Toner on wet or dry hair after bleaching?

bleached hair must be dry to tone IT

  • Toner can be applied to both wet and dry hair after bleaching.
  • As a colorist, I advise you to apply toner to dry hair after bleaching.
  • That way, you’ll see the resulting bleaching level. Also, you’ll know how long to leave the toner on.
  • Also, regardless of whether you apply the toner on wet or dry hair, make sure no bleach remains in your hair before toning it.


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How long should I wait to tone my hair after bleaching?


I feel like I can see you reading these lines.


You bleached your hair and just rinsed out the bleach.

You wrapped your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Then, when you were about to apply the toner, you froze:

  Should the toner be applied to wet or dry hair after bleaching?  


Don’t worry.

We’ll keep the world spinning because I’ll answer your question.

To find out the answer, all you have to do is take a few minutes to read this post. You won’t even have to take the towel off your head.

So, settle in and read on. You’re one step away from finding out the truth from a professional hairdresser.

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As a hairdresser, I advise you to apply the toner on dry hair after bleaching

toner for dry bleached hair

This doesn’t mean I always apply toner to dry hair in my salon. Actually, it depends on the coloring job and the client’s hair.

My years of coloring and training with products have given me experience.

This means that I know them perfectly. I also know how different hair types react to toner.


But,  you aren’t a coloris.  Therefore, because of this “SMALL” detail, I advise you to apply the toner to your dry hair.

My advice is based on three main reasons:

  •   When your bleached hair dries, you can clearly see the resulting bleaching level.   This way, you’ll know if you should apply a toner to neutralize the yellow or toner to neutralize the orange unwanted tones. Remember that wet hair always looks darker.
  •   If your hair is dry, you’ll be able to see the color better.   Therefore, you’ll know how long to leave the toner in your hair. Since wet hair always looks darker, it could be confusing when it comes to controlling toner exposure times.
  •   If there’s any bleach residue, you’ll notice it in your hair like grit.   This is very important because this residue could hinder coloring.


Do you want to get professional advice?

  If you decide to apply the toner to your dry hair, I suggest you wait a week to do it.   Apply at least one deep moisturizing mask before toning your hair.


Don’t forget that bleach is applied with a 30-volume developer. Toner, in turn, is applied with a 20-volume developer. If you do both processes on the same day, your hair will lose a lot of moisture and nutrients.


It’s just a word of advice. Now, of course, it’s up to you to decide.

So, have you decided to apply toner to your dry hair? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply it.


Step-by-step to apply toner to dry hair after bleaching

  • Comb your dry hair and divide it into four to six sections, from forehead to nape and from ear to ear. Hold them with hair clips.
  • Prepare the toner and developer mixture by blending them.
  • Release one of the back sections. With the help of the brush,   apply the toner from roots to ends.   Pick that section back up with the hair clip.
  • Repeat on each section of your hair. When you’re done, cover your entire mane with a cap to keep the heat.
  • Check your hair. The toner acts almost immediately, so your hair color will change quickly.
  • After the exposure time or if you reached the desired color, rinse with shampoo and condition your hair to moisturize it.


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How to apply toner on wet hair after bleaching… if you don’t want to follow a hairdresser’s advice

As my mother says: you can give advice, but it’s up to your clients to follow it.


However, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you apply toner to wet hair after bleaching if you wish.

  Remember to rinse the bleach thoroughly.  

The remains of the bleach could ruin the toner application process.


In this case,   I recommend that you apply the toner to your wet hair after bleaching, like a mask.   As your hair is wet, it’ll distribute the toner more evenly and easily.


How to apply toner to wet hair after bleaching as if it were a mask

  • Untangle all of your damp hair, towel-dry excess water, and comb it back.
  • Prepare the 20-volume toner and developer mixture in a plastic container.
  • Stir the mixture with a dye brush and put on gloves.
  • Get a generous amount of toner and   start applying it from the tips. Work your way up the lengths. 
  • Massage your hair so that the toner properly soaks into your hair fiber.
  • Repeat with more toner. Massage it into the roots.
  • Once you have covered all your hair, you can comb it and cover it with a shower cap.
  • Leave it on for 5 to 20 minutes according to your toner.
  • Check your color. It isn’t necessary to leave it as much as instructed in the directions. You may reach the color before that time.
  • After the exposure time, rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo.
  • Then, apply conditioner and blow dry your hair.



After bleaching, the toner can be applied to wet or dry hair. As a professional, I recommend you apply it to dry hair.

That way, you’ll see the exact color of your bleached hair and control the exposure times of the toner.

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