How to use Coconut oil before bleaching your hair (to avoid damaging it)?

applying coconut oil before process

Today I concluded that I would be a millionaire if I wrote a guide for “Women Left Without Hope Because of the Effects of Bleaching.” Of course, if I could choose anyone to be in it, Eva Longoria would play my part.

And it’s not because I envy her body, I very much accept my Latin curves.

It’s because her hair is always shiny and silky!


My hair was ruined because of bleaching.

It lost its shine.

And its softness.

And its movement.

And I could go on and on with an infinite number of “ands.”


Sometimes I can feel desperate, but I’m not usually hopeless. And since I still bleach my hair because I like trying different shades approximately every five months, I researched what alternatives exist to prevent as much damage as possible from bleaching.

And I found an answer because she who looks, finds, and the last thing they lose is hope.

Coconut oil!


Yes, it’s exactly what the big stars use, like Angelina Jolie, for example.

Using coconut oil before bleaching decreases the bleaching process’s risks, which is so aggressive on your hair.

 And I can attest to its effectiveness because I’ve tried it. 


And because I want legions of women to be able to improve their hair’s appearance after bleaching, I’ll share everything that I learned about coconut oil with you here so you can reduce the effects of bleaching.

If you bleach your hair, keep reading.

Afterward, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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How Coconut Oil helps in the Bleaching Process


Those of us that bleach our hair habitually know about the damage it does to our hair.

The chemicals strip the color and natural oils from your hair every step of the way.

That’s why, after bleaching it, your hair looks dry, mistreated, and, of course, like it’s made of straw.


Getting back your shine and smoothness is a long process and also requires almost a million-dollar investment in additional hair products to revive it.

I have an effective and less expensive solution to reducing the damage to your hair from bleaching it.


Before applying the bleaching products to your hair, you should apply coconut oil, if possible organic, 100% natural coconut oil.

Here it is: step by step, how to apply coconut oil to your hair before bleaching it.


How to apply coconut oil to your hair in 3 steps

bleaching is an agressive process

Before going into the details for applying coconut oil to your hair, I want to make one aspect of coconut oil clear.

Natural coconut oil, which you’ll surely be running out to buy when you finish reading this post, is in a solid-state at the store.


For me, this was a surprise. I thought it would be a bottle of oily liquid, but I was wrong.

This is because no products are added during the refining process, ensuring that the product is totally organic.

It stays solid at temperatures around 75°F.


 My advice is that you do the treatment the night before you bleach your hair.   Even though it may seem a little… how can I say it… sticky, it’s a necessary evil to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Before applying the oil to your hair, the only thing you need to do is give it a good shake to make it easier to spread through your hair.

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Necessary Items:

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Comb to section your hair.
  • A small container to put the coconut oil in.
  • A cap to cover your hair once you’ve applied the oil.


Alright now, here’s the step-by-step


 1- Section your hair

Section your hair into different chunks to be able to spread the coconut oil better.


2- Apply coconut oil

apply on your clean hair using a comb


On your clean hair and using a comb, be sure to apply the coconut oil from your hair’s roots to the tips. If necessary, you can use your hands to ensure that the product covers each of your hairs well. Don’t be afraid; coconut oil is as harmless as Heidi.


3- Cover your hair with a shower cap

Once you think you could fry French fries in your hair, put on a shower cap to trap in all the oily hairs.

It’s time to go to bed while the coconut oil does miracles to your hair.

If you are anxious and can’t wait the whole night, even though my advice is that you do, you should leave the coconut oil in for at least three hours.


4- Bleach your hair the next day without rinsing out the coconut oil

The bleach powder and hydrogen peroxide will both work perfectly on your hair even though it’s covered in coconut oil.

Go ahead with the bleaching process as usual.

When the established time for bleaching has passed, you can rinse all the products from your hair with a lot of water and normal shampoo.

You’ll probably notice that even after washing, your hair is still a little greasy.

I usually rewash it to get rid of the coconut oil residue completely.


What are the benefits of using coconut oil?

deep conditioner

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From my experience, I can tell you that coconut oil reduced the damage from the bleach that I applied to my hair.


Also, my scalp itched and burned less than when I bleached my hair without using coconut oil.

The most important thing is that since it’s a natural, organic product, it won’t damage your hair. Just the opposite: It will protect your hair that would otherwise be completely exposed to the bleaching chemicals.

It’s easy, very easy to use.


Until the hair care industry manages to find a formula for bleaching products that isn’t so aggressive for our hair, coconut oil is the best option to protect our hair from the harmful effects of chemicals.

Do you want a final recommendation?


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For those of us that live emptying our pockets for the infinite new ideas for hair care, for serums, hair masks, and “formulated oils,” remember that the hair care industry doesn’t really care about the state of your hair, even if it’s been stripped because of bleach.

I feel like a gladiator today, so here is my last piece of advice.


Do a “coconut oil bath” for your hair every ten days. You will get the same effects as any hair mask but using a natural product at home.


Do you have any other ideas for protecting your hair against the effects from bleaching it?

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