Blonde to pink hair: which pink shade to choose according to your blonde base

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If you have blonde hair, you’re one step ahead of transitioning to pink hair. However, is that enough?

In some cases, it is. In others, unfortunately, not. It all depends on the shade of pink you dream about.


  • If your hair is light blonde, pastel pink tones are the best to keep your hair light and add color.
  • If your hair is honey blonde or darker, the best is to go for the deeper pinks, such as fuchsia or hot pink, as some brands call it. If you want to wear a pastel pink you should, at least, do one bleaching session so that the color looks as vibrant as in most Instagram photos.
  • Also, you should know that coloring hair pink takes a lot of commitment. Pink hair dye fades faster than other fantasy colors.
  • Finally, you have to take into account the color of your skin to choose the perfect pink. Today, I’ll tell you in detail.


light base

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As the saying goes, all women carry a little girl inside. That’s why we love pink. The truth is that you should never lose your inner child, whether you like pink or not.

However, if you want to bring the color pink into your hair, and you’re currently blonde, you’re one step closer to it.  Obviously, there’s a golden rule to wear fancy colors: hair must be light.  How light?


As much as possible if you want your hair to look like the model in the coloring kit.

If you want that pastel pink to look like the picture, your hair should be as closer to light blonde as possible.


 In addition, pink is one of the most difficult colors to maintain. So, if you’re not planning to live like a slave to maintain your color, I’d advise you to look for another color. 

Are you willing to commit to pink?


Then, keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • What pink shade to choose according to your skin tone and blonde level
  • 3 professional secrets for a perfect pink that everyone will praise

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What pink shade to choose according to your skin tone and how blonde your hair is

brown skin

If you’re looking to color your hair pink, there are many shades to choose from. However, not all of them will go well with your skin color.

  • The lighter pinks are ideal for pale or very pale skin.
  • The medium pinks are ideal for any skin type.
  • The dark pinks are ideal for darker skins.


I’m sure you’ve been researching the different pink hair dyes and, oh, surprise! You’re dizzy because you think there are hundreds to choose from.

Don’t worry. Today I’ll simplify your choice. I’ll tell you which pink shade is best for your skin color and your base blonde color. I love simplifying people’s lives!


Cotton Candy, Punky Color – For pale, very pale, and medium skin with very light blonde hair.

lasts up to 30 washes

This is a pale pink. It’s ideal for those who don’t dare to change their color too much.

To apply it, it’s best to have a very light blonde base. This way, the pink will look perfect. Also, when it fades, your hair will be a pink blonde, which is very original.


You must know this beforehand. As it’s a very light pink color, it fades quickly. Therefore, you should maintain it strictly using color depositing shampoo to extend the duration of the pink hair dye.

Punky Color has its own line of shampoo and conditioner for you to keep your pink longer.


Frose, Arctic Fox – for medium and dark skins with light and medium blonde hair

If you like the vintage style better, you should choose this pink color. It’s ideal for medium to dark skins because it has a slight orange tone that’ll give you a very sophisticated style.

If you are looking for a more relaxed and youthful style, this pink is not for you.


As for maintenance, Arctic Fox has a complete line of color restoring shampoos while you wait for your hair dye refresh.


Electric Pink Pussycat, Manic Panic – for brunettes with medium blonde hair.

for medium blonde hairs

If you’re looking for an eye-catching pink that will capture all the attention, you have to try this shade.

However, accept it with its pros and cons. This pink fades quickly. After 10 washes, you’ll notice it looks quite faded.

Manic Panic also has a color care line to keep the pink longer.


Of course, these are only three ideas, but the options are endless. Each of the three brands I mentioned above has other pink shades in their range of colors, not to mention that some brands allow you to mix colors to create your own unique pink shade.


3 professional secrets for a perfect pink that everyone will praise

Before I tell you all the secrets to keeping the pink color vibrant in your hair longer, you should consider your hair health.


  • Your blonde hair should be healthy before you color it pink.

This is fundamental; do you want to know why?


If your hair isn’t healthy when you color it, it could result uneven. In turn, if it’s healthy, it’ll most probably get even. That’s why you have to apply nutrition masks to your pink blonde hair at least 15 days before you change color.


 Remember that pink semi-permanent hair color doesn’t penetrate the hair. It simply adheres to the hair fiber, completely covering it.  That’s why it’s so important to protect your pink hair from the sun, pool water, and saltwater.


  • Pink semi-permanent hair dye is very easy to apply, especially in blonde hair.

It’s due to its creamy, compact consistency, which doesn’t run off as you apply it to your hair.

However, if you want the best application, start with dry hair because it absorbs color better.


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Don’t forget to do the strand test 24 hours before coloring to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions. While you’re at it, watch how the pink color you chose looks on your blonde hair.

Apply the pink hair dye from the roots to the ends. Make sure you cover the whole surface of the hair.


  • Invest in color maintenance.

deposits pink pigments

The hair doesn’t absorb the semi-permanent pink hair dye. It sits on the cuticle. So, it has a limited life span.

Wash your hair as little as possible. You can always mix a little color into your conditioner to extend the duration of the color.

You can also use a pink depositing shampoo to revitalize and protect the pink pigments.



To go from blonde to pink hair, you don’t need anything else than semi-permanent hair color. A blonde base is the only condition to achieve this beautiful color in your hair.

However, take the time to choose the right pink shade according to your blonde base and skin color.

Now tell me. What pink shade will you choose to color your blonde hair?

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