Wella T10 Toner Before and After: your hair will become this silver

  • If your hair is orange, and you’re looking to achieve a silver color, Wella T10 is your best option.
  • You can use it on hair transitioning to gray, on blonde hair for silver highlights, and even in an ombré technique for a noticeable color contrast after removing the orange tones.
  • What you can be sure of is that Wella’s T10 will give your hair a unique and personal silver dimension and depth.


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Blessed are the Wella toners because they allow us to work miracles in coloring!

Yes, I won’t get tired of thanking them because they’re a unique solution to strip hair of those unwanted orange tones.


Of course, Wella has several toners, T18, T14, and T10. They’re different from each other, but all of them are effective in removing the orange color from the hair.

If they all remove the orange from hair, what’s their difference?


 The difference is that although they all neutralize orange tones, they each give a unique pigmentation to the hair. .

For example, T14 provides ashy pigmentation. T10 gives a silver pigmentation.


toner orange hair

To clarify it for you, I’ll tell you about three different situations in which I applied Wella’s T10 to fix orange hair.

And you’ll see, in all three cases, the hair was orange before applying the T10. Then, it turned into a unique silver color.

  • First case: Transition from brown to gray hair with orange undertones – Ester.
  • Second case: Silver highlights on light blonde hair with orange undertones – Naomi
  • Third case: maintaining ombré with silver-gray ends – Camila


As you can see, Wella’s T10 will help you neutralize that nasty orange color regardless of the coloring technique on your hair. It could be a uniform color like Ester, highlights like Naomi, or ombré like Camila.

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Case 1- Ester: before applying T10, her gray hair was orange. After using the toner, it turned a beautiful silver


Can you use the toner if you don’t dye your hair or on a uniform color?


Yes, of course!

I can prove it with Ester’s example.


A few months ago, she decided to transition to gray while keeping her natural color. I can assure you that this transition is difficult for women because  they feel their hair looks messy while it grows. .

However, Ester resisted the temptation to dye her hair and asked me for help. In the “meantime,” she wanted to achieve a neater, less aged look.

So, what did I do?


I applied Wella Color Charm T10 directly to her hair to even out the tones until it turns completely gray. It also maintained the silver shade of her gray hair.

As her natural color is a light brown, her grays are orange because they haven’t completely lost color. Therefore, Wella’s T10 achieved the impossible. It neutralized the orange hair and brought a silver color without orange residue for weeks.


However, T10 is not only ideal for transforming graying hair from orange to silver. Don’t believe me? Read on.


Case 2 – Naomi: Wella Color Charm T10 on highlighted hair

how to protect hair

One of the most requested techniques in beauty salons is highlights. They’re the best option to gradually lighten all the hair. However, I must be honest. They require strict maintenance.


It brings us to Naomi. She was in love with the look she saw on social media and wanted silver highlights for her hair.

She had one point in her favor. Her hair was a natural light blonde 8, so the coloring job was quite simplified.


However, we still had to bleach the hair. Orange tones always come up when bleaching.

What was I to do if I wanted to neutralize that orange to achieve a silver?


The answer is to apply Wella’s T10.

I applied the bleaching mixture after separating the small strands and left it on for 20 minutes.

While I controlled the color, Naomi photographed the whole process posting selfies on her networks – what a mania people have for posting every second of their lives on Instagram!


When I rinsed out the bleach mixture, the highlights were perfectly defined. However, there were the damned orange tones.

It was no surprise to me, but I can’t say the same for Naomi. I think she  almost ran away. She only calmed down when I explained that there was still one more step in the process. It was perhaps the most important one: the application of the T10. .


After applying the Wella Color Charm T10 all over her hair, her color changed completely only in 15 minutes. Her highlights were a perfect silver tone, and the rest of her hair was an iridescent light blonde 8.2.

I scheduled her to return to the salon in five weeks. Then, I only refreshed the Wella T10, which is also an indisputable ally for maintaining silver hair.


Case 3 – Camila: Before and after using Wella T10 toner on ombré hair

The last example Camila’s, a frequent user of Wella Color Charm T10. She uses it to keep her ombré impeccable. In case you didn’t know, ombré is a fading technique in which 2 contrasting shades are applied.

In Camila’s case, her ombré is dark brown 3 to below her ears, and silver-gray in the middle of her back. Of course, it took some time to achieve this result.


First, I bleached half of her hair, lengths to ends, and applied Wella Color Charm T10 to neutralize the orange tones.

However, there was still a little further to go. Her lengths and ends had to be buttery to achieve silver gray. That could only be achieved with one more bleaching session and a new application of T10 with silver undertones.


After the last bleaching session and applying Wella T10, the result was a unique silver-gray color. Of course, Camila started an intensive moisturizing treatment to minimize the damage caused by the bleach.



If you want to neutralize the orange tone to achieve a silver color, Wella Color Charm T10 is your best choice.

You can use it on natural or color-treated hair with even color, or on highlighted or ombré hair. If you want to transform into a silver-haired woman, include T10 in your coloring routine.

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