My Hair Went Dark After Color Oops; How Can I Lighten it?

sad woman because Color Oops darkened her hair

  • If your hair turned dark after Color Oops, one of two things could have happened. Either you didn’t rinse the product properly or leave it on for the recommended time.
  • To fix hair that went dark after Color Oops, you should re-use Color Oops. Leave it on for up to an hour, cover your hair with a shower cap, and then rinse the color remover out for 20 minutes with warm to hot water.
  • What you should never do with hair darkened by Color Oops is to try to fix it with bleach or a home remedy such as baking soda or vitamin C. You could irreversibly damage your hair.


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 Have you ever used Color Oops and noticed that your hair went dark afterward? 


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It may well be that your hair went darker. Now, let me set the record straight.

It wasn’t really Color Oops that made your hair darker. What happened is that you didn’t use Color Oops correctly. Let’s see why.


Color Oops is a color remover. It removes artificial hair color.

How is it different from bleaching?


Well, bleaching removes natural and artificial color, while color remover only removes artificial color. That is, it removes the color of any dye you’ve applied.


Now,  you must use Color Oops correctly so it can remove the dye completely. In other words, the color remover chemicals shrink the dye’s color molecules. Then, during rinsing, the water removes them. 

Color Oops color remover

If you don’t use Color Oops correctly, you’ll see your hair goes darker after a few washes.



 It’s because of something called re-oxidation. This means that those color molecules that Color Oops didn’t fully remove start to become visible again, darkening your hair. It happens when you don’t apply Color Oops correctly. 

What might you have done wrong when you used Color Oops?


Three things come to mind:

  •  Maybe you didn’t let the Color Oops work for a minimum of 30 minutes .
  •  Perhaps you didn’t rinse the Color Oops out with warm to hot water . This step is critical because hot water opens the hair cuticles, allowing the color molecules in the dye to wash out.
  •  Perhaps you’ve been dyeing your hair dark for years and need to reapply Color Oops . You can use this product up to three times in one day.


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So, now you know why Color Oops made your hair go dark and what mistake you could have made when you used it. So let’s see how to fix your dark hair using Color Oops again, this time the right way.


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How to fix hair that went dark after Color Oops

color remover preparation

 The most straightforward way is for you to use Color Oops again.  Remember, you can apply it to your hair thrice on the same day.

But this time, keep my recommendations in mind:

  •  Instead of leaving the Color Oops in your hair for 30 minutes, leave it in for up to an hour and cover your hair with a shower cap to keep the heat in.  This will reduce the size of the dye molecules you want to remove and prevent your hair from going dark.
  •  Rinse the Color Oops out for at least twenty minutes, using warm to hot water , as hot as you can stand without burning yourself. Hot water will keep the cuticles open while the dye washes out.
  • Remember, you must only apply Color Oops to completely dry hair.


 After using Color Oops three times, what if you see your hair is still too dark?  It’s time to visit a professional salon. After evaluating your hair, a stylist can give you alternative solutions, such as applying a bleach bath, which is less aggressive than bleach.


Please don’t try to fix your dark hair on your own. Don’t try to fix your hair by bleaching it or using home remedies such as baking soda. Why not? It’s because Color Oops depletes your hair of moisture and nutrients. And if your hair is already weak after using Color Oops, you can ruin it completely.



You’ve likely misused the color remover if your hair went dark after Color Oops. Reapply it to lighten your hair, leaving it on for an hour and rinsing it out with plenty of warm to hot water.

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