Can you use a 30 volume developer with toner? I don’t recommend it because you’ll lighten your hair unevenly

  • You can’t mix toner with a 30 volume developer. And the reason is simple.
  • If you use toner with a 30 volume developer, you’ll lighten your hair unevenly and you won’t get the color you’re looking for.
  • You should user a toner with a 20 volume developer and it’s also very important to use a high quality developer. I’ll recommend a few of my favorites in a moment.


20 and 30 volume

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It doesn’t matter how many times you ask the question, or if you have leftover 30 volume developer from the last time you dyed your hair, or if your neighbor told you that you could borrow some of her 30 volume peroxide.

 Because that 30 volume developer won’t work for what you’re trying to do.  You need to use every hair product with the right ingredients in order to get the results you want.


So, if you want to tone your hair or cancel out any unwanted colors,  you need to use toner with a 20 volume developer . Do you want to know why?


Keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • Why you should use toner with a 20 volume developer
  • The best professional developers to use with toner

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Why you should use toner with a 20 volume developer

from yellow to ashy

Did you know that developer is hydrogen peroxide?


As such, it’s a chemical that has the capacity to open your hair fiber’s cuticles to make your hair absorb or expel color.

And the more volumes the developer has, the stronger the chemical reaction will be.


That’s why it’s important to use the right number of volumes of developer to mix with the toner.

  • First, because you won’t unnecessarily damage your hair.
  • And second, because what you’re looking to do is tone your hair, not change the color.


 You’ll see that the 30 volume developer has lightening qualities in and of itself, so if you mix it with toner, it will ruin the toning process. 

What does that mean?


That your roots will lighten up to three shades more than the rest of your hair and the color the toner leaves will be completely uneven.

On the other hand, 20 volume developer doesn’t have lightening qualities, so your color will end up even, whether you’re looking to cancel out unwanted tones or add pigment to faded color.

 20 volume developer will be more than enough to make your hair cuticles open and allow the toner to penetrate your hair fiber.  


Now, is the quality of the developer that you mix with the toner important?

The quality is always important for getting the best results, so that is why I will go ahead and give you a list of developers I use in the salon so you can try them with your toner.


The best professional developers to use with toner

There are many brands of developers on the market that you can mix perfectly with toner, always choosing a 20 volume option.

I personally prefer Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me and Pravana Creme Developer.


If you can’t get one of those options, then be sure to choose a developer from a well-known brand like: L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Garnier, etc


Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDE ME


If your hair is dry or damaged, whether from bleaching it or dyeing it, this 20 volume developer will moisturize your hair while toning it, leaving it soft and smooth.


Pravana Creme Developer

dont use 40 volume developer

Are you going to use a gray toner to tone gray hair?

This one is an excellent choice for you then because this 20 volume developer guarantees great coverage of gray when you use it with your toner.

It’s also great for people with a sensitive scalp because its ingredients won’t cause any itching or burning, not even in your eyes.


Now that you know which are the best developers to use with a toner, let me remind you how to properly prepare the mixture:

  1. Mix toner with 20 volume developer using a 1:2 proportion.
  2. Use a dye brush to work the mix into your hair, focusing on the areas with unwanted color.
  3. Leave the toner in according to the amount of time indicated by the instructions that came with the toner and then rinse. Remember that it’s important to wash your hair with a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo to protect the color.



You should always use toner with a 20 volume developer because 30 volume developer has lightening properties.

So, if you use a developer with more volumes, you’ll run the risk of changing the color and not getting what you’re looking for.

Are you ready to tone your hair with the right developer?

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