Bleached hair too light? A hairdresser tells you how to darken it with hair dye

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  • If you bleached your hair at home and it’s too light, there’s a solution. You can use a hair dye to darken it by lowering it two shades.
  • This means that your options will include 7 blonde, 8 light blonde, and 9 very light blonde.
  • If you’ve bleached your hair at the salon and want it to stay blonde, you have to go back to the salon. The colorist will apply a darker blonde color.
  • If you want to darken your hair in the brown range, the colorist will make a color filler. Then, she’ll apply the hair color of your choice. In a few moments, I’ll tell you why.


When stylists say bleaching is an aggressive and difficult chemical process, many people think we exaggerate. I can assure you that we don’t.

There’re many variables involved in bleaching that only a professional stylist will consider with the necessary skills.

For example, hair health, the color you start with, the color steps in hair while it’s bleached, and the color you get.


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When you don’t know enough, unexpected things happen. For example, letting the bleaching mixture in more than necessary and have your hair become much lighter than you expected.


Alternatively, maybe you don’t understand hair porosity. So, you didn’t notice that  porous hair absorbs products much faster.  Therefore, by leaving the bleach on as indicated in the YouTube tutorial, your hair became lighter than it should be.

Do you know why?


 Because all hairs are unique. Everything you see on YouTube is a small sample of that world. 

Why do you think that YouTubers who publish hair issues videos state that they aren’t professionals? They only tell you what they do with their hair.


They just don’t want hundreds of millions of angry people claiming that their hair was ruined after following their advice.

I don’t have anything against YouTubers. In fact, I find some of them, like the famous Spanish AuronPlay, super funny. However, as they say in my country, different strokes for different folks.


That’s how the world works today. Everybody knows everything. However, in the end, nobody knows anything.

 That’s how unexpected things happen. For example, after bleaching, your hair may get too blonde, and you don’t like it. 


Don’t worry. Here we are, the hairdressers coming to the rescue. And the solution is to apply a darker hair dye, but not just any dark hair dye.

Do you want to darken your bleached hair?


Then, look no further because today I’ll tell you:

  • How to darken your bleached hair at home
  • How to ask your hairdresser to fix your hair if it’s too light after bleaching

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How to darken your bleached hair at home

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If you decided to bleach your hair at home, there are probably two reasons.

  • You had a bad experience with a hairdresser, which unfortunately happens, and you no longer trust any of them. You are one of those who think that the proof is in the pudding.
  • You didn’t have enough money to pay for the services of a salon.


Therefore, I won’t tell you to go to the salon to correct your extremely light hair after bleaching. I’ll give you the solution to fix it yourself.

This way, you won’t suffer stress when facing one of your biggest mistakes, “a stylist,” and you won’t spend money you don’t have.


The solution to fix hair that has become lighter after bleaching is to apply a darker color.

at the store

Now, the reference to “darker” is regarding the resulting color after bleaching. Obviously, I don’t mean applying a black or dark brown hair dye.

You should apply a hair dye that is in the blonde range. There are several blondes in the color palette. So, how do you know which one to apply?


Following the two-tone rule. Do you know it?

 This rule indicates that, by both adding and subtracting 2 numbers to your base color, you’ll always get just the right number of hair dye. 


Let’s see some examples to help you understand it.

  • If your hair is 5 light brown after bleaching, you can apply a 3 dark brown or 7 blonde without any additional process.
  • If your hair is 8 blonde, you can go up to 10 platinum blonde or down to 6 dark blonde.


Now, you must apply the same rule, and for that, we’ll return to your hair.

If your hair has become too light after bleaching, your base color will be a high number of blonde, such as 10, 11, or 12.

To avoid problems, apply the 2 number rule. If you find the color difference too small because your hair is too light, you can lower it by 3 or 4 shades at most.


Once you’ve chosen your color, you can apply it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do you want some advice?


I’d start with two shades of difference and let the color settle in. If you still want it a little darker, you can always lower it one more shade.


Now, if the bleaching didn’t work out as you expected in the salon, and you want to darken your hair, you’ll need to talk to your stylist knowing exactly what you want.

I’ll tell you later about it.


How to ask your hairdresser to fix your hair if it’s too light after bleaching

three shades

First advice before talking to your hairdresser or stylist?


Get a linden tea and a lot of diplomacies. Remember, you need an ally, not someone who feels attacked.

If she’s a real professional, she’ll understand your dissatisfaction, and she’ll work it out. What’s more,  the first thing she’ll ask you is the color you have in mind, and she’ll give you the color card. 


  • If your answer is a color that is two or three shades lighter, that is, in the blond range, she’ll apply a blond hair dye and even strive to create a custom blonde. Yes, we stylists also have our secret potions for creating color.


  • If your answer is a color that is not in the blond range, for example, a brown, she’ll make a color filler. This technique is used to go from very light hair to medium colors, such as 5 light brown or 4 brown.


What is the color filler?

It’s a process by which pure pigmentation is placed on the hair. Then, the hair dye is applied over that pigmentation. It’s essential to perform this step before applying color.

During bleaching, all pigments (natural and artificial) are removed from the hair.


If you want to darken your hair with a color other than blonde, for example, a light brown 5, its pigmentation will not match your base. As your hair is extremely light blonde, it has very pale yellow pigments. Light brown 5 has brown, red, orange, and yellow pigments.

Therefore, your colorist will apply a color filler to add those colors to your hair to make it look perfect afterwards.

If you don’t do the color filler, your color will start to fade after 4 or 5 washes, and your hair will be as light as it was after the bleaching.



  • If you’ve bleached your hair at home, and it’s too light, apply the two-tone rule, i.e., apply a color that is up to two shades darker than your base color.
  • If you’ve bleached your hair at the salon and want it darker, tell your colorist you want to keep it in the blonde range so that she can apply the appropriate color.
  • If you want it even darker, such as a brown, your colorist will make a color filler, and then, she’ll apply the color.

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