How much does it cost to dye your hair blue or purple in a professional salon?

starting from dark brown or black

When I’m asked this type of questions with respect to the prices of treatments in the salon, I feel cornered. Because when we talk about prices, we are talking about a lot of different factors.

Factors directly related to the person that wants to dye their hair, and factors related to their environment.


To give you a quick answer, because everything in this life requires immediateness, if you have dark hair and you are taking it to blue or purple, it can cost about 300 to 400 dollars. When I say dark, I refer to hair between black and dark brown.

Now, if your hair is blonde, dyeing it blue or purple could possibly be less expensive because you will need to process the hair less. So, you would probably have top ay between 150 and 200.


But I want one thing to be clear. Like I said before, this will depend on a lot of factors.

  • With respect to you, it will depend on the length, the initial color of your hair, and the health of your hair.
  • With respect to your environment, there are factors, like for example, the quality of the products that are used in the salon and where the salon is located.


 Because the process are then same in a famous, renowned salon than in a neighborhood beauty parlor, and I say that with complete respect for neighborhood beauty parlors.  

It will also depend on the degree of specialization of the stylist, since not all stylists have the same amount of knowledge to create these transformations.


I’m one of those that thinks that when one takes their profession with respect, they should charge for it.

In my case, for example, I’m like the doctors that always go to meetings and conferences to keep their knowledge up to date.

I do the same thing as them. I take courses to stay updated because the hair industry advances constantly. And I want to translate that into the service that I offer.

That’s why my work costs more than what other salons offer. Because I perfect myself constantly and use quality products proven in my salon.


 Sometimes I get disturbed when people come into my salon, and after taking the time to analyze their hair and offer them the best alternative, they end up saying to me, “Ah, but in the salon down the block, they chare me 100 dollars less.”  

When then dear, go to the salon down the block. I sell salmon, not hake. Yes, I admit it, I hate that type of attitude. After all, I am completely human.

Coloring is a complex technique. It requires time, Good-quality products, and the maximum amount of the stylist’s attention so that the results are what you wanted.

And when we talk about fantasy colors, the price doesn’t end when you leave the salon, because the costs to maintain it also add up, and you should think about that.


I’m one of those that thinks that examples are the best.

So, I’m going to tell you the story of two of my clients that dyed their hair purple and blue.

Do you have dark brown hair and you want to take it to blue?

Are you blonde and dream of dyeing your hair purple?


Then keep Reading.

Because I will tell you about:

  • Emilia: transformation from Brown hair to blue
  • Marta: transformation from blonde hair to purple
  • How much it costs to maintain blue or purple hair


All that’s left is for you to break the piggy bank and decide where you are going to get your new color done.


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Emilia, from dark Brown to blue for 400 dollars

400 dollars!

Yes, that’s right. Emilia paid 400 dollars to dye her dark brown hair and turn it into a precious sea blue.


Does that seem like a lot to you? Let me ask you something, do you think that dye is like coloring with a marker on a piece of white paper?

Not, not even close.

 In Emilia’s case, we had about seven hours of work at the salon. That is pretty much all day. The whole day where all of my attention was put on her hair.  

Do you know why?


  • First, Emilia came two days prior to the salon and I analyzed her hair to see if it was strong and healthy enough to tolerate the procedure.
  • Second, Emilia’s dark hair required bleach before getting to blue.


A coloring can lighten or darken your hair up to two tones, depending on what color you go from.

In Emilia’s case, it was impossible to get to blue simply with dye. So, we had to lighten it through bleaching, a complex chemical process to get it as close as possible to yellow.


But also, since it was such a brusque color change and we had to use a stronger peroxide that does more damage, we used Olaplex to improve the health of the hair and control the damage.

Olaplex is a luxury product. I can’t lie to you, but it is worth every cent if you pay for it.

In extreme color changing cases, I suggest it, sometimes demand it of my clients that they try to figure it in to their budget.

Because it is important to get the blue, but more important is to have a healthy blue.


 I constantly control the time of the bleaching. And I don’t attend to other clients while I do this process because if you look away from something, it can go wrong.  

In her case, I also used a superior bleaching product form a professional line called Schwarzkopf, which of course is more expensive than what you can buy at the store.


All my decisions were made thinking in the health of Emilia’s hair and the best that I could do for her was use the best quality products.

Finally, when her hair was sufficiently bleached, we started to apply the dye.

And in this stage, I also used professional dyes from the L’Oreal Brand.


When we finished applying the blue to her hair, I did a regenerative treatment to pressure the sealing of her cuticles so that the hair wouldn’t lose moisture and would conserve elasticity.

Obviously, four hundred dollars is a lot of money, no one is arguing with that, but I can assure you that it’s a fair price to prevent the scalp from burning, the hair from losing health and get the color that she dreamed of.


It’s been more than a year since Emilia dyed her hair and she is more than happy.

Do you want to know how much she invested to maintain it?


I will tell you, but first, let me tell you about Marta, the girl with the purple hair.


Marta, from blonde to purple for 200 dollars

In Marta’s case, it wasn’t necessary to bleach so dyeing her hair purple, was much more economical.

Her hair was sufficiently light blonde so that the purple would completely take without leaving stains in the hair.


However, since her hair wasn’t completely healthy, I decided to apply Olaplex in her case as well. What’s more, she asked for it, because she didn’t want her new color to be less intense.

I also used professional dyes from L’Oreal, and I finished the work doing a regenerative treatment.


The result was really incredible and the color ended up just like the example.

As you can see, when it comes to coloring, there is not just one price.

There are lots of things at play.


  • If we talk about the hair: the color that you are going from, the length, because if you have hair down to your waist, the stylist will have to use double the amount of products so that the color takes evenly.
  • If we talk about the stylist: a lot has to do with the level of specialization and the quality of products that she works with. Because if we are honest, the stylist should pay for courses to stay up-to-date to offer the best attention.
  • If we are talking about the salon: it won’t be the same going to a place that is in the center of New York that in the San Pablo neighborhood. Something like tell me where you live and I’ll tell you how much you will pay.

Now, once you have blue or purple hair, prepare yourself for the maintenance, because for that you will also invest some money.

Do you want to know how to extend your new hair color to the limits?


How much does it cost to maintain blue or purple hair?

Now, you have spent between two hundred and four hundred dollars on your new color.

And now what? Extreme care, if you don’t want the color to fade down the drain was fast as it came!


 The maintenance will require you to spend between 20 and 30 dollars per month.  


When possible, wash your hair twice a week, alternating with a rinse-free shampoo to absorb the grease in the hair and avoid shampoos with silicones and sulfates. And always rinse your hair with cold water to seal the cuticles and prevent the pigments from escaping.


  • Are you one of those that enjoys outdoor activities on sunny days?

Don’t forget a hat, because excessive sun exposure, can damage the proteins of your hair and degrade the pigments, making your hair dry and decolored.

Have you never seen what sun rays do to curtains and furniture? The same thing happens to your hair.


Now you know how much you can spend to get purple or blue in your hair.

Which of the two colors did you decide on?

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