Bleach Bath on Orange Hair: yes or no? Only if you want to cause a disaster

bleach bath on orange hair

  • It’s not a good idea to do a bleach bath on orange hair unless you want to keep your hair orange. The bleach bath will fade the orange but not remove it.
  • If you want to remove the orange, you’ll have to bleach your hair.
  • If your hair is orange because you bleached it and achieved the bleach level you wanted, what you should do is tone it with a toner or a blue shampoo.


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Really. Something that bothers me deeply is being put in the unpleasant situation of “having to make wood from the fallen tree.” Are you familiar with the saying?


It refers to the fact that when a person suffers a misfortune, people around him criticize him, take advantage of his misfortune, and even make fun of him. In other words, zero empathy.

 That’s why, when a person who has made a mess of their hair comes to my salon, the first thing that comes to my mind is a sign with the word “EMPATHY”  written in big letters and neon-lit. Although I must be honest, reality often overcomes me.

It’s like the experience I had yesterday at the salon.


Five o’clock in the afternoon. The salon was quiet, and the stylist, that’s me, was taking the opportunity to check WhatsApp, adjusting some elements, and disinfecting others.

I should have realized that this kind of calm that precedes the storm would be brief. Suddenly, wrapped in a sea of tears and indistinguishable phrases, a woman in her thirties with orange hair came in.


  When I say orange, I don’t mean a striking coppery color. I mean an orange carrot when it’s nice and fresh like just plucked from the orchard. 

“Empathy, empathy, and empathy,” I whispered to myself. The desperate client told me that her friend had given her orange hair a bleach bath. She had achieved that color after bleaching.

I don’t know if you understand the seriousness of the matter.


On bleached hair, her friend (I wonder if she was a friend or an enemy) had given her a bleach bath.

I had to keep repeating the word “empathy” to myself in every language not to tell her that she had made a big mistake.

Not only because her hair was still orange, but also because I realized that her hair was on the verge of breaking.

Who would think of applying a bleach bath on orange hair to remove that color?


Obviously, my client.

However, I see she’s not the only one because you’re over there, on the other side, thinking of doing the same thing.

Therefore, I won’t make wood from the fallen tree. I’ll appeal to empathy. Therefore, the first thing I’ll tell you is to forget about the bleach bath.

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If you want to remove the orange left in your hair after coloring, you need to bleach your hair

before bleaching

First, you need to make sure that your hair is healthy and will withstand the chemical process.

To do this, I suggest you do the strand test. You’ll only need a strand of your hair, a 30-volume developer, and bleach powder.

  • Gather your hair into a ponytail and release a 2 cm strand from the back.
  • Mix a small amount of developer and bleaching powder to cover the strand.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes, rinse, and look at the strand.


  • If it feels soft and has no frizz, you can bleach all your hair.
  • If it feels rough and you can’t even detangle it, you can’t bleach your hair because you’ll burn it.


Therefore, before you bleach the orange out, you’ll need to repair and moisturize it.

What can you do in the meantime with the orange you can no longer tolerate?

You can use toner. I’ll tell you all about it later.


 If your hair passed the strand test and you want to remove the orange for good, you can proceed with the bleaching process. 



  • Bleach powder
  • A 30-volume developer
  • Plastic container
  • Hair dye brush
  • Gloves
  • Hair tweezers



  • Comb and separate your hair into 4 sections from forehead to nape and from ear to ear. Hold each section with hair clips.

I recommend that you don’t wash your hair 48 hours before so that the natural oil on your scalp will protect it even more. You can also apply coconut oil four hours before you start bleaching and don’t rinse it out.

  • In a plastic container, place the bleaching powder and the 30-volume developer, mixing them until completely integrated.
  • Put your gloves on. Apply the bleach from roots to ends and leave two centimeters of growth because the roots bleach faster.


Repeat on each section. When you have covered your entire mane with the mixture, put on a shower cap to maintain the temperature.

  • Leave the bleach mixture to act for 20 minutes. Always check the bleach level you’re reaching.
  • After the exposure time, rinse your hair with plenty of cold water to stop the heat reaction and use shampoo to remove all traces.


If you followed all the steps, your hair won’t be orange because the strength of the bleaching process is three times stronger than that of the bleach bath.

Now, I’ll keep my promise and talk about the toner.


If you bleached your hair and it turned orange, you can use a toner or a blue shampoo. However, never do a bleach bath

brown hair

What’s the difference between the toner and the blue shampoo?

  • The toner is applied with a 20-volume developer. As it penetrates inside the hair, it removes all the orange.
  • Alternatively, the blue shampoo is deposited on the hair strand to create a color film and remove the orange gradually. In other words, you may need to use it two or three times.

Which one should you choose?


  • If your hair is straw-like, blue shampoo is best because it doesn’t contain peroxide.
  • If your hair is healthy, you can use toner.


Let’s see how to use the blue shampoo


The shampoo will neutralize the orange, and your hair will be an ashy color at the same level as your current color.

  • If your hair is dark blonde 6 and you apply the blue shampoo, it’ll look like a dark blonde 6 ash.
  • If your hair is very light blonde 9 and you apply the blue shampoo, it’ll look like a very light blonde 9 ash.

In other words, you keep your color level, but you change the pigmentation.


Here’re the most well-known brands:

  • Fanola No Orange Shampoo
  • Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo
  • Redken Color Extend Blue Shampoo
  • Keracolor Clenditioner 3 In 1


Use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of these shampoos have very strong pigmentation and aren’t for frequent use.


If you want to remove the orange and your hair is healthy, you can use the toner

20 volume developer

The best options are:

  • Wella Color Charm T18
  • Schwarzkopf BlondMe T-Steel
  • Pravana Chromasilk Blue

Please note that the toner isn’t sold as a kit. So, you’ll need to get the 20-volume developer separately.


Here’s everything you”ll need for toner application:

  • Blue toner of the brand of your choice.
  • A 20-volume developer
  • Gloves
  • Hair dye brush
  • Tweezers to hold your hair
  • Plastic container


Now, the step-by-step application

before applying to hair

  • Separate your damp hair into four sections, two from forehead to nape and two from ear to ear, holding them in place with hair clips.



Proportions are very important. Make sure to use the same measurement for both ingredients. For example, if you use 100 cc of the developer, mix it with 50 cc of toner.


  • Release one of the sections of your hair and apply from the roots to the ends with the hair color brush. Repeat this on each section until all the hair is covered.


  • Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with plenty of lukewarm water until it runs crystal clear.



When should you touch up the toner?

You should repeat this process every 3 weeks. If you want to extend the duration of the toner, you can use a color depositing shampoo.



The bleach bath isn’t the best option for orange hair because it’ll be orange but only a bit faded.

Therefore, you have to decide between bleaching to remove the orange pigments or toning your orange hair.

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