Highlights gone wrong? You don’t like how they look? 4 ways to fix your highlights at home

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Have your highlights gone wrong? You don’t like how they turned out?


Don’t worry, there is a solution for everything in life.

The first step is to understand why you don’t like how your highlights turned out.



  • If your highlights are too light or too dark, then I’d recommend that you wait at least 15 days after dyeing your hair to take any action.

If you don’t let that amount of time go by, you might end up making a rushed decision.

How can you know what color your highlights will be in 15 days?


You can’t.

So, the best thing you can do is wait for 15 days to go by after you dye your hair.

What happens if, after 15 days, your highlights are too light or too dark?


You’ll have to lighten or darken your highlights depending on what you need. There are several ways to do it, depending on if you want to do it at home or in a professional salon. I’ll tell you about all your options here.


  • You don’t like your highlights because they’re too orange?

This usually happens to dark hair, whether it’s black or dark brown, because the base of those kinds of hair is red. So, without fail, when you bleach your hair, those orange shades will come out.

The solution is as simple as toning those orange highlights with an almost magical product. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you which product it is and how to use it to make your highlights look wonderful.


  • Was your hair damaged when you got the highlights and that’s why they didn’t end up looking right?
 If your hair was damaged when you got the highlights, you should probably sue your hair stylist. 


An experienced stylist would never do highlights on fragile or weak hair because they’d know that the results won’t be what you’d hoped for. So, if they do it anyway, then it’s probably because they don’t really care about their client’s hair or they were thinking about their boyfriend that just left them while they did it or who even knows.

But, if one thing is for sure, before doing highlights, you must evaluate your hair’s health.


In any case, if your highlights look opaque, lifeless and split-ended, it’s very possible that your hair wasn’t healthy enough to get highlights.

But never fear, there’s also a solution to that and I’ll tell you what it is here.


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How to darken highlights

how hair dyes work

To darken highlights that ended up too light, you have two options:

  • Do it at home
  • Go to a professional salon


 From the start, I want to say that if you don’t have experience with coloring hair or using dyes, I’d recommend that you go to a salon to make sure that you get good results.  

Whether you do it at home or in a salon, the way to darken highlights is the same.


What materials do you need?

  • A tube of dye in the color that you’ve chosen (I’d recommend that you don’t choose a color more than two tones darker than the original highlights; if you have the highlights in a 9, for example, don’t use less than a 7)
  • 20-volume peroxide
  • A container to prepare the mixture in
  • gloves


  • Mix the tube of dye with the peroxide in a plastic container until smooth
  • Put on the gloves and apply the mixture to your entire head with your hands, as if it were a hair mask
  • You can do it on wet or dry hair, whichever is more comfortable for you
  • Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and rinse with room-temperature water
  • And that’s how you make your hair darker.


You can do this process at home or in a salon.

But, I’d recommend that you do it in a salon. Why?


 If you tone your hair too dark, you’ll have to re-dye your hair will a cap or aluminum foil, which would be too much damage for your hair. 

It probably wouldn’t survive two rounds of bleach and dyes in one day.

That’s why I’d recommend that you go to a salon. Your hair colorist will know exactly how to tone your hair in the right darker shade, so your highlights look exactly how you want them to.


How to lighten highlights

If your highlights are too dark and you don’t want to go back to the salon, the solution is to wash your hair more often than you usually do.

Normal shampoos contain sulfates, chemicals that take the dye from your hair.

So, if you wash and condition your hair every day, your hair color will lighten two shades in no time.

Want to know another secret?


 You can also apply masks and cream baths two times a week, which will speed up the lightening process.  


Like I told you in the beginning, you should wait 15 days until your color settles in.

It’s very common that as soon as you leave the salon, your color looks strange, either too dark or too light, because it takes about 3-4 washes to see the real shade that will stay in your hair.

That’s why I recommend that you wait 15 days (3-4 washes) and if after that time goes by, you don’t like it, then you already have your solution.


How to tone orange highlights

toning orange highlights

It’s common for orange shades to appear after bleaching your hair.

That’s because your base tone is dark.

Many women find the orange tone to be a little off-putting.

The solution is simple and affordable.

Blue toning shampoo.


 All you have to do is replace your normal shampoo for the toning shampoo, let it sit for 5 minutes in your hair after washing and rinse. 

You’ll notice how with every wash, your hair loses the orange shade and turns ashier.

This is a very practical tool and it gives excellent results. You can find this kind of shampoo in any hair salon and you can even find it in most pharmacies.


Your highlights don’t look right because your hair wasn’t healthy enough to dye it?

If your hair wasn’t in great shape before getting the highlights, it definitely won’t be in good shape after getting then.

Your hair looks limp, opaque and frizzy?


 Then you probably shouldn’t have gotten the highlights done because your hair wasn’t in good enough condition to handle the color process.  

It often happens that the moment you leave the salon, your hair looks perfect. Bright and attractive. That’s because of the reparative oils and creams that salon professionals use to dye your hair.


The thing is that after a few days and washes go by, all of the damage that your hair had before getting the highlights will return to the surface.

And that’s where your hair starts to look opaque and unmanageably frizzy.

What can you do now if your highlights look like that?


You have two options.

  • Go cry in a corner.
  • Or try to revive your hair.


So, just forget about the highlights for now.

Your only concern should be reviving your hair.

How can you revive your hair?


It’s easy, you should do cream baths or use reparative masks at least once a week. But, and here’s the most important part, whichever product you apply, you should apply it using heat. Easy.

  • First, you apply the product that you’ve chosen to use on all of your hair.
  • Then, you cover your hair with an aluminum cap and let it work for 20 minutes.
  • Finally, you rinse your hair and you’re done.


 If you do this again and again, I promise you that you’ll slowly revive your hair. Look out because there are no miracles. The process is slow. And the more damaged your hair is, the longer it will take to revive it.  


Coconut oil also gives excellent results: you apply a few drops to the middle and ends of your hair and let it sit all night, then rinse in the morning.

You can go to the salon to get a keratin treatment with heat, which will repair your capillary fibers and give excellent results.


After a few months, your will look perfectly recuperated and you can get the highlights done again then.

Look for a salon with experienced professionals to do it. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a salon by price, because sometimes the cheap choice can be an expensive one.


2 secrets to make your hair much better prepared the next time you get highlights

Three days before you go to dye your hair, apply coconut oil to your hair and let it sit all night.

The next morning, rinse and wash your hair. Then, don’t wash your hair again until the day you’re going to dye your hair.

Why shouldn’t you wash it again until you dye it?


 Because it’s better to dye dirty hair with a certain amount of natural oils that you hair products because it will help to protect your hair during the coloring process.  


If you do that, your hair will be much better prepared the next time you get highlights and your hair will suffer much less in the process.


Why is it so important to choose a good salon to get highlights?

The hair colorist must evaluate your hair before they start and explain to you step-by-step the technique and all of the materials that they’re going to use.

What are the possible tests that your hair colorist might do?


 The most common ones are the strand test and the resistance test.  


  • The strand test consists of applying a little bit of the bleach mix to a small lock of hair.

If your hair doesn’t break or turn gummy when they brush it, then you can bleach your hair.


  • The resistance test usually applies to longer hair. It consists of grabbing a small lock of hair between two fingers.

Then, the stylist will take the end of this lock and pull outward fast and hard.

If none of your hair falls out in this test, then you can bleach your hair.


If your stylist doesn’t do either of these tests, nor do they find out anything about your hair’s history, the best thing you can possibly do is grab your things and run out of the salon.

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