How long should you wait to go swimming after highlighting your hair?

woman swimming in the sea

  • You should wait at least three days to go swimming in the sea or in a pool after highlighting your hair.
  • If you plunge in sooner, your blonde highlights will turn greenish.
  • Alternatively, the salt and the sun will lighten your highlights and unwanted undertones will appear.
  • I’ll tell you what precautions to take before swimming so that your highlights last longer.


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  Did you highlight your hair and now find it impossible to wait three days to dive into the pool or the sea?  


You should’ve probably thought about it before getting your highlights done. After all, some things deserve planning to achieve the best results.

What do I mean?

  • If you’re planning to take a vacation in the sea, you should plan not to swim for at least three days after getting your highlights.
  • If you take swimming lessons, you could change your lessons for a week to avoid green highlights.

highlights ruined because of the swimming

In everyday situations, sun, salt, chlorine, and sand damage hair color.

They affect your hair’s natural color and, of course, your hair health.


On top of that, if your highlights were done less than three days ago, the situation worsens.

It’s like a breeze compared to a tornado.

So, do you want to know why you should wait three days to go to the ocean or pool after getting your highlights?

Let’s see!


Why should you wait three days to go swimming after highlighting your hair?

hairdresser observes newly made highlights

Let’s start by analyzing what would happen if you didn’t wait three days to go swimming after highlighting your hair.

On the one hand, pool water contains chemicals such as chlorine and fungicides, that help keep it crystal clear and germ-free. They all do. It’s impossible to swim in a pool without this basic maintenance.


On the other hand, you’ve just had your highlights done! This means that some strands of your hair have been bleached.


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That means your hair will be more porous and will more easily absorb anything, from a moisturizing mask to the chlorine in the pool water.

  That chlorine will leave your hair dry. If your highlights are blonde, they’ll turn greenish.  The chemicals that keep the pool water crystal clear contain copper, which leaves blue pigmentation in the hair when it’s in contact with water.

  • Blonde highlights + blue water = greenish highlights.


Now, let’s imagine that you go to a beach with an ocean-blue sea.

Seawater also contains chemical elements, such as salts and metals, let alone sand.

But salt is the key point here.   If you get out of the water with wet hair and expose yourself to the sun, sea salt will lighten your highlights up to two levels.  


So, those would be the consequences of not waiting three days to swim after highlighting your hair.

You can go swimming in the sea and in the pool after those first three days. However, you should still follow some tips.

Why? Because you need to care for your highlights with some tricks. I’ll tell you about them.


How to take care of your highlights every time you swim

woman protects her highlights with a swimming cap

My next piece of advice may be odd… if you go to the beach, try to stay as long as possible under a parasol in the shade.

That will protect your highlights, but also your skin. Gone are the days when we could stay under the sun for hours without consequences for our skin and hair.

One of the great gifts of climate change is that ultraviolet rays penetrate more aggressively into the earth’s atmosphere. And that can cause serious health problems.


Next, and very important,   rinse your hair when you finish swimming with tap water to remove both chlorine and salt residues.  

If possible, when swimming in the pool, protect your hair with a waterproof cap.


Finally,   use sunscreen for your hair.  


They’ll protect the color of your highlights, and above all, your hair’s health. I advise you to apply sunscreen to your hair every three hours.

Finally, when you wash your hair after a day at the beach or pool, use shampoo and conditioner with keratin to restore the nutrients and moisture lost during seawater, pool, and sun exposure.



Now you know you should wait three days to swim in the sea or pool after highlighting your hair. Protect your highlights with hats and sunscreen if you’ll be exposed to the sun for a long time.

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