How long should I wait after cutting my hair to dye it?

dye hair after cutting

  • You can dye your hair immediately after cutting it.
  • As trimming your hair removes the damaged ends, it’ll absorb the pigments evenly, and you’ll need less dye.
  • And if you haven’t trimmed your hair yet, you can also apply the dye and do the cut.


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Why do haircuts look better after a few days?


As you may imagine, there’s no universal law on this topic.

That is,  some stylists prefer to cut the hair and color it immediately,  while others prefer to color it and trim it.

In this case, you could do it one way or the other.


What all stylists agree on is that you shouldn’t wait for any specific amount of time to color your hair after cutting it.

Not one day, not two days, not fifteen days.

 Once you cut your hair, you can color it immediately. 


Now that that’s clear, we can discuss what to do first.

  • Should you cut your hair and then dye it?
  • Should you dye your hair and cut it?


As I told you before, both ways are correct. It all depends on the stylist’s preference.

In my case, I prefer to color the hair and trim it. Because once the coloring process is finished, I can check my client’s hair.

What do I see?


And then,  if the ends were badly damaged, I can trim them to make the color look perfect. 


In my experience, it’s best to apply the dye. Then, trim the hair.  And of course, if I apply the dye, I trim the hair immediately afterward. 


Without going any further, a few days ago Inés arrived at the salon sporting garish orange hair.

She had bleached her hair at home. Since her ends were ruined, she decided to cut them off. But the orange color was still there.

What did Inés want from me?


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She asked me to remove the orange shades but to even out her cut first.

I explained to her that she should bleach her hair again. If any part was damaged, she should cut it again.

So, I bleached her hair to remove the orange. And then, I applied toner to neutralize the yellow.

Finally, I evaluated her ends.


Unfortunately, many of them hadn’t withstood the bleaching session.

What did I suggest to Inés?


I trimmed her tips with a bit of a feathered style.

To tell the truth, she was fascinated with her new look.


As you can see,  if you color your hair and cut it, the color will remain intact. 

And if you cut your hair and dye it later,  the dye won’t ruin the cut.

 And in either case, you can do both processes on the same day. 

Now, if you’ve already cut your hair, let’s see what the benefits of applying the dye immediately are.

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What are the advantages of coloring freshly cut hair?

applying dye to dirty hair

Why would it be better to dye your hair immediately after cutting it?


Well, there are several reasons:

  •  You don’t use as much dye  because the hair is shorter.
  • Since you trimmed the damaged parts, the hair will be healthy and fully absorb the dye.
  • The dye chemicals won’t damage the ends. They’re the weakest parts because you already cut them.


I want to clarify something.

When I talk about damaged parts, I always refer to the ends, which are often dry.

Therefore, if you remove the ends, your hair will completely absorb the dye, and the color will be perfect.

Now, if you cut the ends after applying the dye, the hair will also be perfect.



The cut does not influence the absorption of the dye. So, you shouldn’t wait to dye your hair after getting a haircut.

If you go to the salon for a change of look, it will depend on the professional and how he or she organizes it.

Some stylists prefer to cut the hair first to save materials, while other professionals prefer to cut the hair afterward to remove damaged hair.

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