Can I use hair bleach that has foamed?

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  • If you notice your hair bleach has foamed, you MUST NOT use it.
  • Because the foam the bleach produced is a chemical residue.
  • Therefore, that chemical residue could leave an uneven color in your hair, irritate your scalp, and cause your hair to break off from the root.


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What happens if you use expired hair bleach? Your hair will be ruined and I’ll explain why


For real.  When we talk about hair bleach, any small change in the consistency, color, appearance, and smell is important and you should pay attention to it. 


So, if you prepared the bleach mix and it foamed, it’s likely you prepared it more than sixty minutes ago. The components have deteriorated.

Especially the developer; when it degrades it leaves a chemical residue in the form of foam.

Why shouldn’t you use hair bleach that has foamed?

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Because it’s more convenient to throw that bleach away and lose a few dollars than to ruin your hair and spend hundreds of dollars on professional treatments to get it back.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see by what mystery of the universe that foam appeared on your bleach mix.


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Why does your hair bleach foam up?

When you mix developer with bleach powder, you get a bleach mixture, which produces a strong chemical reaction. Thanks to this, you can lighten your hair several shades in just one session.

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Every chemical reaction, after a while, generates waste or residue.

 In the case of bleach, this residue is transformed into foam. 



 Because more than sixty minutes have probably passed since you prepared the bleach mixture. 


Then, the chemicals start to deteriorate and separate. The hydrogen is transformed into foam, which remains on the surface, and the rest of the components are transformed into a liquid, which remains at the bottom of the container.

Therefore,  to prevent the decolorant from deteriorating and foaming, you should apply it as soon as you finish preparing it. 


Once the 60 minutes is up, you should discard all the bleach. Do not apply it to your hair under any circumstances.

What could happen if you do use it? That’s what I’ll talk about next.


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What could happen to your hair if you use bleach that has foam

irritated scalp from bleaching

Firstly, it’s possible, with all the luck in the world, the favor of the gods, and the blessing of the angels, that nothing happens to your hair. But in truth, that would be a true miracle, worthy of being broadcast on every newscast in the world.

But even if that foam seems harmless, it can cause serious damage to your hair.


  •  Your color could become uneven . The bleach would act unevenly on your hair. Then circular-shaped spots left by clumps of the damaged bleach would appear.
  •  Your scalp could become irritated and even burned . The scalp is skin, skin as sensitive as any part of your body. Think about that when you look at the foam on the bleach.
  •  Your hair could dry out, causing breakage . Hair breakage is synonymous with frizz and with hair falling out in clumps.



If your bleach is foamy, don’t apply it to your hair. You could hurt your scalp and dry out your hair in the extreme.

Don’t store the bleach mixture. You should use it as soon as you finish preparing it. Then discard any leftover bleach.

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