Can I perm my hair after dyeing it black? How long should I wait?

woman dyed her hair black and thinks about doing a perm

  • If you dyed your hair black more than three weeks ago, you can perm it.
  • If you dyed your hair black less than three weeks ago, you can’t perm it yet.
  • Because if you’ve dyed your hair black less than three weeks ago and get a perm, you’ll damage your hair, and you’ll also turn it orange or reddish.
  • Stylists generally recommend waiting three weeks to perm newly colored hair.
  • It’s also important to evaluate your black hair before perming it, and I’ll tell you how to do that later.


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How long should you wait to perm your hair after dyeing or bleaching it


 Have you dyed your hair black and want to know if you can perm it? 


It all depends on how long ago you applied the black dye.

 If it’s been more than three weeks since you dyed your hair black, you can get a perm.   But if it’s been less than three weeks, my advice as a stylist is not to perm your hair just yet.


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This is because perming is a chemical treatment that you shouldn’t apply to recently dyed or bleached hair. And the chemicals used to perm your hair could change the color of your hair, leaving orange or reddish tones.


 If you’ve dyed your hair black and want to perm it , I have two key tips for you:

  • Get the perm in a salon. Dyed hair is weaker and more porous than natural hair, and the perm liquid can irreversibly ruin it. In addition, a professional will also advise you on the type of perm that suits you and the prices.
  • Evaluate your hair’s condition within three weeks of dyeing your hair. And here’s how to do it.


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How to assess your black hair’s health before you perm it

woman checks the ends of her dyed black hair before perming

Before perming your dyed-black hair, you should evaluate its condition to avoid damaging it. What factors should you consider?

  • Is it dry or damaged?
  • Do you have dry or brittle ends?
  • Has it been dyed or bleached more than three or four times in the last six months?


Now think about your hair and examine it with these factors in mind:

  •  If your dyed-black hair is dry or damaged , you should wait to perm it. The best thing to do is moisturize and repair it with masks before perming.
  •  If your ends are dry or brittle, trim them before perming.  If you don’t remove the brittle ends, the perm fluid won’t work correctly and your ends will be straight.
  •  If you’ve put your hair through several coloring processes in the last six months, I don’t recommend perming your hair.  In this case, go to a salon, where the stylist can evaluate your hair’s condition and tell you how long it takes before you can perm your hair.



Color-treated hair is finer and, therefore, more prone to dryness and breakage. Therefore, if you have dyed your hair black, you’ll only be able to perm it after three weeks.

Stylists generally recommend perming first and then coloring hair. They may even recommend using a semi-permanent black dye to avoid damaging the hair and ruining the color.

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