When dyeing hair where should you start? The roots or the lengths?

application to roots with brush

  • If this is the first time you are going to apply hair dye, you should start with the lengths, starting up to 1cm from the root. After twenty minutes, apply dye to the roots. In a few moments, I will tell you the step-by-step procedure.
  • If you are going to do a touch-up at the roots, you must start at the roots and, after thirty minutes, you will comb the dye applied at the growth, towards the middle and ends.


Coloring kits are a blessing for women everywhere. Why?

Because, although going to the beauty salon is a kind of therapy for most women, a coloring kit gets you out of a jam when you don’t have time to go to the hairdresser.


This is the life of women in this 21st century. It no longer has to do only with housework. In the search for equality, we have more and more obligations every day, although I doubt that rights are equal.

Leaving the feminist issue aside, although I will never hide the flag I proudly hold, it is important that you know where you should start to apply the dye.



Because that’s what will make that tone, which is what you want most in the world, finally look like you dreamed it would. That’s why it’s important, if you’re going to dye your hair for the first time, to start in the middle, starting an inch from the roots.

I know it seems like a simple mission. After all, you open the kit (or the dye and peroxide you buy separately) mix, and apply.

But it’s not all as simple as it seems. Or rather, it’s simple, but it has its technique.


It’s like when you watch one of Tom Cruise’s movies where he plays Ethan Hunt, the wonderful agent of the Mission Impossible Force.

Flying through air, climbing without any kind of grip in the middle of Dead Horse Point or climbing in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, seem easy.

However, to shoot each of these scenes, which make us hold our breath, the actor prepared for months. In addition to being attractive, our Tom is fearless.


When it comes to dyeing, listen to me and don’t follow the actor’s footsteps. Don’t be reckless, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • Step by step to apply the dye for the first time starting with the lengths
  • How to do the dye touch-up starting at the roots


Do you take your next challenge?

Don´t worry. This message will not self-destruct in five seconds.

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Step by step to apply the dye for the first time starting in the lengths

Before I get into the technique of applying the dye, and clarify where to start coloring, let’s clarify some things that I also think are important.


  • A week before you dye your hair, it is important that you nourish it, because after all, dye contains ammonia and peroxide, which can be aggressive to your hair, especially if you have fragile or dry hair.

You can use a moisturizing cream or coconut or argan oil. It is up to you. I also recommend that, after six or seven days from coloring your hair, you repeat the moisturizing treatment (here I tell you how to moisturize your hair with coconut oil after coloring it)


  • Don´t wash your hair two days before you color it.

Your scalp will be your ally, somewhat like Ethan Hunt’s fellow adventurers, as it will generate bait, which will act as a shield to avoid irritation or itching.


Having taken all these precautions, let’s start with the application of the dye! Which way? On the lengths!


Step-by-step dye application starting in the middle

As I said before, you will have to apply the dye from the middle to the ends. Finally, to the whole roots.

This is because the dye works with heat. As temperature is higher on the scalp than on the rest of the hair, the color develops faster on the scalp.

If you were to apply the dye to your roots first, the growth would take on a much darker tone than the rest of the hair.


Let´s move on to the application. First, put on an old shirt. You don’t want to ruin your favorite blouse with a few drops of dye. Also, apply some moisturizer to the contours of your face or ears, so as not to stain the skin.

  • Prepare the dye mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Untangle your hair to avoid complications when you apply the dye. Not even Ethan Hunt can help you there.
  • Apply the dye from medium to ends, leaving one centimeter free from the root. In this part, it is important that you concentrate, apply the dye strand by strand and comb, because, this way, the pigments will be impregnated to the core.
  • Leave it to work for twenty minutes. Then, proceed to apply it to all the roots, starting from the front sector, that is, the front and sides, ending with the back.
  • Wait fifteen minutes and rinse.


So, what do you say? Can you say mission has been accomplished?

Good! Now, let’s move on, because, in a month, you’ll have to touch up your roots. There, your mission will change completely.


How to touch-up color starting at the roots

with brush

Once the roots grow, you’ll need to touch-up your color because no one likes to go through life with two-color hair.

In this case, where should you start? Come on, think!

All right, officer, you should start at the roots, and always at the top and sides, leaving the back for the last part.

Once you’ve applied the dye to the roots, you’ll leave it on for thirty minutes.

more precisely

After this time, you must moisten the rest of the hair. With the help of a tail comb, you will comb the dye you applied to the roots, towards the middle and ends.

This will make the color more uniform. Finally, leave the dye on for another ten or fifteen minutes and rinse with cold water so that color pigments hold on to the cuticle.



  • It’s always best to start by applying the color in the middle and ends, leaving a centimeter of root, if you’re coloring your hair for the first time.
  • If you’re just going to do a root touch-up, you should apply the color first to your roots. Then, in the last ten or fifteen minutes of exposure, I recommend that you comb the dye from the roots to the middles and ends.

Ready for the next mission?

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