Wella t18 Toner Before and After on Orange Hair, this is how your hair will look like

  • Wella Color Charm T18 will help you get rid of unwanted orange tones. It works if you want a uniform color or to neutralize the orange tones in your highlighted or balayage hair.
  • After applying it, you’ll see a very noticeable before and after. Your orange hair will turn an interesting and even ashy color.


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I’ll tell you about three cases so that you can appreciate the before and after effects of Wella T18 on orange hair.

They’re three different stories of customers that  struggle every month with unwanted orange tones in their hair. .

They’re three very different cases, and that’s why I chose them. I believe you can identify yourself with any of them.


  • The first case is about Maria, who has an ashy blonde 7.1 after bleaching her natural dark brown 3.

Why does she need Wella T18? Because orange tones started to appear after a few weeks.


  • The second case is about Analia, who recently started to change her hair color and decided to do the highlighting technique. However, as her natural color is a dark coppery blonde 6.4, her highlights turned orange.


  • The third case is about Sandra, who has a balayage of chocolate and dark blonde tones. After the washes and time, orange colors started to appear and ruin her whole look.


before applying to hair

As you can see, it’s not about the coloring technique you use. Whether it’s a uniform color like Maria, highlights like Analia, or balayage like Sandra,  the Wella T18 toner will help you neutralize that nasty orange color. 

Do you want to see the before and after of each of these cases to fight against orange?

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Case 1: Before applying the Wella T18 toner, her hair was orange. After using it, her hair turned a beautiful ashy shade.

from yellow to ash hair color

Maria has been going to the salon for years to color her hair with a permanent hair dye: ash-blonde 7.1.

We had to do light bleaching before coloring because her natural color is a dark brown 3.

When darker shades are bleached, unwanted colors such as orange tend to appear and look messy.


I have to bleach Maria’s roots and growth because the dye we use is 4 shades lighter than her natural color. After that slight bleaching, the copper tones appear. However, once you apply the hair dye, the orange starts to disappear because we use an ashy hair dye.


However, there are usually some persistent copper undertones that remain.  Therefore, to complete the coloring job, we use Wella T18 and wait about 15 minutes for it to work. .

The change is almost immediate. The color gets ashy blonde without any orange residue for weeks.


Therefore, if you want to remove the orange that can appear after applying a permanent hair dye, Wella Color Charm T18 can be of great help for you.


Case 2: Wella Color Charm T18 on highlighted hair.

Analia started to change her color a few months ago. When she came to the salon, she said, “I want a platinum blonde.”

However, we faced a problem. Analia’s hair was a natural orange, that is, a dark coppery blonde 6.4. Therefore, it was necessary to neutralize that shade before going for the platinum she wanted.


At that moment, I explained to her that we should make the  change gradually so as not to damage her hair fiber with excessive bleaching.  So, we started working with blonde highlights and applying Wella Color Charm T18 toner throughout her hair to neutralize the intense orange.

After separating the small strands for the highlights, I applied the bleach mixture and left it for 20 minutes. After rinsing, Analia was horrified. The highlights were a very intense orange, and the rest of her hair was a light rusty orange.


She calmed down when I told her that I wasn’t done with her hair yet. I still had to apply the Wella T18 toner.

 Just fifteen minutes after applying T18, her color changed completely. .

Her highlights were a very light ashy blonde 9.1, and the rest of her hair had lost all of its orange tones, turning into a dark ashy blonde 6.1.


Analia was amazed. Since then, she started using T18 toner to neutralize the copper tones in the highlights.

If you want very light platinum highlights, Wella Color Charm T18 will be essential to preserve the color and prevent orange tones from appearing.


Case 3: Before and after using Wella T18 toner on balayage hair.

after using wella toner

Sandra has a balayage in chocolate and golden blonde tones. However, over time and with frequent washing, the dreaded orange tones appear. Although balayage is a natural fading technique that mimics the sun’s reflections in the hair, oranges appear when it is done in chocolate tones.

Chocolate is special. When it fades, the most unwanted shades such as red and orange appear.


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Sandra comes to the salon to touch-up her balayage every 10 to 12 weeks. However, the orange tones appear around that time.

I still remember what happened when I did her balayage the first time. After three weeks, she returned to the salon in despair. Sure enough, the chocolate had gone orange, and her golden ends were copper-colored.


I applied Wella Color Charm T18, and the magic worked a miracle. Her balayage turned totally ashy, and her ends were a bronze color.

Nowadays, Sandra only comes back when her balayage is overgrown, and she has to touch it up. She applies Wella’s T18 herself to keep her hair free of orange tones.



Wella Color Charm T18 will produce a total before and after in your hair. It neutralizes unwanted orange tones, whether on permanent hair color, highlights, or balayage.

Remember that you can use it at home, mixing it with a 20-volume developer. It’s also advisable to perform a deep hydration treatment once a week.

Now tell me, have you felt identified with any of these cases?

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