How to get rid of Manic Panic dye from your hair without damaging it

several weeks

Have you dyed your hair with Manic Panic dye and you want to get rid of it?


This happens to a lot of people.

Because not everyone is able to accept the image that looks back at them in the mirror when they dye their hair pink.

Other people, on the other hand, love changing their hair color every three weeks.


Manic Panic semi-permanent dyes are definitely an efficient solution for those people that want to change their hair color.

And when I say hair color, I mean from the more common colors to those that are more extravagant.

Applying them to your hair could be very easy, keeping in mind each person’s experience.


Now, removing it, getting it out finishing it off, that’s another story.

And I’m referring to that it can be quite a difficult task.

Because there are three possible ways.

 And one of them is the only one that won’t damange your hair after removing the dye.  

Do you want to know which it is?


Keep reading, because I will tell you:

  • The 2 methods for removing Manic Panic dye that you SHOULDN’T use for any reason
  • How to get rid of the dye without damaging your hair
  • How to care for your hair after removing the dye


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Red Alert: Methods for removing the dye that can destroy your hair

baking soda

I have deeply loved anime since I was ten years old. And two of my best friends, Alicia and Carolina, are also fans of the Japanese animated series.

Our favorite series is “Knights of the Zodiac.” One long weekend, we got together at my house with one clear goal in mind.

Each one of us would dye our hair the color of our favorite character.

That’s where we discovered Manic Panic.


Alicia dyed her hair green for the character Shaina.

Carolina dyed her hair blue for the character Hilda.

And finally, I dyed my hair lilac for the character Saori.


The experience was actually a lot of fun. But Afte a week, Alicia didn’t seem very happy with the color.

 She was embarrassed to go out in public and felt like everyone was looking at her like a weird insect at high school. 


Three days later, Carolina also wanted to get rid of the blue in her hair.

And finally, I decided that I couldn’t keep going in life with my hair dyed lilac.


But what we didn’t know is that getting rid of the color wasn’t that simple.

The first to try was Alicia.


Vitamin C and anti-dandruff shampoo method to remove the dye: thumbs down

Alicia read that vitamin C pills can get rid of the color if you mix it with dandruff shampoo.

Do you want to know if this method gives results?


 I can assure you that this method gives results if you want your hair to look like a zebra. 

Because that’s how Alicia’s hair ended up, with some pieces lighter and some darker in green tones.


After grinding up with various vitamin C pills, she mixed them with the shampoo to get rid of dandruff and later applied the mixture to her hair.

But it wasn’t just one time. She had to submit her hair to six sessions.

And even then, the color didn’t fade completely.


 But what did happen is that her hair ended up completely destroyed.  

Dry like the desert.

Fragile as a rose petal.

She needed more than a month to get back the moisture in her hair. Also, she had to cut her ends at least ten centimeters.


So, I definitely don’t recommend this method to remove the Manic Panic.

Carolina, then tried another method.


Baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo method: thumbs down

Since anti-dandruff shampoo has a high pH level, the first that Carolina did was wash her hair with this shampoo.

After the first wash, the color had faded quite a bit.


After, she prepared equal parts shampoo and baking soda in a bowl. She mixed the ingredients well and applied the mixture to her hair, starting with the roots.


She let it sit for five minutes and proceeded to rinse with the hottest water that she could tolerate.


After applying this treatment three times on her hair, she was finally able to remove the color.

But even so, her hair didn’t look good.

As in the case of Alicia, her hair had ended up very dry and broken, even though the blue color had disappeared.


 Ultimately, after seeing the damage in my friends’ hair, I chose the only method that would help me remove the dye without damaging my hair.  

But, I advise you.

You won’t get it in the blink of an eye. You won’t get it on the same day. And you should have a lot of patience.

But your hair will be healthy and won’t get weak.

Do you want to know what it is?


How to eliminate Manic Panic from your hair without ruining it: the only method that works

scalp treatment heals itchy scalp

Wash your hair every day with a clarifying shampoo, check price on Amazon


Washing your hair every day is the healthiest method to get rid of the dye from your hair.

And so that your hair doesn’t have irreversible damage.


I washed my hair every day, with warm water, on the verge of hot.

And after seven days, the lilac had disappeared from my hair.


I know. It can be frustrating to wait seven days for the color to disappear from your hair.

 But more frustrating is to have to cut ten centimeters off your hair and have to pay a fortune in deep nourishing treatments. 


You can also opt to go to a salon and that a professional removes the color from your hair.

But it will end up bleached, which is a pretty aggressive method.

And you will pay a fortune for it, because surely a professional will offer to apply Olaplex in your hair, or a similar product to mitigate the damage.

Do you want my advice?


Arm yourself with patience and the dye will fade with washing.

My friends didn’t stay there with their arms crossed, seeing how their hair before coloring it was practically prisoners of war.


They went from cries to action.

Do you want to know what they did? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.


How to recuperate the health of your hair after removing the color

If you can’t wait, and you are ready to risk the health of your hair, you will have to assume the risk of collateral damage.

Dry, unnourished hair, split ends, and zero shine.


To repair these damages, you will have to ultimately get to work with patience and perseverance.

My two friends did the following:


  • Once a month, they applied a protein treatment.

It seems complicated, but it isn’t.

You simply need Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of olive oil.


Mix the ingredients well, dampen your hair, and apply the mixture.

You should let the mixture sit for thirty minutes, and after, wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo.


  • Twice a week: an obligatory date with coconut oil

It won’t be one of those “Knights of the Zodiac,” but coconut oil will from now on be one of your hair’s best friends.

My friends, twice a week, did an overnight treatment with the oil.


You should simply warm up the coconut oil and apply it all over your hair with smooth movements, massaging the scalp.

Apply a shower cap to protect your sheets, and then next morning, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.


  • Use hair products that are free of parabens and sulfates.



Now you know how to remove Manic Panic color with the least possible damage for your hair.

On our part, with my friends, we decided to leave the crazy hair colors for the anime colors.


And now, it’s your turn to tell me, how will you remove the color from your hair?

Would you do it slowly but surely, or quickly but with risks?

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