Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? Does dying hair increase its greasiness?

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Are you thinking of dyeing your hair? Do you still have doubts because you have greasy hair? Let me tell you a story. My sister Mariana has greasy hair. So much so that just after washing it, it looks greasy like she’s never washed it. In spite of this, she brought herself to dye her oily hair. Do you want to know what happened? I’ll tell you here.


My sister, Mariana, has fought for years with greasy hair.

She always ironically called it, “The curse of my greasy hair.”

It’s true.


 I have watched her spend hours in front of a mirror trying different hairstyles that will help her hide the greasiness of her hair. 

To tell you the truth, she felt that as much as she washed her hair, and I can assure you that she is a super, hyper, fanatic about cleaning her hair, it always looked dirty.


She tried so many magical, earthly formulas that she found to tame the excess sebum in her hair.

She applied a mixture of two lemons and two tablespoons of honey to her scalp, letting it sit overnight. From then on, she developed a slight allergy to lemons.


Every once in a while, she prepares a cup of black tea, not to drink, but to put smoothly on her scalp. She lets it soak in for a few minutes, rinses, and according to her, the properties of one of its ingredients, tannic acid, helps reduce excess sebum on her scalp.


I could go on with the unending list of homemade treatments to reduce the formation of sebum on the scalp. Still, I started to write this post because I wanted to tell you that my sister, Mariana, in her search for happiness despite her greasy hair, shattered one of the greatest myths that exist about very oily hair.

I’m sure you already guessed what it’s about.

“You can’t dye greasy hair.”


About two days ago, she called me to invite me to eat at one of my favorite restaurants.

That and to ask to borrow my car, generally one came with the other.

But I accepted anyways.


I arrived first, as usual.

I started to look through my Whatsapp messages to answer some of them, those that were the most important.

I felt a shadow in front of me.

It was my sister, but it didn’t seem like her.

Her enormous smile that showed all her perfectly white teeth was flanked with a chocolate mane that looked like a magazine model.


 So if you are asking if you can dye greasy hair, the answer is DEFINITELY YES.  

And my sister is living proof.


Not only can you dye it, but it can look spectacular, clean, and healthy with a shine to be jealous of that if it hadn’t been my sister, I would have wanted to shave it off.

Of course, the topic of the dinner wasn’t the boys of our dreams nor her boss’s bad attitude.


We talked the whole evening about how she dyed her hair and the aftercare for greasy, dyed hair that she should use.

You might ask if I was bored.

Not at all!


The happy look on my sister’s face was completely worth it.

I wish she had dyed it a long time ago.

Do you still have doubts about if it is possible to dye greasy hair?


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Why dye helps reduce sebum on the scalp

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We all know that sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands of our scalp. Its purpose is to keep moisture in the skin on our scalp and our hair, protecting us from the bad effects of foreign agents, like sun rays, for example.

 But when this sebum is produced in excess, it makes our hair greasy. 


It could have to do with multiple factors, like for example, a hormonal imbalance, lack of vitamin B, eating a high-fat diet, the use of inadequate hair products or simply a question of genetics.

My sister, Mariana, falls into the last category.

And what she explained to about why her hair seemed less greasy thanks to dyeing, and in reality, it was because I could see it with my own eyes, is the same explanation that her colorist gave her to get her to color her hair.

When dye makes contact with hydrogen peroxide or oxygen water, it activates a principle called alkalinity that, when put in contact with the hair cuticle, makes it open, giving us the sensation that our hair is dryer.


 To tell you the truth, dye improves the look of greasy hair, although it doesn’t prevent your scalp from producing excess sebum.  


Then you might ask yourself why Mariana was so happy with the decision to dye her hair.

First of all, she doesn’t have to wash her hair every day to look and feel like her hair is clean. She can go three days without washing her hair, and it isn’t a catastrophe like it was before.

Although, I say again, she is a fanatic about cleaning her hair, which is why I don’t believe that she can go three days without washing her hair.

Now, she wears her hair down most of the time, and she’s not burdened by ponytails, which on most occasions, end up breaking her hair strands.

Also, she debuted her new hair color, which accentuated her deep, almond eyes.



If you finally decide to dye your hair, I recommend that you keep these three things in mind.


3 tips for before you dye your greasy hair

before coloring

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  • Before dying her hair, the colorist recommended that she wash her hair the night before dyeing. She told her to use a shampoo designed for greasy hair.
  • Also, she told her to use conditioner after washing, applying to the length of the hair, and at the ends, NOT at the roots.
  • And lastly, before dying, she didn’t brush her hair, since that stimulates the production of sebum. She just detangled it with a wide-tooth comb.


Caring for your hair after dyeing to keep it healthy and clean

sebum production in sebaceous glands

Whether you have greasy or normal hair, you should always use specific care that goes beyond extending the life of your hair color.

This upkeep also makes sure your hair always looks clean and shiny.

Do you want to know what my sister Mariana does with her dyed hair?


My sister uses shampoos that aren’t commercial, that is to say, that she avoids shopping in supermarkets, for example. She chooses shampoos with natural ingredients like lime, rosehip, argan oil, etc.


She got rid of the habit of washing her hair every day as if it were a religious order. This prevents overstimulation of the sebaceous gland on her scalp and the large production of grease at her roots.

Also, once a week or every ten days, she uses a clarifying shampoo to give more volume and shine to her dyed hair.

She doesn’t continuously brush or touch her hair; she untangles it while it is still wet.


As you can see, we can finally say that before, it was believed that greasy hair and dye didn’t mix.

But my sister, Mariana, is living proof that that’s not the case.

 It’s not that the dye got rid of the greasiness in her hair, but it helped it look clean and shiny without having to wash her hair every day. 

OH! Of course, I forgot.


That night, when she invited me to eat, I didn’t even remember my car.

I saw how happy she was, and it was impossible not to offer it to her myself.

Things one does for a sister!


And you? Are you going to bring yourself to change your hair color?

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