Can you dye freshly washed hair? A hairdresser tells you

dirty hair before coloring

  • No, you shouldn’t color freshly washed hair.
  • Instead, you should wait at least 24 hours to color your hair after washing it, especially if you’ll color all your hair.
  • I don’t recommend coloring your freshly washed hair if your scalp is sensitive or damaged.
  • However, there are exceptions to this rule: if you only plan to touch up your roots, your hair may be freshly washed.


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Why can’t you dye freshly washed hair?

Because washing your hair removes the scalp’s natural oils that protect it.

In this article, I’ll give you some tricks for coloring porous and freshly washed hair.

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Do you want to color your hair at home and you’ve just washed it?

dyeing hair caramel after bleaching

I recommend skipping the shampoo and conditioner the day of coloring,

It’s better to wait for a day after washing your hair because the natural oils in your scalp will protect your hair from the harsh chemicals in the hair dye.

  When your hair is freshly washed, so are the natural oils.  


However, this is just a general recommendation.

Later, I’ll tell you what hair types could still be if they’re freshly washed.


Are you going to color your hair at the salon?

If you want to color your hair at the salon, it’s best to tell your stylist that you just washed it.

They’ll know what to do. A hairdresser is trained to assess your hair and its resistance.


We know that some people should wash their hair every day, and others should wash it more frequently. The washing frequency depends on the needs of the scalp.


But if your hair is freshly washed before coloring it, don’t worry.

Here’s when you can color your freshly washed hair.


Are you planning to touch up the roots?

with brush

If you only plan to touch up the roots, and your hair is freshly washed, go for it, but only if you promise not to go past the roots.

Don’t spread the dye to the lengths.


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Remember that your hair is at risk because it lacks the natural protection I told you about.

  Coloring freshly washed roots is possible in almost all hair types.  


Is your scalp sensitive or injured?

Then, I don’t recommend a root touch-up on freshly washed hair.

If this is your case, it’s better to wait. You only need to wait a day after washing your hair to touch up your roots.


Planning a complete hair color makeover?

If you were planning a makeover, and your hair is freshly washed, it’s best to wait at least a day.



Here’s the explanation:


  Remember: Waiting just 24 hours after washing will be enough for your hair to release the natural oils. When in doubt, it’s worth the wait.  


Tricks for coloring porous and freshly washed hair: root touch-up and hair glaze

Some people spread the hair dye on their lengths five minutes before they rinse it out.  This is a very common practice.

The aim is to refresh the hair color.


If you do that, follow this advice:

If your hair is damaged or porous, apply a protective oil on your hair. Only apply it to the most damaged or dry parts.

  • If in doubt, apply the oil to your hair before spreading the hair dye.
  • By applying a protective serum, you’ll deposit similar buildup to the natural oils that were washed out.
  • Caution: This dyeing method is only suitable to touch up your color.
  • Alternatively, if you want to change the color, you must wait at least one day after washing your hair.


Can I wash my hair with any product before coloring?

remove hair dye

There’s a wide variety of washing products available. However, the problem of coloring hair after washing isn’t related to the products we choose.


  Instead, the problem of coloring freshly washed hair is related to hair damage or porosity.  

It’s also related to the lack of natural oils after washing. They protect our hair like a protective barrier.

So now you know. If you don’t want to take any risks, you could schedule your coloring and washing times.


Mark your calendar with the day you wash and color your hair

I’ve already told you why you should wait 24 hours to color your hair after washing.

I’ve also suggested that you can still touch up your freshly washed roots if you don’t have a sensitive scalp.

Now, have you ever thought about organizing the hair timings?


I know it sounds crazy.

You may be wondering: With all the daily obligations, do I also have to organize washing and coloring my hair?


Yes, believe me, it works, and your beautiful hair deserves it too.

You could set aside one day a month to touch up your roots. Mark it on your calendar, and you’ll remember not to wash your hair the day before.

It’s worth a try. Consider it an appointment with your beauty!

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