balayage will be ruined.


That’s why  it’s vital to wait 72 hours to wash your hair after getting balayage.  After 72 hours, your hair will have finished absorbing the color.

But it’s also essential you wash your hair properly. Read on.


How to properly wash your hair 72 hours after balayage

If you want your balayage to last longer, pay attention to these professional tips.

sulfate-free shampoos for balayage hair

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Why? Because sulfates are detergents that will fade your balayage. They also take moisture and nutrients away from your hair.

And after a balayage, you should avoid mistreating your hair. I recommend using shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free and enriched with moisturizing agents such as natural oils.


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Wash your hair a maximum of three times a week using cold water

You wash away the natural oil your scalp secretes every time you wash your hair. That’s why you must wash your hair less often now.

If you wash your hair three times a week, that will be enough to keep your hair clean and, at the same time, protect your balayage. If your hair is very oily, you can include a dry wash.


 It’s also important to use lukewarm to cold water to wash your hair . Hot water opens the hair cuticles, making the balayage color fade faster.

Finally, apply conditioner to just your ends. Leave it on for two minutes and rinse it out with cold water.



You should always wait 72 hours to wash your hair after getting balayage. This way, the color will finish settling in your hair, and the balayage will last longer.

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