Can you go outside with hair dye in? Can the sun or air ruin the result?

  • The best thing you can do when coloring your hair is to protect it from external agents such as sun, air, or rain. Therefore, it isn’t recommended to go outside with hair dye in.
  • The heat from the sun’s rays can oxidize the hair dye. Then, your roots run the risk of turning orange if you’re using a dark hair dye. Alternatively, they can turn white if you are using a blonde hair dye.
  • Also, rainwater can wash away your hair dye and prevent the pigments from depositing properly in the cuticles. Then, the color becomes uneven.


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People come up with the weirdest questions sometimes!

Who would want to go outside with hair dye in?


 Unless a fire breaks out or you suffer a Walking Dead-style zombie invasion, I don’t see why you should go outside if you just applied hair dye. 

Personally, my advice is not to do it. Wind, sun, and rain can get in the way of the coloring process. Don’t you believe me?


Let me tell you about one of my clients, Gaby.

Gaby always visits me in the salon to touch-up her dark brown hair color. However, I couldn’t believe my eyes the last time I saw her.

Her roots were completely orange as if she had poured bleach on them!

Do you know what had happened?


Gaby loves sunbathing. One Saturday, when she didn’t have time to go to the salon, she decided to dye her roots herself. She was having a party that evening and wanted to look gorgeous.

She applied the hair dye, and then, a few rays of sunshine appeared through the door to a sunny garden. She had an idea! What?


She thought she could kill two birds with one stone: to sunbathe to show off an enviable tan at night while the hair dye worked on her roots.

After enjoying the sun for just over half an hour, she rinsed the hair dye out.

The results were disastrous because her roots had turned orange. Of course, the heat of the sun had degraded the color molecules of the hair dye.

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As the hair dye chemicals work with heat, why is exposing my hair to the sun bad for the hair dye?

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Everything must have a balance. Besides, the peroxide and ammonia produce the necessary heat through the chemical reaction on the scalp.

The extra external heat is only necessary when the process needs to be accelerated. In that case, it must be carefully controlled.


 Yes, the hair dye needs heat or temperature to achieve the chemical reaction to modify the hair color. It doesn’t need the extra action of the sun’s rays  because the temperature produced on the scalp during the chemical reaction is enough.


What happens if I expose the hair dye to the sun?

Many things can happen.

The least terrible is the color to become uneven or even degrade due to exposure to the sun. If you apply dark pigmentation, your roots can turn orange as it happened to Gaby.

If you apply a blonde hair dye, your roots can turn white.


 Also, if you expose yourself to the sun in the middle of the coloring process, the fumes from the chemicals will give you a headache or make you dizzy. 

Ultimately, you’ll end up with unbearable physical discomfort and uneven color.


So, you’ll have to dye your hair again. It means that you’ll expose your hair to dehydration again because the hair dye contains chemicals.

It means more money and more damage to your hair fiber just for a few minutes in the sun. Is it worth paying that high cost to get a tan?


It obviously isn’t, right?

Weather matters don’t end here when it comes to coloring.


Wind and rain also influence the coloring process


  • The wind is very refreshing in the summer. It’s also a huge source of energy.

However, if you expose the hair dye reaction to very strong winds, its temperature will decrease. Then, the coloring process will be incomplete.


If you need to stick your head out of the window, and it’s very windy, cover your hair with a shower cap.

Only take it off in case of emergencies. Otherwise, wait for the hair dye exposure time to complete.


  • Something funnier happens with the rain, to say the least.

If you go outside with the hair dye in your hair when it’s raining, it’ll be like stepping into the shower.

 The water falling from the sky will wet your hair, and the hair dye will start to run off. 

It’ll also lower the temperature of your scalp. So, the chemical reaction of the hair dye will stop, and your hair will be two-colored.


How do I protect the color if I must go out with hair dye in?

moisturizes her hair with coconut oil

If for some reason, when you have finished applying the hair dye, you have to leave, you have two ways: either rinse the hair dye out before the coloring process is complete or take some precautions.



If you’re going to dye your hair, do it when you’re sure that you won’t have to go outside.

The sun, rain, low temperatures, and wind can negatively affect the results of the coloring process.


If, for any reason, you must show your face to the world, protect your hair with a plastic cap and try not to stay outdoors for more than 10 minutes.

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