Why is Revlon Colorsilk so cheap? All the truth behind the prices of the box dyes

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  • First, Revlon Colorsilk hair dye is cheaper because it must fight tooth and nail with other well-known brands such as L’Oréal, Koleston, or Garnier.
  • Also, these big brands invest much more money in marketing, advertising, packaging, and other elements included in the coloring kits, such as pre-color treatments, for example. All that, ultimately, makes these hair dyes more expensive than Revlon Colorsilk.
  • Finally, Revlon Colorsilk has a small color chart. So, production costs are lower. Therefore, the price of the hair dye on the shelf is also lower.
  • Still, the price doesn’t negatively influence the quality of its pigments.


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Oops, what a predicament you’ve gotten me into, dear readers!

Actually, my specialty is hair health and hair coloring. I’m far from being an expert in everything related to the laws of the market or marketing.

Still, I won’t dodge the question. I’m often asked about that at the salon, “why is Revlon’s ColorSilk hair color so cheap?”


Before I answer the question,  I should clarify that everything I’ll say is based on my experience purchasing hair products. After all, I also buy them for my salon. 


In my opinion, there are several reasons why Revlon Colorsilk box hair dye is so cheap.

And they come down to three main points:

  • Competition
  • Brand investment in advertising campaigns, packaging, and other stuff. I’ll tell you more about it later.
  • Quality of the products, which is not always related to the pigments.


Are you a suspicious person who chooses products thinking only about the price?

Do you think that by buying one of the most expensive hair dyes on the market, you have the best quality guaranteed?


Today I’m going to show you that this is not always the case.

 Although Revlon Colorsilk may be one of the cheapest hair dyes, it can compete with any of the other big brands. 


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Let the debate begin!

We’ll get right into evaluating the competition. Do you like to eavesdrop?

Follow me because you’ll discover something truly amazing – do you want to know what it is?

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Revlon Colorsilk is cheaper because it has to compete with very well-known brands


And this is as old as the world. Think for a moment.

Let’s suppose you manufacture a product for pets, for example, a flea collar. Within that market, we can find some reference brands such as Bayer’s Seresto.

That brand has a reputation and years in the market.

How can your product compete against Bayer?


A good initiative would be to offer your product at a lower price. That way, you would be able to compete with Bayer.

Also, the public would get to know you, try the product, and recommend it. This would lead to an increase in sales.


The same applies to coloring kits.

Companies like L’Oréal, Koleston, and Garnier have been dominating the market for years and have a captive audience, which is why their prices are similar.

They cost more or less the same. Of course, the exact price will depend on where you buy it, where you live, and many other factors. In general terms,  if you compare Revlon Colorsilk with other similar hair dyes, you’ll see that the price is very similar. 


Despite being similar, the price should be lower to be attractive enough to compete with other similar hair dyes.

Actually,  competition in the hair color market is fierce. Dozens of hair color brands compete to be chosen every day. 


On top of that, specialized stores or Amazon usually launch incredible offers to generate more interest. That makes prices incredibly cheap.

It’s all about generating interest. As consumers, both you and I know that if there’s one thing we look at first, it’s price.

If you can buy a Revlon Colorsilk hair dye of similar quality to Garnier hair dye for less, wouldn’t you?

But things don’t stop there.


Revlon’s ColorSilk is cheaper because the competition invests more money in marketing, packaging, and including other products in the coloring kit.

Tell me the truth.

Was it a surprise to see Eva Longoria from “Desperate Housewives, in the middle of the pandemic, appearing both on TV and on social networks to show off her gray hair and promote L’Oréal’s Excellence hair color?

How much do you think L’Oréal invested in that campaign?


I could guarantee that  Eva Longoria would’ve never been willing to show her gray hair to the public by chance. Surely, hundreds of thousands of dollars convinced her. 

The investment they make in advertising for the big brands is huge compared to what Revlon invests for its Colorsilk hair dye. It helps make its price competitive, and therefore lower.


Another important and related factor is the packaging, i.e. the packaging and presentation of the kit.

For example, if you look at Revlon’s Colorsilk hair dye boxes, they are smaller than other brands.

That lowers costs and allows the price difference to be maintained.


Also, they’re smart, so to speak.

 You’ll surely notice that the gloves included in the Revlon Colorsilk coloring kit are made of nylon. It’s cheaper and more uncomfortable than the gloves offered by the competition, which are often made of latex. 


The same goes for the post-coloring treatment. In the past, it was a small plastic bottle and now it’s just a sachet.

Despite this, Revlon Colorsilk is one of the best hair dyes on the market for home use. It offers an economical hair dye with reduced costs for presentation, image, and products included in the kit.


So, even though Revlon Colorsilk is cheaper, its pigments are as good as its competitors’

what does revlon colorsilk kit include

That’s the million-dollar question.

If Revlon’s pigments are of the same quality as their competitors, why is the hair dye cheaper?


 Many brands include pre-color or post-color treatments which can even be used several times. 

I still remember when a few years ago, Koleston included something they called a “color reactivator.”

Those little things, which manufacturers know women love, end up making the final product more expensive.


Another factor plays into Revlon ColorSilk’s cheaper price. It offers a smaller color palette

dark brown, medium brown, golden brown

For example, while Koleston offers 42 different shades, which are not always available in all countries, Revlon Colorsilk has 29 shades.

While that may not seem like a huge difference, it really is.


 Behind that difference, there’s a group of experts who work every day to achieve new combinations and colors. 


The more variety of shades, the more investment, the more money. Therefore, the higher the final price of the hair dye.

As Revlon ColorSilk doesn’t manufacture so many options, it can offer a cheaper and accessible hair dye for all women.



As you can see, price doesn’t influence the quality of the product. Revlon Colorsilk is one of the best hair color brands next to L’Oréal, Garnier, and Koleston.

It all comes down to what the companies invest in advertising, marketing, celebrities promoting their products, and some alternative products included in the coloring kit.

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