My hair is still yellow after purple shampoo, What should I do?

neutralize yellow hair after bleaching

If your hair is still yellow after using purple shampoo, it’s probably due to one of these four reasons:

  • You left it on for less time than instructed.
  • You haven’t applied it as often as indicated.
  • You’ve used it only a few times.
  • You’ve used products with sulfates.
  • Each of these reasons has different solutions that I’ll detail below.


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As you can see, to know what to do if your hair is still yellow after using purple shampoo, you need to try to understand the reasons.

I bet you that if you didn’t get the results you wanted with the purple shampoo, it’s because of one of the four reasons mentioned above.

Let me tell you something else.


  People have the wrong idea about purple shampoo.  


Most people think it’s almost a magic solution.

How does a magician perform on stage?

  • He takes his magic wand and moves it slowly over the trick.
  • He says a few magic words. One second later, a beautiful white bunny appears.


washing hair with purple shampoo

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Let’s move now from the theatre to your house.

How did you apply the purple shampoo?

  • You put the magic wand aside, and replaced it with a purple shampoo you recently bought.
  • You wet your hair and apply an almond-sized amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand.
  • Then, concentrating on the phrase: “Goodbye, yellow hair,” you rubbed the purple shampoo into your hair.
  • After two minutes, you rinsed it out.
  • You got out of the shower, dried your hair, and could hardly contain the excitement of looking at yourself in the mirror.

But your excitement turned to disappointment.


  After using the purple shampoo, your hair was still yellow.  


If I asked you to find some mistakes in the story above, would you be able to find any?

I can assure you that you’ll be able to find more than one mistake.

  Many people think that purple shampoo removes the yellow from the hair in just one application. 


Dear friend, the best magicians use tricks and illusionism to make us believe that magic exists.

So, if you want your hair not to stay yellow after using purple shampoo, you need to learn how to properly use it.


Let’s discover the mistakes together.

Then, like Archimedes, we’ll shout “Eureka! My hair isn’t yellow as a result of the purple shampoo.”

Let’s start by listing the mistakes and the solutions.


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Mistake 1: Your hair is still yellow because you didn’t leave the purple shampoo on for the appropriate time.

Solution: You should leave it on for five to ten minutes, or apply it to dry hair.

no yellow fanola

The only thing all purple shampoos have in common is that they contain purple/violet pigments.

Then,   each manufacturer created its own purple shampoo.  


  • Some   have a stronger and more intense pigmentation.   They’re usually on the hair for less time. They have a stronger purple pigmentation and should be left on for three to five minutes while you monitor the neutralization process.
  • Other brands of purple shampoos   have a lighter and softer pigmentation.   Therefore, you should leave it on for five to ten minutes.
  • Even   some purple shampoos can be applied to dry hair as a mask.   They’re left on for five to ten minutes, and finally rinsed out.


But in addition to the times recommended by the manufacturers, you must consider other factors, which, of course, manufacturers don’t know.

  They don’t know how yellow your hair is. They also don’t know if your hair is more or less porous.  


These variables influence the action of purple shampoo.

  • The more yellow your hair is, the longer you should leave the shampoo in.
  • If your hair is porous, it may absorb the pigments of the purple shampoo, but may not be able to retain them completely.

So, how do you know how long to leave the purple shampoo on your yellow hair?


I’ll give you some recommendations:

  • Read the shampoo label and find the exposure time recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Imagine it reads from three to five minutes.
  • If you previously left it in your hair for up to five minutes, and it’s still yellow, use the shampoo again, and leave it in for five to ten minutes.

This way, you can see how the purple shampoo works on your yellow hair.


Mistake 2: You didn’t use the purple shampoo on your yellow hair frequently enough.

Solution: You should increase the frequency to three times a week.

toning yellow hair

The purple shampoo manufacturers recommend applying it two to three times a week to achieve visible results.

What does this mean?


  That you should periodically use the shampoo.  


Instead, if you use it just once, you won’t get rid of the yellow unwanted shades.

The purple shampoo deposits a purple pigment film on the outer layer of the hair.


This means that it doesn’t penetrate the hair core to deposit the pigments.

That’s why you shouldn’t discontinue its use.


If you use the purple shampoo once every two weeks, you won’t be able to neutralize the yellow shades.

So how often should you use it?

It all depends on how yellow your hair is.

  •   If your hair is bright yellow,   you can use the shampoo up to three times a week.
  •   Alternatively, if it’s light yellow,   you can use the shampoo up to twice a week.

Once you’ve neutralized the yellow, you should continue to use the purple shampoo, but less frequently.

  • You can move from three times a week to twice a week.
  • Alternatively, from twice a week to only once a week.


Mistake 3: Your hair is still yellow because you used purple shampoo only a few times.

Solution: Continue using the shampoo because you’ll see the results after four washes.

We talked about it at the beginning. Purple shampoo doesn’t work magic.


  It only starts to remove the yellow shades from your hair after three or four washes. 


So, you should be patient and use it frequently during the indicated time.

If you’re looking for an immediate effect, I recommend that you go to your salon to have a professional colorist apply toner to remove the yellow from your hair.


Mistake 4: Your hair is still yellow because you’re using hair products with sulfates.

Solution: In addition to purple shampoo, you should use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

remove hair dye

When you want to keep your hair free of bright shades, purple shampoo isn’t enough.


  You should also check all the hair products you apply to your hair.  


If you wash your hair with the purple shampoo, but then apply a conditioner with sulfates, you’ll be removing the pigments from the shampoo.


Because sulfates are detergents.


Therefore,   alternate the shampoo with sulfate-free products.  


You should also use sulfate-free masks.

This way, you maintain the effect of the purple shampoo.



Purple shampoo is an effective tool to remove yellow from your hair.

However, you should use it with the right frequency, and leave it on long enough to neutralize the yellow unwanted colors.

It’s also important to include sulfate-free products in your hair care routine.

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