Can you go blonde with a balayage? How? Tips from a hairdresser

Sophisticated blonde girl shows her hair

  • Yes, you can go blonde with a balayage.
  • Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular methods because it’s a subtle way to reach blonde progressively.


But it’s not the only way to take your hair to blonde:  

  • You can also opt for highlights.
  • Another option is to combine the techniques. I assure you that the result will look great.
  • In this article, we’ll see which technique is best for you to go blonde.


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Do you want to look blonde and wonder if you could do it progressively with a balayage?


Well, you’re right. As I said,  it’s an excellent way to go blonde while taking care of your hair  gradually.

In this article, we’ll see how to go blonde with a balayage and other alternatives.

Don’t miss out!


Fast and slow (but safe) ways to get to blonde: which do you choose?

beautiful young woman combs her straight blond hair

The quick way to go blonde is to  bleach your hair   and that’s it: you’re blonde.

However, I don’t recommend it because the hair gets very dry, and you may have to bleach it more than once, which will only worsen its health.


Instead,  there are slower but safer ways to go blonde.  One of them is a balayage.

The most important part  is the starting point on your way to blonde. 


Starting from a very dark brown is not the same as deep red or dyed hair instead of virgin hair.

Still, I must warn you that  going blonde with a balayage isn’t for the anxious  because the process could take many months.


How to go blonde with a balayage? Tips from an expert

beautiful blonde hair with curls and balayage

Balayage is the ideal option for you if you aren’t yet 100% sure to go blonde.

 This way, your roots will be your original shade  and the ends will be dark blonde to very light blonde.

It’s a sophisticated and beautiful work that allows you to play with different tones: dark blondes, platinum, or gray and even fantasy colors.


The advantage is that balayage doesn’t require monthly maintenance because it doesn’t touch the roots. So, you don’t notice any growth. 


If you want to go to a full blonde, you can start with a dark blonde. 

Plus,  it’ll soften the contrast  and go from a dark blonde to a super light blonde at the ends.

It’s a great idea!


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Other ways to go blonde gradually

Smiling girl with blonde highlights on brown hair

Cap highlights

Cap highlights are a classic option to  go blonde in almost one step. 

The big difference with balayage is that the highlights are pulled through the latex cap.  So, they come out from the root  and evenly throughout the hair.

Why should you opt for highlights?


 After getting highlights, going full blonde is a straightforward step:  just apply the blonde dye.


Alternatively, to keep the blend between blonde and your base color,   you should touch up the dye every month   and the highlights every 5 or 6 months.

Otherwise,  when your hair grows out, the highlights will turn into a balayage. 


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Paper highlights

Paper highlights also start from the roots.

The difference with cap highlights is that paper highlights are usually less, they’re, thicker, and more localized. 

How to go from your highlighted brown hair to a full blonde?


Going from paper highlights to blonde is exactly the same as working with cap highlights.

However,  as your hair grows out, you can choose the thickness, quantity, and location  of the paper highlights.

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If you want to go blonde, mix and match the following techniques

Hairdresser combs blonde woman in beauty salon

These techniques (balayage, cap highlights, and paper highlights) can be mixed.

For example,  after a balayage, you can get highlights 2 or 3 months later   (without touching the balayage, of course)

This will result in a  mix between the new blonde and your natural tone with a lighter blonde at the ends:  I assure you it looks beautiful.

It’s all about knowing the possibilities and playing with them.



Getting to a blonde with a balayage is possible, but it’s only one of the many techniques.

My advice is   to make an appointment at the salon  and have a chat with your hairdresser.


Let him/her guide you and  you’ll see how you achieve your goal of going blonde  with healthy and shiny hair.


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