Can you perm box dyed hair? Yes, if your hair fulfills these two conditions

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  • If it’s been two weeks since you colored your hair with box dye, you can perm it because the color won’t fade.
  • Even if you wait two weeks, your hair should be healthy. However, if you notice it’s frizzy or dry after coloring it with box hair dye, wait for at least four weeks to perm it. In the meantime, apply hair masks to repair it.
  • Finally, if you just dyed your hair, I don’t recommend perming it. You could ruin your hair’s health.


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I Dyed My Hair 2 Weeks Ago, Can I Perm it or should I wait a few more days?


 Do you have box-dyed hair and want to know if you can perm it?  The answer is YES, you can perm it.


However,  before you perm your hair, you should assess its health to make sure it can withstand the process. 

Also, how long have you been coloring your hair with box dye?

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  •  If you colored your hair two weeks ago or more and it’s healthy,  you can perm it.
  •  Alternatively, if you colored your hair less than two weeks ago, I recommend you wait at least two more weeks to perm it. The perm liquid has chemicals that could ruin your hair.

You’ll probably get a frizzy perm.

We’ll go into this in more detail below.


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Why should you wait for two weeks the box dye and the perm?

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 Before perming, the new color in your hair has to settle. 


You’ve probably noticed that when you apply the dye, the color is very intense. Then, as you wash it, the intensity fades. This happens because the color settles in your hair and highlights appear in the front and ends.

This process is known as color settling. It gives your hair a more natural color.


When you apply the dye, your hair fiber fills with it and absorbs it little by little. Then, your hair expels the excess until the final color is left. The color settles in around two weeks.

 If you perm your hair without waiting for the color to settle, you’ll lighten your hair. But you’re also likely to get uneven color.

You should also remember the following.


Perms can irreversibly damage freshly colored hair

For the perm to modify the structure of your hair into a curl, a perming fluid containing chemicals is applied.

If your hair is straight, the perm fluid will break the keratin bonds in the hair fiber that form a curl Then, it’ll re-bond them to give it that circular shape. Also, heat is applied to make the perm fluid more effective.

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If you have just colored your hair, you should know it lost nutrients and moisture. As a result, you’ll notice that your hair is a bit drier and less shiny. And this is unavoidable. Coloring is a chemical process in which ammonia and peroxide are used to change the color of your hair.


And perming is also a chemical process.  Hair can’t withstand two chemical processes such as coloring and perming without some time in between to recover. 

Then, having bad results is not because the stylist gave you a bad perm.



  •  If your hair is healthy two weeks after applying the box dye,   you can perm it.
  •  Otherwise, if your hair is dry,  I advise you to wait at least four more weeks. In the meantime, apply keratin masks once a week. You can also use natural oils such as coconut oil once a week and leave it on overnight.



You shouldn’t perm freshly colored hair with box dye because you’ll ruin the health and color of your hair.

Ideally, after applying box dye, you should wait at least two weeks to perm your hair. Remember to check your hair health before perming because the perm fluid could damage your hair irreversibly.

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